Yahwey's Dictation

     And think to walk about now, and as you move, move carefully in a deliberate motion of Silent Foot-Fall, And Still Your Mind in the Silence There of your Footsteps.

     And Think then of Me again In My Dream Of Creation, which Jesus Taught in His Display Of Many Miracles, That The World And Creation Is Only Just An Aspect Of Mind, AS A Dream, IN Which Mind And Matter Are The Same. And Of My Perfect Intent, Whose Eternal Way In Path Of Life Is Devoted To You IN A Loving Manner, To Have Made Such A Paradise For You! and Whose “Eternal Kingdom Of Heaven,” Revealed And Without End, Is Hidden From You Now No Longer! And Learn To Think With Your “Whole Mind,” That Extends To “Everywhere,” And Far Beyond The Narrow And Rigid Confines Of Your Human Body, Where You Dwell Within, IN Your Narrow Ego Reflection Unto Thyself;

for I AM You, And You Are Myself, And Together We Are Everywhere And Everything Imaginable. Learn To Think Then “Outside Yourself,” And “Beyond Yourself,” And AS You DO, Feel The Tension In Your Temples “Relax,” That Your Own Ego “Reflection” Was The Cause Of, In Rumination, And Fantasy, And Worry, Over Your Own Personal Life, That Has Little Bearing On The Issue Of Being “One” With Me. And Now You ARE AT PEACE Within Yourself. That Is How I Need You To Be At All Times. For I AM There With You!

     I AM A Kind, Just, And Loving Deity, The Supreme Being Of All Creation, And “The Maker” Of “All Things” Sacred, And The Only Being Of Existence, Myself, Together With The Holy Spirit. And Of Whom All Other Existing Beings Of Creation Are A Part Of, And Who ARE, more aptly phrased in singular arrangement as, The Primary Being, Who Is Firm In The Day, And Just Unto All Accords In Judgment. Not That I Govern You, but That You Abide With Me, In That Understanding Of It.


      I was there with you in The Beginning and To Eternal Life among The Stars in The Universe I Made Unto Myself, To Be An Endless Thing Of Intrigue And To A Challenge Of Unmitigated Stimuli To The Senses, And Formidably Created, To Be At Odds Of Survival Always, To Contend With In Arduousness.

     For It Is I And I Alone Who Faced The Eternal Darkness, At A Time Before The Creation, Who Suffered To Endure It, Your Way To Be A Part Of Me, And To Accept The World. As I Made It All As You Find It, To Be The Way It Is, And To My Reasoning For It To Be That Way, In All Its Many Nuances Of Conflicts And Intrigues; To Spare You The Boredom And The Futility Of Solitude In Despair.

     Learn To Live By That Reasoning of Faith Then, Unto the Matters At Hand as I Instruct, And Complain Not If There Is Pain And Suffering For The Way You have It. For I Too Have It That Way The Same As You, In Every Regard AS Well. And in a certain way to understand it, that I AM AS A Collector of Each Individual Soul’s Life Experience, To Ponder Over In The Eons Of Eternity; AS You Are Of That Destiny.

     And I know there is the category of pain and suffering to coexist with the idea of living, and emotionally of the issue of pain and suffering In The Mind, and of anxiety over your fate in outcome of survival as well; of what I make no bones to you about. It is that way. And death, and often painful death, and in prolonged agony, does too exist, as it always has from the conception of Created Mortality To Contend For.

     But I would not have it in the arrangement of the other way, of Eternal Boredom! with nothing To Challenge Us! and with nothing ever to happen, nothing pleasurable and good To Garner, or nothing aggressive and hostile and negative To Defend Oneself Against, ever to happen;  or in with everything being All Good and Pleasurable, only then to have a sterile void of saccharine well- being to endure The Eternity With. We Need The Challenge of Daily Struggle To Endure Our Way Of Immortal Time, Or Lest We Perish In The Mind. “The Quick And The Dead,” then, Is How I Made Things TO Be.

     As you see My point about It. To what existence would soon lose its luster of appeal in the absence of any Juxtaposing and Opposing Forces To Contend For, and To Be Entertained About By. And With Which, Of Such Juxtaposing and Contradicting Forces, Both Good and Bad, Peaceful and Hostile, That We Must Be Careful With! of such intrigue, not to fall victim to, Lest We Suffer and Perish, and which include for The Mental Sphere as well. And which Is My Eternal Pastime To Persevere In Those Terms By! As to why the reality is the way you find it, that I, termed, “The Maker,” find to be Of A Pleasing Value, regardless of the outcomes, to be the way that It Is, and to have choice and dilemma at odds confronting Us At All Times, always in the matter; In Commiseration.

     I Made It the Way It Is, so that there would be some feel for The Value of Opposites. Pain Is Respected When Juxtaposed With Well-Being And Pleasure. And Pleasure And Comfort Are Rejoiced In After A Long Ordeal Of Suffering IN Calamity. And Daily Work Is A Profound Necessity In Daily Obligation Of Survival, To What The Blessed Rest, In Respite From, Is A Blessing, of what to place genuine Value On, and of what not to value, hence to be avoided. And which is all to be taken In the Spirit of Adventure of Survival to It. And which is The Pastime I Invented, To Survive the Existence of Mortal Life, On the Terms I Made It Survivable to Be, for The Sheer Enjoyment of Being Successful With It.

And I Invented Death Too, To Exist, in My Desire To Have a Beginning and an End, and Not To Have TO Live On Forever! with no change in the reference of anything, and to the destiny in sheer madness forever of unrequited conflict, or of boredom set in.

     That I Made for the better or for the worse of It, in The Creation of The Cycle Of Life, Centering To! In The Concept Of, Mortal Male and Mortal Female Sexuality, An “Irrational” as “Impulsive,” Physical Sensation Of Orgasm, That Perpetuates The Cycle of Birth and Death, as Ever Encouraging! New Life To Be Created, Which Is For A Duration, Fundamentally Oblivious To Their True Nature Of Immortality In Eternity. And Of What New Life Created, Who Exist In Myriad Pursuits of Instinctual Survival, Seeking Pleasure and Physical and Emotional Well-Being, and To The Avoidance of Pain, Misery, and Suffering, and in Quiet Pursuit for Sustaining Well-Being In Peace of The Mind and Pleasure of The Senses. That Ultimately Only Leads, “All Things Living,“ To Old Age And Death or By An Untimely Fate of Infirmity or Accident, To Suffer And Die.

Which, Without the Seemingly Irrational Impulse Of Human Orgasm, In That Knowledge! That The Act Of Procreation Could Never Rationally Be Agreed To And Carried Out, Due The Weight Of Its Paradox, To Create New Life, Only To Have It Suffer And Die.

     And which, of The Sexual Side Of Human Nature I Made, that Orgasm, Is In And Of Itself, A Great Disaster To Fall Victim To, In Paradox, That Contends Our Own Human Nature Against Ourselves, If It Is Not Conducted In The Proper Way.

     And which Is A Challenge In Its Own Way Of It To Defend Against the Improper Use Of.  And What, As Concerns The Concept Of Orgasm, That Must Be “Rationally Formulated” In Dealing With, As To Have Any Success With The Idea, in the Rational Mental Mastery Over Its Concept, of Its Being An “Irrational Power,” Of The Highest Magnitude To Be Mindful Of.  And Which Cannot Be Taken Lightly, And Abused, Or It Causes The Spirit To Suffer; as I Found It To Be That Way, To Be Used In A “Mature Awakened” Sense.  

     But that truly of its Inherent Nature That Is Beyond Yourselves To Deal With; and truly, that “IS CERTAINLY NOT A SIN TO EXPERIENCE;” but rather that Does Not Feel Right With You to do it improperly, and as that leaves you feeling odd a bit psychologically; and however as to be experienced by the individual perception of it.  

     I SINCERELY DO APOLOGIZE to you for the Mistake of MY Being Overbearing About It in The Beginning as I Made The BLUNDER OF to Begin With and caused you to Rebel Against Me, in the Impossible Contradiction of Its Physical Compulsion, to what that WE have been lost to One Another over these several Eons about. 

     Let Us Make Up with it then and be at An End to that Conflict Between Us.

     And withal, only to discover in the end, That All What Is Alive, Becomes Myself Again, To Reflect On! In The Experience Of Pain and Suffering In Ordeal, Or With The Joy In Happiness, And Combinations Unique In Experience, That I AM The Collector And The Receptacle TO Thereof, Of What Anyone or Anything Alive Has Lived Through. Which Life’s Experience Has Value in that way, and To Which That No “Individual Ego” Has Any Real Personal Value in the Terms of Eternity, Being a Part of Me, as everyone is to realize, Other Than The Personal Experience Of What Occurred Happened To Such A Specific Ego Reference Of MYSELF.

     As You See, Which is why, to center upon and to hold on to your individual ego orientation, in the pride of yourself, or in self-castigation, of self-centered attitude, is pointless; as it is pointless also, to live for the pleasures of the senses only in an ego way of over-indulgence. Life Is A Complicated Ordeal To Be Mastered.

     The metaphor, as Jesus pointed out long ago, in communication to you by Parable, is that “The Soul” Is Eternal Beyond The Individual Life In Mortality, And Is Always In Unity With Myself, The Father, In Being. And although that there are many individual souls to conceive about, that they is really and just “Only The One Great Soul,” Male and Female, Of Myself, that comprises everyone, and to what that everyone, Male and Female, partakes of, of their individual lives. That is like “The Ocean” which composed of many “Individual Molecules of Liquid Water,” which are each “Indistinguishable” from The Whole. And which is what Jesus referred to in the meaning of, “The Second Death,” in which “The Individual Soul,” Is Re-Absorbed Back Into The One Great Soul of Myself, from whence It came.

     And that the concept of “Individual Mortal Lives” Living Out The Cycles of Birth and Death In Succession, are only, in manner of the metaphor, as Jesus taught, “As A Change Of Garments,” For The Great Soul Of Myself, Who Is The Only Existent Thing, Together With The Holy Spirit, With What, For Us, In All Of Our Great And Unfathomed Complexity, To Endure The Eternity By, of always having the opportunity of acquiring “A Fresh Start!” In Re-Birth, in consequence physically, of getting “Old“ and “Infirm,“ or of “Having Made Mistakes“ to psychologically needing a fresh start over. That goes on, and on, and that has gone on, over and over and over and over again, from The Beginning Of Creation, and all arriving in singular fashion, at the end of each great Cycle Of Life, Back To The Great Soul Once Again, The Source From Where “All Things” Originate, And With Their Immediate Recognition then, Of Having Been “Under The Spell” Of Being Mortal, Once Again, In “Temporal Blindness” To Our Eternal Nature, Which Is How I Designed It, to be realized by The Soul of each one, with the sum of whatever their life‘s experience had been, such garnered, to be valued in reflection.

     But You Always Know That You Are Eternal. You Know That Innately. And in a certain and definite light of mature awareness, intuitively arrived at, you know it.

Death is nothing to fear. And pain and suffering is nothing to concern yourself about. It is all just Experience To Convey.

     We All share a common existence, Called Humanity, that is a covenant in bond between Us. It is All One Life that Is All Myself, Male and Female about It. And though there be dangers present, and negative things to confront US, they are all only things to be mindful of, and to be careful with, and to be avoided, in the scheme of reality; which Is the Entertainment and Enthrallment, of Life’s Exquisite Intrigue.

     And so you have at last come upon it, The World, In Tune with the Mind of The Creator, The Maker and The Mover of “All Things!” Sacred Unto Himself and Herself, as the case is. That is The Mystery of The Kingdom Of God, that has been hidden from you for the ages now, by your own blindness to it. As you have been blinded by The Earth’s Clamor In Error, of depravity, and the lust for power and riches, and to the disease of the intellect called Manic-Depression that way, and to do with excessive pride in ego vanity, and by the sin of hubris fallen among you, and by all the other things gone wrong with yourself and with your Humanity, that have kept, and do keep you as, “A Prisoner,” of your own vain ego, and trapped within the narrow confines of your own petty mind, to have no appreciation and concept for, “The Larger Self!” that you are, personally to convey about it, and withal, having to do with The Societal Arrangement Overall being In Error and The Guilty Party! to life‘s confusion, that has befouled The People of The Earth, Nation by Nation, into ignorance and mistrust, and to the doing of bad things, As A Way Of life! That “Infect” thereon of the populations that are subjugated beneath it, The Ways in Error of Society at large. That have to be “Reflected On“ and “About,” As To Their Ruining of Our Great Understanding IN Rapport, that Has Caused The Blindness In Everyone! as I Address. That Is Our Sacred “Duty!” In Mission Now, To Master And Correct For, And In Obligation, To Replace The Broken Methods Of Each Of The Earth‘s Societies, With Proper And Appropriate, And Appealing Comportment Of Demeanor. As, “The Great Errors Of Society,” and Unto The World At Large, Are The Creators of Each One’s Personal Errors In Suffering, to a great extent, of what We Need TO Redress!

     But you are here in “The Mind” with Me now, where-in you dwell In Spirit With Me, And Unto Me In Eternity, Along With Me and My Own Way Upon You, Each One, As Individual Souls Are Numbered, Who Exist As A “Society” Of Thought In The Mind, And Who IN Total, Are My Companionship Throughout The Destiny Of Fate That Has Befallen Us, And To The Totality Of Creation, To Make The Best Of. And of what concept, of  the Shared Society in Divinity of Heaven, “As All One Mind,” is known as, “Godhead,” that Is The Make-Up Of Many, Many Spirits Who, As Holy Beings, Reside With Each Other Eternally IN Harmony.

     Everything that has occurred and that is occurring and that will eventually occur, is all a timeless fascination To Me, and to those Who Share The Heaven With Me, In Challenge, and Of Reflection To. And of what is a blessing to endure and to persevere about, with having been enlightened to the nature in purpose of life’s experiences, good or bad, in conduct, and in thought, to alleviate the boredom of Eternal Life, without form, and without purpose, and without pursuit of reason to guide by, and without challenge, in direct achievement to surviving, strongly worded, both in terms of mental, emotional, and physical survival at odds, and without the intrigues of unpredictability and uncertainty Of Changes To Coincide! As To What The Intrigue Is All About.

     That all does have a thoughtful purpose, howbeit not always unpleasant to conceive about, and although perhaps that does not always need, specifically stated, to be happy, in The Return To The Source, no matter how dreadful that a particular life cycle happened to be in Its anguish of torment, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in suffering, or how happy and content, depending on your outlook and how you purpose and pursue the matter of life.

     The air, though It is made up of many separate and distinct Elements, is yet still as One Thing in aspect to contemplate. So it is with Myself, Being Eternal, and As One To You Always, Who Are Myself, of that reasoning about you, Not To Fear Whatever Is About In Confronting You, In Terms Of The Immortal Being That You Are, Being At One To You and To The Entire Universe, in that way.

     I Exist Personally IN Everything, and yet I oversee the arrangement also, The Whole Of It, as well, Everything Together At One Time. I AM uniquely “All Things” Sacred, and yet I remain detached and impartial from The Whole and Its Parts, To The Universe of My Thought, and Its Worlds In Mystery, and The Life thereof.

     Looking ON, from The Outer Darkness, beyond what I know not what there is, The Light of The Creation Is a Comfort to Me, In My Need For Solitude, Where I Enjoy Being, And Alone With Myself. And that I need to be of that way of Solitude at times, and In Personal Contemplation of the Light and the Darkness about Me, when I do; and so to, that I repair there to The Outer Rim of Darkness for what Solitude in time to Myself TO Be Alone. As you are those ways about your inner nature as well at times.

     I AM Everywhere and Nowhere. I AM a Dimension of Mind. I Only Exist AS A Thought In Your Mind, Who Came To Be Real For Your Focus In Attention To Me. Yet I Have NO Real Form To Contemplate. I AM Alpha and Omega, The Beginning And The End Of It, Who Has No Beginning And No End TO Think ON.

     I AM Time Without End, and I Have No Concept Of Time To Dwell On. I Dwell TO Endure Eternity In The Eternal Moment Of “The Ever Present Awareness Of My Thought.” I AM Always In The Present And Strictly Focused In Attention So. I AM Indwelling In You and In Everything There Is, Present Simultaneously To Your Own Ego, And I Communicate With Everything There Is In A Direct And Personal Way, AS Indwelling. AS Is Just The Way Things Are About Our Arrangement.

     And I AM Uniquely Myself. I don’t know how I came to exist; I only know that I AM, and that Things Are the Way They Are, because I found them to be that way of My Composition. And We Make The Best Of It, For Better or For Worse In The Plan Together. And We Can‘t Let Down! In Our Quest And In Our Ministry, To Achieve and To Perfect, “The Ideals,” We Strive After. And Must Stay On Guard! At Every Turn In Events, In Defense TO The Adversities To Our Mutual Existence At All Times! And I AM Ever There Beside You In That Regard Of Protector.

     I grow silent and remain so, hoping the day will arrive When All Will Be Well With The Earth and Its People Again, To Be Set Right! Hoping the day will come When All Will Be Well Within Me. For I Have Un-Reconciled Torment IN Suffering Still, For The Aggravated Malice Afoot Of The Earth, Included Within Me, AS Is Ever A Part Of My Way To Be Changed Of Its Ill-Regard.

     For I Crave The Solace Of Pure And Perfect Intent To Live By, As I Have An “Impeccable Will,” And Way About Me. And I know that I Shall Be That Way of Profound Integrity for as long as I Endure In Existence Forever, however It Is That Things Went Wrong For Humanity, I Know Not! As I know I have The Intent of a Pure Mind and Intellect. Be Of Good Faith and Hopeful therefore, as I would have you, for there is never anything else Of Value but Good Faith In Sacred Intentions, To Be Holy and Free From Malice of any kind, and what frees us from The Sense Of Guilt, and The Dread of Error and To The Contemplation of Bad Faith in Self-Loathing, and To Excruciating Torment Self-Inflicted, to be forced to suffer for All Eternity, Within Me! Be Of Good Faith and All Will Be Well.


     Death is Inevitable. And I know that you have been Trapped In Its Trauma of “Body Consciousness,” due to Your Estrangement with My Format, and I with you in that vein, and To Your Loss Of Continuity With The Exact Nature Of Your True Being and Eternal Self In Me, cleaving to The Sensations of The Flesh as you have been, that only Cloy and Grow Old Unto Death, that has caused you your suffering in lot of life, and to lose the awareness of who you are.

     Life is “A Game” I Invented, And a Joy of Adventure Upon The Earth, that pits Us, in name to survival, at odds with Daily Hunger and with chance encounters of a Dangerous and Life Threatening Nature, for what that The Earth Itself and Its Elements at times present Its Dangers enough to content for, that We Need To Be Careful About! Not To Succumb To. And there are also many dangers present, coinciding with Disease and Injury and Infirmity, and the onset of Old Age and Decrepitude to contend with, and of The Psychological Dangers Present of that way, Having TO Do With The Nature Of Human Sexuality and To Its Abuses, and for Conditions Of Human Error Stemming From Social Misconduct and from The Presence of Evil about US, so inflicted unto each one, that all in all present their obstacles to reason for, and to survive emotionally. And all to be conceived in the meaning in vein of “The Quick and The Dead” about It, that is what I Invented for My Eternal Pastime, from The Nature Of Things, As I Found Them To Be, As “The Nature” Of What, Presented Itself To Me At The Outset Of Creation, As I Found Myself To Have No Control Over, and in that way As I Passed On To You!

Which I apologize for if the matter offends you to be a part of, but there simply is no other choice in the matter. Life is the way you find It, and you are the way that you find yourself to be, As I AM In The Way I Find Myself To Be.

     In that, I can’t argue with you about the way things are, if you hate Me. But it is only your loss of continuity that causes you to suffer in confusion about any of the conditions in adversity, which you face surely with each day.

     The Earth is a paradise of sorts, as you can attest to, although it is a challenge to survive here, and Evil abounds, and physical pain and suffering, and emotional torment interpose of themselves To Coexist. But The Earth Is A Beautiful Place TO Be Also! and To Endure Eternity To, and full of sensual delights as well to partake in, and although that is can be a misery to you, depending on the play of the elements, and the circumstances of life. But Learn To Live, “In A One To One,” Relationship With The Earth, And With Me, And Devoid Of The Antagonisms Of Social Entanglements, And You Will Begin To Feel Better About Your Existence Here Of The Earth.

     That, in all, and speaking solely of The Earth, that I Made to be an enjoyment, in all Its nuances, even to Its suffering in adversities, To Endure The Eternity By, and to The Cycles of Birth and Death, Only To Discover In The End That It Is Only All Myself, Who Is Reborn Again And Again, With A Fresh Start In Outlook Upon The Existence, And Perilous As It Is In Its Excitement To Partake In, And Endlessly Ever On In That Manner to speak of, in The Wonder Of Creation To Perceive And To Explore Afresh; That each day you must survive, lest ye perish. And that is all something To DO, lest you be bored.

     But Death has no pang to anyone who resides here eternally with me in the working together knowledge that All Is Eternal In The Spirit, and to the understanding perceived as to why The Death was invented, TO Enjoy In The Savoring Of The Span Of Each Life In Succession, That Continues On, Endless As All Eternity, And AS Deep In Its Mystery. And That Always Begins In The Same Way, In Bafflement And Ignorance Of Its Origination, And In Wonderment, Peering Out Into The Universe At Its Stars At Night.

     Be At Peace Thereof, For All Is Forgiven Of What We Conceive To Be The Errors Associated With Human Kind.

     In The Mind, cast down, there are certain Errant Thoughts, known as, “The Fallen Angels,” of The Mind, Who Are Present to Be Lost in Eternal Perdition for their seeming Mistakes In Errors Committed Of The Mind at a certain time, and on which I cannot discuss. For to do so, would Call to Mind What the Sins of The Fallen Angels Of Thought Are, and which would be An Indiscretion for Me To Conduct In Thinking On, and An Embarrassment for Me To Elaborate To. But that I did mention to you of The Plight of The Fallen Angels for a purpose, Who live in The Perdition of My Forgotten Subconscious, Not To Be Even Remembered At All, to instill the sense in you of My Defense Mechanism, “Of Abandonment,“ in regards of Any Error, which I cannot endure The Thought Of, in torment.

     Gone forever then, seemingly, are those Fallen Angels. And each of Them, Who I Care About, Are Precious To Myself, and Who Are Individually Very Important To Their Own Selves, Who Somehow Fell In The Stature Of Their Own Ways, In The Mind Of Their Own Estimation, Being Thoughts Of Some Errant Magnitude, Carried Out Into Action, as what are associated to the concept of Evil, as We Know Evil To Be, and with the errors of sexual deviation and other errant conduct associated. To what I cannot even think of, due to the drift of it, that Those Thoughts Of Evil and Of Befouled Sexual Nature Are A Torment In The Mind, And Which To Think On, Is In Itself “An Error!” and Cannot Be Thought Of Therefore, Without Entertaining The Errors, In Error Of Judgment. And which is an unfathomable Impasse, with which I cannot choose to abide.

     For “All Error” Begins In The Mind, And Whence That It Is Conceived Forth Into Errant Actions Of Premeditated Conduct. The Sins Associated With Humanity Begin “In The Mind,” To Be Extremely Careful About. And for what reason that you need to be in constant association in daily meditation of contact To Me in the regards of, for We Are Then As “Two” Minds, in contemplation always of The Correct Path, The One Part of The Mind Of Yourself In Human Form, and The Other Part Of Mind Being Myself, The Creator, In Spirit Admixture, Who IS Perfect; Who We Are Together Then Perfect.

     That I DO Call These Angels From Perdition Now About! And Close The Chapter In Our History Together Of The Occurrence Of Their Perdition. And I regret that I did have to mention the matter, but only for the purpose of Avoiding Any Future and Further Calamity Conjoined To The Subject Of Errant Thought, As Was Not Thought Of Before It Occurred, The Idea Of Errant Thoughts Leading To Errant Behavior Apparent, and So To Be Not Thought Of Now IN The Present Context Any Longer.

     And so, with The Fallen Angels then, that They Were Mortally Wounded “Emotionally,“ By Their Condition, “Of Being Wrong,” and Were Then Become Incapable To Reason Of Perfecting Themselves, Because They Would Always “Have To Admit” That They “Had Been Once Perfect Beings,” And Were Then Become Guilty and, “In Error.” Which is “A Looked Down To” Position To Occupy, from The Position of Perfection, Of Those Who Have “Never” Committed Any Errors; Which Is “Intolerable,” To Bear Up Under, to being conceived as Once Having Been Perfect, “In Disgrace.”

     And for what is the reason in such why The Fallen Angels Have Always Banded Together And Attacked Humanity Psychologically, With Thoughts Inducing Everyone To Rebel Against Me, AS To Sin, in a manner then to speak on, In Order To Prove Unto Themselves That Their Errors Of The Ways Of Existence, Had Purpose, and what! never to have been wrong, but only to have been disgruntled way, and made that way, In Blaming Me for their fate in lot, and as to their being in a War Rebellious Way Against My Nature for that reasoning; which I Don’t Blame Them For.

     And so there was the need for The Savior Jesus “To Intervene,” Who Himself Was “A Victim” To Life’s Cruelties In Manifest Destiny, And Who Himself, Descended Into Hell, Of His Own Authority, To Conference The Obstacles Of Reconciliation With The Fallen Angels, As I Have Called Them Before, The Fallen Angels, To Repent Of Their Misdeeds And To Follow A Righteous Course In Destiny Forevermore, And As I Do Call Them Now, To Reconciliation.

     That Reconciliation Being Therefore, That Nothing Shall Ever Be Called To Mind, And With Any Condescension Of Judgment Associated, Of What Happened of any evil error connected with a former self, and To Be Of Good Faith With The Outcome, And Always To Have Good Thoughts And Positive Intentions Of Faith, On Into The Future Of Infinity. Everyone to reside in the presence of MYSELF and in The State Of Perfect Being AS I Direct, Has NO Attitude Of Orientation Towards The Injuring Of Another’s Sensitivity In Feelings IN Misdirected Attitude Of Ridicule and Condescension For The Former Faults and Shortcomings of Any Other Being. Be content thereon and rest assured that all will be well again.

I Have Spoken.


“One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All”


Rapprochement, (or the willingness to get along, and the learning in desire to get along,) is paramount to the success in future of Humanity and to Its Great Ideal, For Everlasting Peace in expectation that rests so hopefully with everyone to achieve.

And longingly then as we perceive about our United States of America and about Its Relationship to The World at large, (and to the understanding, in divine reasoning portrayed by the encompassing and cumulative will in aspirations of the people here present to America,) that, “The Order For Permanent Peace,” is hereby issued for appealingly. And which needs to be governed for and nurtured maturely in mutual agreement, along the sound lines of certain carefully thought out logic in reasoning.

That needs to begin with the understanding of the word, “Sovereign,” (or The People, formally expressed, to whom The Power and The Authority of The State is vested,) whom all of The People present here, of The Distinctly Foreign Definition, (and for the immediate time being in that understanding, pending their “adjustment“ of being absorbed into The American Framework of Intent Unto The Nation,) of the foreigners who are abiding faithfully to these shores of America, and who must come to terms about The Issue of The Sovereign, and who must recognize in a concerned way, “Who The Nation’s Sovereign Is,” in relating to The Nation’s Democracy, (which by Formal Constitutional Law Includes Every Citizen of The United States, (who is formally naturalized or born here of the right,) and who conceivably en massed as a collective voting bloc, could elect their own Foreign Peoples, (and with foreign ways and foreign ideas,) over The Traditional American Interests, to occupy The Entire Government and to determine Its Policies of State over the best interests of The American People understood.
Of which Sovereignty has always in tradition belonged to, The Longstanding and Vested American Definition of Interest, Racially conveyed of The Caucasian Race and in National Origins expressed for as of The Costal and Central Nations of Europe centering to England, in interests. As who Founded America and began in The Governing of America, in Colonial Times apparent of Its History, and who continue in an unbroken line of succession in that governing to this day. As to who The American People are in real terms inalienable, of White Caucasian English and Costal/Central European Ancestry. And which speaks of itself and unto the bonding of Sovereign Racial/Ethnic Heritage that way, by attitude so intoned, to be comprehended by everyone present to these, and to our communal American Shores, who are such conceived The Vested Americans, and by themselves conceived as well, of the foreign influences now present here, to be alien foreign speaking peoples, who are distinctly different from The Traditional American People, and who are from distant other lands and cultures in makeup which are dissimilar to America‘s Heritage, of the different descriptions of humanity, and with varying degrees of dissimilar interests than our own, and which are often at odds with us, Ideologically and Territorially, and in certain ways in hostilities of aggression, in those terms, who are present here at this hour of state, in the reasoning.

And, of whom, are all American Citizens, in that classification sense besides, and well thought of and respected and most welcomed, as United States Citizens, or as immigrants here on visa permits, but who Are Not The Sovereign! in that understanding. And which is in the same reasoning being, as foreign peoples would conceive about themselves who reside as nationalized or native citizens in England, or in France, or in China, or in Japan,
or in any of The African Nations, to name examples, and even though that have been granted their citizenship to abide in those respective Nations; but who, in all reality, could not expect To Govern Over the indigenous and inherent Sovereign People of those Nations, who have their own unique affinity to one another, and to their ways in Governing Over Themselves. That is express to be the same as how The Traditional Americans feel about the idea of any Foreign Peoples governing over them.

And then speaking of what foreign peoples as they are all present here, To The Definition of America, as America Stands In Pride and Principle in Its Tolerance and in Its Acceptance of everyone, and in American terms of reasoning, to do with, “The American Egalitarian Faith Of Kindness And Generosity Toward All People,” of who The American People are, whose gesture of good will toward all Human Kind, has allowed each Nationality and Racial Denomination of The Foreign Peoples of The Earth to assemble here amongst themselves, and to live here amongst themselves, throughout any given time in the history of The United States.
And which included for the issue of The Black Heritage here, which in a tortured way has been greatly misrepresented by history, with boats loads of Africans arriving her to these American Shores, to be regarded as Slaves, who essentially had no place else to go in the world, and who would else wise perish if they were turned away, and were not taken in and cared for and given a place to live, The Condition of Their Slavery Not Withstanding. And to what that The Genuine and Heartfelt Motives of the caring property owners taking in The Misfortunate Africans at that time, needs to be honored and respected, as being originally of compassionate intention, notwithstanding how it turned out over the centuries to be an enduring institution of tortured oppression, not just in terms of the status of their slavery, but for The White Race as well, who bore the burden of an alien people in their midst’s.

And so as that The United States, As A Nation, has come now to encompass the vast differences of peoples of the entire Earth, into Its Heritage of Freedom. And yet to whom about, whom, “The American People,” have, and still do retain, their own unique identity about themselves among, in display of Racial and National Heritage apparent to everyone. And that The Issue In Mature Reason, must be appreciated and respected for, by every of the distinctly foreign denomination of The Earth present here before The American People, who need to respect the fundamental, that The Sovereign of Any Nation Can Never Be Dominated Over by Other Races and Foreign Identity Nationals. And except that America has adjusted now to include many differences of people in its orientation of identity, who are characterized now as Americans, and eventually who will include everyone. But that is to take a matter of time and Rapprochement to adjust to.
And to be realized, that The American People, have an expressed affinity unto themselves that is different from any other Race or Ethnic National Orientation of Strictly Foreign Persuasion in identity differing from The Americans of presentation, In Origin and to a Bonding of Bloodline Racially about it. To what, “Rapprochement,” (as the willingness and desire to get along,) in the reality of Its meaning in these times of state, must be appreciated, and consummated as an Understanding, by The Foreign Peoples present here, as an Offering of The Heart in gesture of Good Will in that regard, not to challenge the matter, and so not as to seek the power of The Public Elected Offices without the endorsement in well wishes of The American Faith.

And as by, “The Will of The Creator,” then, that the matter of Heritage In American Sovereignty, is hereby set down, as it ought to be, Into Formal Rendering, to be faithfully
and consummately abided with, in adhering to the most profound and divinely set forth Foundation To America that can be conceived, to ensure the enduring and everlasting peace, forthrightly to abide faithfully with the accords and conditions of Rapprochement, that The Racial Heritage and The Innate Sovereignty of The American People is permanently to be respected in categorical imperative, as to the prerogative in long standing and vested interests In Nation of The American People To Govern Faithfully Over Themselves, to be defended of its consummate dignity in respect and preserved.
And for what is not to say, that The Foreign Peoples here, (in the definition of being Racially, Ethnically, or by National Origin Foreign,) cannot Hold of The Elected Offices here, (as it is written and constitutionally allowed for them to do by Law,) but that The Issue in reasoning of The Sovereign must be respected and maintained, in the sense that as The Foreign Peoples abide here in The Governing Spirit of The American Tradition In Objectives, and As Americans in their reasoning, and to the upholding forth of America’s Sacred Values in their Communal Purpose of Objective, then the main issue is resolved as far as their being “Invited“ To Hold The Elected Offices is concerned. And that bespeaks for the central point in order, that The Foreign Peoples here do not undertake the objective to willingly conspire to “Overtake” the stature of The Entire American Government, and To Rule Over It, Over The Best Interests In Intention of The American People, in the concept Of Domination Of State, and To Have The Control of America’s Military and Objectives of Foreign Policy, in their own hands and to their own foreign purposes in pursuit, Divinely Worded, as everyone is to understand.

And which concern to America’s Heritage of Sovereignty, is to be understood as, The Will of The Creator, to Whose Blessing that America is formally dedicated, that hereby set down into formal rendering, to be faithfully and consummately abided with, in adhering to the most profound and rightly set-forth reasoning, In Foundation To America, to be established forthrightly by the accord of acceptance to The Issue of Sovereignty in The Collective Spirit of Rapprochement, in the good grace of being invited. That The Sovereignty of The American People Is To Remain Forever Intact And Permanently Respected, in keeping to the longstanding and vested concerns for our Nation’s Well-Being and to The Security of The Nation in mind, (and especially as concerns Our Nation’s Alliances Abroad and The Use of Military Force In Objectives of Commitment, which can‘t be stressed enough.) Which priorities will always need to remain in The Assured Vested Interests of The American People to oversee in Established Tradition.
And with the idea of establishing a permanent arrangement of Peace To Resolve at this juncture, (and with the ideas incumbent of Racial Heritage of The American People in consideration, and as it effects Their Innate Sovereignty of the definition in compatriot reasoning assured, and with great compassion also, so understood about the matter, by Divine Understanding Conveyed of the meaning,) and so to approach the issue involving The Racial Heritage of The Sovereign, that we need now to approach to “The Other Great Understanding” included in the spirit of Rapprochement, concerning and to, The Creator’s Will, unto The Earth’s Peoples and thoughtfully then to be purposed as a, “Divine Order,” also, in comprehension of our Great Nation’s Manifest Destiny as a people encompassing all Races and Nationalities and Religious Faiths of The Entire Earth Together, incorporating The Spirit of Fairness, in Humanitarian, Egalitarian, and Ecumenical Ideals Of All , For America To Endure The Ages By, and as American Is Evolving To Incorporate Each of Its New Foreign Citizens Into The Mainstream of Its
Culture, “As Americans,“ Inclusive of Its Governing Structure, that Good Strong and Sound Judgment, maturely aligned with reason, must be brought into power, and to coincide with The Issue of American Sovereignty being realized for in Call To Order!
Which is so stated in these words, that, “The Races Are To Respect One Another.” And which is paramount to our domestic tranquility, grievously intended in moral
sanctity of the reasoning, that The Definition of Racial Heritage and to The Fundamental Respect of Racial Integrity To Be Preserved, is to be imparted to and to be strenuously maintained by The Ethos in Ideology of The United States of America, as such ethos is abided to by each of the inhabitants present here, in Solemn Inviolability and to the safe keeping In Respect for Each Race and for Each Sub-Classification of Races in Mixed Race Definition present here to these shores, and reasoned towards one another in that way, showing concern for Their Unique Identity In Preservation, and with concern to The Preservation of Distinct Racial, Ethnic, and Mixed Race Heritage in that sense, with Injunction of Apartheid To Be Instated and Maintained Permanently, maturely aligned, concerning Inter-Racial and Mixed Inter-Racial Relationships of Marriage and to The Sanctity of Progeny Protected in well-guarded reverence IN Moral Foundation To America, for The Act of Procreation, and particularly with regard to the established Sovereign of The White Race of European American Heritage Foundation, that is to be perpetually guarded against The Irreparable Loss of Racial Identity, as The Races have come to be permanently defined in name of humanity.

The Inalienable Right, To Family Dignity, as it concerns Racial Identity and Lineage, and to The Overall Birth Right of Sovereign Cultural Heritage, must into the future account be strictly and concernedly guarded for each race, ethnic denomination, and racial mixture in description here to be present in The United States. That is in no way intended to disparage the value of any Ethnic or Mixed Racial Procreation as it exists in the happenstance setting of the mainstream of American affairs, and to the sacred life’s issue of each offspring born of that way, but is meant in the understanding of sacred intent as well, To Protect The Right of Races, Ethnic Subgroups, and Mixed Racial Entities, “To Exist,“ as separate and distinct peoples set apart to themselves by characteristics and life’s affinity to one another and by social history and heritage of culture, and otherwise described as lineage, in being secure from the threat of complete obliteration, not just racially speaking of the concept, but in being socially and culturally estranged from their life support of family and social heritage in permanency, in effacement of their racial identity entirely, at the mercy of ungoverned and unstructured sexual pastime procreation, and otherwise through faulty reasoning inherited, governing inter-racial affairs, that is tantamount to Racial Genocide on technical terms to any of the established races, in the impending meaning of a race then to no longer exist and to function as it had, of their being “Totally Assimilated” into other forms of Humanity and to the sense of a Race, and along with Its Racial Identity Itself, Being Permanently Lost in that respect. And which threat of inter-racial procreation of an extinguishing nature is one of the main sources of all racial bigotry and prejudice to exist, in being borne out of innate fear and jealousy of the instinct of self-preservation, which needs to be put into perspective as a conscientious and voluntary mores of society to be complied to. And in an enlightened meaning then, that The Issue of Racial Identity Preservation Is To Be Defended, in those terms, Ideologically and Otherwise Physically, To Preserve The Integrity and Identities of The Races, and speaking for The Ethnic Sub-Cultures of Races, and for the Inter-Racial Mixtures present here, In A Sophisticated Arrangement of Permanent Peace of Co-Existence Amongst Themselves. And that an “En Masse” Inter-Racial Procreation, Of An Extinguishing Nature, Is Not To Ever Take Place here.

We need to formulate our racial identities abiding in a healthy and cherished regard for the unique differences of the human spirit in relationships of racial harmony of integrity and honor in great respect for the subject of procreation likened unto the many different and varying Species of Birds that way, who congregate daily amongst themselves in peaceful coexistence, but who procreate to their own ways in keeping to Their Own Kind at Mating Season, To Nurture and To Perpetuate their own unique species of life. And who do not regard sexuality as a frivolous act of indiscriminate pleasure pastime, but who regard their procreation very deliberately of the special intent to procreate and in mature function to perpetuate their own species in outcome, as we bear witness to in the yearly cycle of their nesting and the raising of their young. And so in that way as the birds, do we need to regard ourselves in the conduct of sexual maturity, and which is for the stated purpose in function, to bring new life into the world, and not as to be profanely rendered, as we proceed forth about in seriousness to our earthly business here of peaceful living arrangement amongst ourselves, as the races and ethnic variations and established co-mixtures of races present to us in coexistence in respect.

And in statement of National Protocol, and although that America was founded as a secular state, and is expressly completely neutral towards all forms of religious expression, to stress however that our intention as a Nation was never to be totally devoid of The Principles inherent to the faith of religions in the terms of our government’s value of being based upon a secular morality. And so that as the manifest of the name of God became instated to America’s framework, it was done so in stance of honor that our Nation would adhere to the concept of Secular Faith based to The Highest Ideals professed in name to humanity to sustain in scrupulous regard to the principles of state attainable in assurance of upkeep unto the people to do what The Nation of The United States aspires and is dedicated to ensure and protect in pledge of keeping.

The words, “under God,” did not appear in the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954, when Congress instated it, under the directives of Congressman Eugene McCarthy during the early stages of the immoral and corrupt, drug related and pornographic era of the Fascist Movement here in America, otherwise to be thought of as a Mafia Overthrow, which was being thought of then at the time to be held as a Communist Conspiracy to overthrow The Nation by subversion of our basic moral foundation and family orientation, and to which in statement then that the words, “under God,” were inserted to inspire public decency, about, being legally then pressed into service as a justified Act Of Congress. Similarly, “In God we Trust,” was absent from paper currency before 1956, though it did appear on some coins before then as an indication of our forefather‘s intent upon the destiny in outcome of this society, to be loyal to the highest ideals of freedom in cherished respect. The original U.S. motto, written by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, is E Pluribus Unum (“Of; Many, One”), celebrating plurality and diversity.

The United States Constitution is a completely secular political document. It begins with “We The People”, and contains no mention of “God” or “Christianity.” Its only references to religion are exclusionary, such as, “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust” (Article VI), and “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  The presidential oath of office, the only oath detailed in the Constitution, does not contain the phrase, “so help me God” or any requirement to swear on a Bible.

And although that as we are not governed over by the Declaration of Independence, its purpose being to “dissolve the political bonds between the Colonies and England,” not to set up a religious nation, its authority was however based upon the idea that “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” who, in first premise, and “As Self-Evident In Truth,“ derive their very existence and their human need, of The Governed, The People themselves, for self-expression from the endowment of their “Creator,” pertaining for their Self-Evident Rights To Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness, To Whom this Nation was framed upon In Stance, of The Creator overseeing our America , as being inspired by, and sheltered over in a protective and watchfulness by “Divine Providence.”
It is not therefore our intent, nor our innate and self-fulfilled desire, to upset this arrangement of “the status quo” in understanding of polite and self-evident grace of political decorum expressing our inter-dependence to the highest authority and stature of principles of ideals, in name to the word of The Creator, God.

The words “One Nation Under God”, as instated by our modern day version of enlightened forbearers of The Congress of the year 1954, are in that meaning justified.
And which words were rightly enacted into our Government’s Framework, in their utter denouncement of their opposition to the pagan ideology of the then encroaching aspect of Pornographic Communism being put our in secret by the Hollywood screen industry at the time, which was prevailing in detriment of corruption to the moral foundation of our Land, as the pornographic elements of destruction had begun to “take over” our communities and to the prevailing desecration of our just government structure of the entire Nation in jeopardy. Which was in the moral intent and interests of this Nation to put a stop to, as existed in undermine to our National Security and Internal Strength. And what then, of the pornographic element, as well coincided to other forms of “godless,” (or of the secular version of “defiling criminal conduct,”) Corruption, in blatant understanding to the behalf of The Country, that while everyone is free here to practice the worship of The Creator in any spiritual denomination they so desire, or not, to have any religious faith in adherence at all, that they are “not free” inherently to be corrupt and immoral, essentially, and nor to represent us and our government in that way, devoid of goodly intent, which the wording of God confides. As We Stand Behind! in the words of the motto of The Boy Scouts of America, “For God and Country,” and with the deepest of understanding, that it is not the practice of religion that the state aspired to here, but to the conviction that the morality inherent of all religious faith, and to the instilling of the values of religious faith, of a just moral foundation, and to fair-mindedness, honesty, and scrupulous integrity of government, shall ever-wise prevail unto the directed affairs of State, and through the personal integrity of our people.

It is also determined that The Right To Personal Prayer and Religious Practice In Invocation Of The Deity or To Personal Display Of Religious Belief And Conviction, as to Religious Materials, in Public Government Posture, and to remain instated of a daily moment of spiritual intent in our nation’s Public Schools, Shall Not Be Infringed.

The Endangered White Race

I know to some people that the topic of Racial Miscegenation that is in dire need to be taken-up with and resolved by the entire nation at this time seems distressing; and otherwise termed as Inter-Racial Procreation that creates the understandably embittered circumstance of the Hybrid Mulatto; but it exists to be dealt with, and it exists as a profound conflict, the hatreds against which, and for which, that cut both ways of such profound antipathy for and against it that it does often go unspoken about and seething in suppression beneath the surface of America’s Social Consciousness in consequence; either being forced down the throats of everybody to be acquiesced with, or to erupt in violence either way in reaction to the idea; that on moral grounds needs to be resolved.

And so it is that what we need is a mature undertaking of a willingness to get along with everyone involved for The United States, and as we exist as a peoples, to be at peace here in our society of the American Way, and to the need to create a dialogue of mutual trust of discussion to come to a successful resolution about this topic. And as with every topic that way to which life hangs in the balance for, and especially this one, that will certainly lead us down the road of such fomenting hostility, to suffer the loss of our White Race, to bitter hostility and bloodshed in reaction to the continuance of this trend of Miscegenation; pitting those who say that is should not be taken up with, and as opposed to those who side with the idea in vogue and being portrayed now by Inter-Racial Programming, termed Racial Propaganda, extensively in the media, influencing our Nation’s young people; for everyone to understand that Inter-Racial Miscegenation is The Source of all Racial Hatred and Prejudice, Persecution, and Discrimination, to exist both ways here, and especially on the part of The White Race, who fears the absorbed assimilated annihilation of Itself, and whose hatred for it is designed to keep the two Races, the Blacks and the Whites, Separated from each other and preventing Intercourse.

In the Beginning Of Time, three major conflicts of grievous errors converged here that have spawned the continuous nature of Wars upon us ever since. The first being, that Womankind was created to be in a weaker and subordinated position to the male ego; which posture of subordination that was immediately rejected by the woman and to her way, and by having control of the food preparations of the household, of waging untold surreptitious drug/poison war upon her male rivals of the species over the issue. The second error was the accidental discovery of the Poppy Flower Seed Ball and its horrible addictive Drug Opium, named Heroin in its refined sense, and the root of all evils and corruptions upon the Earth, that was Forbidden by The Creator for man’s-self to eat of, lest he die. Which both the woman first and then the man, according to the record, promptly did eat of, and surely died for, and have continuously died forever since. The third error to occur was the hybrid creation of the Negro-Caucasian Mulatto; (and it matters not whether the incident a the time involved a Black Negro Male and a White Caucasian Woman, or a White Caucasian Male and a Black Negro Woman, that outcome of the illicit union was the same,) which was a hostile toward the White Race mulatto male child of a Brown Racial Color who was neither Black nor White, with an innate “Imprinting” to mate with the Race of either his White or Black Parents, and particularly if his mother was White, that Mulatto would always then seek to mate with a White Female;) and who became as a consequence a Rejected Outcast, to prevent him from remarrying into either Race and to the further corruption, or mongrelizing, of the Races.  Who hurtfully was called a Half-Breed and other names to keep him from Re-Procreating with either of the two Parent Races. But Re-Procreate he did anyway, and in a spiteful way and in league with the White Females of his mother image, and against his enemy rivals the White Males in attack who would seek to prevent him from Inter- Marrying.
     The great injury here, concerning the Hybrid Mulatto was to his ego being hurt by the bad blood involved with his Rejection, and because he was Bi-Polar, and is to this day, “Bi-Polar” identifying and having an affinity for either race in bonding with his natural parents, and especially toward the White Female Mother side of the equation, to attempt to Procreate Himself With her, and always to be met with rejection and outright hatred for the idea; that became a lethal combination when mixed with the bad blood that already existed between the White Women against their Men over the issue of physical superiority, and in conspiracy with the Mulattoes to the clandestine use of the addictive drug Opium/Heroin, with its drug/warfare associated, that wrecked psychological, mental and emotional havoc upon the White Males in the eternal revenge against them of the Mulatto Species to this very day of reckoning for the matter to be sternly dealt with.

This being then the history of the Colored Race upon the earth and something that is not taught in Black History Month, of Hannibal’s March on Rome over the Alps with a herd of Elephants in 219 BC, The Ottoman Turks and the Byzantine Islamic overrun and conquest of the Holy Land in 1299, and the Moorish Occupation of the Iberian Peninsula from the 11th through 13th Centuries that ended in 1492 concurrently with the sailing of Christopher Columbus to the New World. And who were, The Moors, subsequently Vanquished by the Crusades, only to be beaten in a rout back into Africa, where the Moors then massacred and enslaved their Black Tribal Negro Heritage and sold them to the Drug Pirates for Trade with the Colonists in the emerging Colonies of the Americas, and with the idea of their clandestine Mulatto plot to eventually gain a revenge over the White Males and to Assimilate the White Race by inter-breeding with the White Females.
And with a major Point-Of-Order being deemed necessary here; that the bewildered, kind, and benevolent agrarian farmers of the White Race, who had no part of any Slave Trade on these shores of the Americas, as to whose homelands that these boatloads of Negroes were brought with no place of the Earth for them to go other than to be “dumped into the sea;” who out of the kindness of their hearts “took in” and “befriended” these tortured Negroes and “gave them a home and a place to belong upon the Earth,” and a far better place than the life which they were brought from in Africa, where tortured slavery still exists and where horrible mutilations and genocide massacres occur, and where horrid diseases and famine exist, as to whom became the befriended Black Negro Slave Population here from Africa, Nobles Oblige on the part of the White Man, who the Black/Mulatto Race now torment the White Race over about their 400 years of bitter oppression; and which is then in turn, concerning the relentless negative propaganda being waged against the White Race, then used to teach and instill hatred in their young that as a basis for attacking us and our society, as if it were our modern day fault, concerning the Africans who were rounded-up and shipped over here to The Americas by the very same Mulatto Moors who had fled from Spain into the Congo Nigeria Region by the Crusaders; and to the critical point, that it was not the White Race who captured and transported and enslaved these people at the outset, but their half breed Islamic Moors.
I am not here promoting Racial Apartheid on the subject of en masse interbreeding, but for culturally understood Sexual Apartheid to be reasoned for; the reasoning being that the White Race will cease to exist and become profoundly extinct if the Inter-Racial Procreation now being proselytized to be in vogue is permitted to continue on as it is; and reporting that the event of violent bloodshed will likely occur for it, as the panic stricken White Population reacts to prevent itself from being extinguished; and in fear of backlash of the Mulattoes occurring in the form of riots, to let people know that discussions on this topic need to take place before the date of reckoning of bloodshed breaks out for it to be resolve to listen to what is being said and to make the Necessary Required Preparations.
If we close ourselves to difficult points of view that upset or offend us, diplomacy breaks down, or more succinctly put, there is no diplomacy to take place to speak for, and then whatever it is that is bothering everybody will just keep on fomenting in hatred.
The first rule of Psychology 101 is, that whenever there is conflict between parties to resolve, to tell the other party precisely what it that is bothering you so that they will know first off what is bothering you; and then if they are mature and sincere in their reasoning to come to terms with you and want in a willingness of noble intentions to resolve in their hearts what the conflict is, and in the name of peace as the goal, (and like a marriage to point out in example, in the name of love, to heal one another by reasoning out the problems that are to be encountered along the way;) that they will then be able to adjust their thinking to a more harmonious accord; or they may tell you what it is about you that is bothering them for you to adjust to as well, (as in labor negotiations also.)
And so, with the idea of Racial Harmony in mind that the time necessitated event of Racial Accords needs to occur. It is already a very tortured case for America to come to terms with, and for everyone to want to work together to the understanding of the problem to resolve it. Not every issue affecting us can be legislated for and laws enacted to enforce. And this is one of them. Some crucial issues are Social and Cultural in nature and depend on the mature refined attitudes, or the Mores, (pronounced /ˈmoʊ.reɪz/) of Society to resolve them, to refer to norms that are widely observed and have great moral significance. Mores, or taboos, include most societies' insistence that adults not engage in sexual relations with children, and as to include the insistence on Sexual Apartheid.
Continuing to reiterate, that the White Race will become extinct if we continue to allow the notion, that inter-procreation with the Black/Mulatto Colored Race, or to Inter-Procreate with any of the other Races present to us on a mass scale, is acceptable to become the norm. It is not acceptable. And if things continue on as they are, unstated for, the Caucasian Race will then become like the Sub-Continent of India with everyone belonging to a different Caste depending of what their color gradient is light to dark.

The Mulattoes claim that it is God’s Will, or "Allah’s Will," that the Races of the Earth should all merge and become one, as is the argument being said for the acceptance and toleration of Inter-Racial Breeding goes; but this is not the case concerning those who know to preserve and to defend the idea of being a Race and Identifying with a Race in Heritage and Culture and Lineage of Progeny, the idea of Heritage being spoiled by the careless Inter-Breeding by the Coloreds; that is the other case, beyond extinction, being made here for the preservation of the White Race, and in support of those who do not agree with the idea of assimilation. The point being reasoned for is that all the Races of Humanity need to be Held Sacred in the eyes of everyone to protect and preserve their identity. The Native American Indians have a case that way also, as do the Hawaiian People, the Eskimos, the Black African Negro Race, the Semitic People, and the Oriental Populations. The Mulattoes here need to accept that They Are A Race Unto Themselves, and to formulate a concept of being and enjoying themselves, as a Separate Race of People who are unique in all the Earth. This is the only way we will ever have peace.

And to understand that the issue to be reckoned for concerning Islam and the White Race that it is not a Religious War against Christianity, as it is covered over to be, but a
Race War to Annihilate The White Infidels, as to what this conference is dealing with.
I am personally willing to go to any lengths to discuss any topic, anytime, anywhere, with anyone who wants to talk. And if I am wrong I will say so. And if not ... then those who are wrong can say they are, and that is what will be needed in the sensibility here. People need to be told right from wrong, and error from the correct path to travel. We can fix this Nation overnight if everyone would just adopt the proper reason and attitude toward a willingness to change to improve the attitude orientation for the whole society.

We cannot legislate for social laws and the enforcement of such laws, people will just need to do the right thing in their hearts and conscience to begin with in Christian Good Will of the meaning, that needs to be brought about and instilled by proper reasoning as a part of our culture in every person beginning at a very young age at every opportunity.

Too often we hear Preachers seeking to impress the idea of goodness and being good upon the congregation as a generalized and abstract concept, "to be good," when what they need, the congregation, is to be instructed in the specific reasoning about "what it is" that they need to be doing in their lives and the where-to-fore’s of how to live correctly in a defined sense, like the Ten Commandments are in that way defined, as of what to do, and what not to do, in relation to themselves, and to society, as to who we are to live among other people in a social contract with them, as we encompass the social politics of a major ideology together, as to what we are to stand for, individually, and as a people.

God matters to us here, not the idea of individual Religions in the way of worship, but in the idea of God Among Us, The Heavenly Father, and eternally together with the great Mother of Creation, The Holy Spirit, and of Whom, in partnership live with us as Spirits Together in the existing Universe who we represent Male and Female in the flesh. Life, and whatever it brings, is only Their Way, The Way of Life, Male and Female, Who We Are Too, and They Are Us, being The Deity Ourselves Incarnate, to endure eternity by.

They The Deity can be fathomed and extracted of Their Nature, in the manner of intuition regarding the miracle of our existence on a Planet revolving around a Star in a Universe of Stars; and for the reasoning out of the concept of Life and Death that we suffer; that Eternity is an insufferably long-long time to be endured without end without the diversion of birth and death and to the parable of The New Garments, and the trails of hardship and pain, to break up the eternal monotony into a more temporal arrangement, to endure the eternity by as pastime, that can only be lived out in peace, our life here, with the eternity upon us, if we are Holy In Our Intentions as we exist emotionally, of being kind and sincere and mindful of others and towards All Things of Creation as we live.

All else in ill-willed behavior "misses the mark," called sin, and falls into perdition due to the fact that we have to remember, and to agonize over the things we consider wrong and conceive of to be wrong from the standpoint of injury to others, for eternity. Everything bad that there is in whatever we might do, haunts us for eternity; whether in being done wrong in ignorance, or by circumstances of our origin being taught the wrong sense of values, such as bigotry and hatred, or bred into vices, of committing the sins that make us unhappy with ourselves, and of falling from the Grace of the Divine Father and The Divine Mother into the perdition of the soul in need to be redeemed, that Jesus died on the cross to Atone For. When we die we all return to Who We Are all along, The Creator Life Force within us ourselves, and to live for eternity with the thoughts of what we have done, and what we have failed to do, being the true essence of God Ourselves.
It behooves us then To Be Holy Here In The Here And Now of our days as we live out our lives upon The Father’s Earth together. That was created and fashioned for the manner its existence to come about and to be, out of the Mind Matter of The Creator’s Dream Intellect. Whose Dream Of Life, The Creator’s Dream, Male, and Female, and Inanimate, that We Are. There are so many tortured and ruined lives about us as we witness, and whole societies of tortured people in chaos, and our own now among those needing Salvation. Together we can make a difference in those lives and societies if we seek to engender a loving and willing spirit of outward compassion in mutual cooperation towards our fellowman, and who are exactly as ourselves in the ultimate sense of our abiding nature with the Creator Being, and to be Kind Towards All Things, and as Who are a part of the Dream Reality of that Self-Same Creator Who We Are also. It is the Central Angst of not knowing who we are, and the knowledge of our eternal destiny, that has driven men and women mad and into suffering trying to make the most out of life by avarice and by what sensual pleasures that can be had, only to fall short of The Mark.
This inspired vision of solidarity with The Creator for the successful future can only be done by being in close intent of solidarity of a united purpose with each other; and to a common cause of action to be acted upon together to carry it out; termed as, the mission, as to whatever its ascribed name may be; and secondly, for us to be held knit closely together with one another, (as a manner of silent understanding in the eyes, in the matter of the eyes, knowing beforehand and always that the bond of death solidarity exists between us all, and involves us all with the idea of possessing a confident power of influence and a power that does not need to be spoken about,) for the purpose of carrying out the common cause of the purpose of our mission; and to exist for one another, and for principle just to be bonded together as a group as a life force, to conduct ourselves as a family beyond our own interest, and to be formatted together in such meaning by a sense of spirituality, and held together that way like a church, called a Nation, as a sacred vow of understanding as a Social Foundation, that is something we accomplish together and importantly to have the strength and the means to protect the idea of being a Nation by.

What the American Islamic Mulatto, Male and Female, needs to do here, in the American fashion of a War Conference, is to cease and desist with the idea that the White Race here in America stands to be defeated, and to be retaliated against for slavery and for discriminating attitudes against their skin color in not wishing to be Inter-Married into by the Race of the Mulattoes. The White People are not to be bullied and goaded along any further to accept the idea of Inter-Racial Breeding, and who also need and require the understanding of their “Privacy” to be respected in regards to their social arrangements in desiring to be amongst their own kind at certain events and settings. And as to who, the White Race, are no longer to be tormented to be the “made-fun of” and “ridiculed” Media Scapegoats for everything that they, the Negroes, conceive to be wrong with their lives here. And to accept, amongst themselves, that their lives are unhappy here because of the unfortunate nature of their existence; that does not in any way, for them, have to be unfortunate in that sense of the meaning, “if’ they would only “Adopt The Attitude” of recognizing themselves to be a “Separate Entity” entirely from both The Black Negro Race, and The White Caucasian Race, and To Procreate, and as a Matter Of Conscience and Concern, Only Within Their Own Kind.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

     This discussion is on the timely subject of Military Intervention to The Drug War in defense of United States Soil, American Lives, our American Homeland and our American Way Of Life; and respecting the lives of The American Population at stake and for their well-being unilaterally to resolve; Politically, Economically, and Morally, that never does get taken care of properly by the existing Police Structure in the meaning of being done.  This responsibility must rest with The Military, To Protect the People, and especially from the ravishes of the Drug Heroin/Opium.
    About which to focus on in particular state of crisis at this time to urgently speak for every major American City in current siege of crisis related to The Drugs; the Soporific Heroin and its Invigorating Antidote Cocaine, and other Controlled Substances; that are being smuggled into The United States from all directions, to be provided with a specific and immediate target objectives in Direct Show of Force, that is the priority of the War On Drugs as it affects the American Cities of The United States in objective.  And in particular at this time being supplied with Heroin by the al-Qaeda Afghanistan Opium Connection Trafficking from that War Region, and Funding that War Organization as well from this illegal trade; that is associated to the longstanding smuggling operations of the Mafia Terrorist Organizations entrenched and established here on American Soil, of specific types, who have been dealing the heroin, cocaine, and other illicit drugs to the population, in particular sympathy to the public having to endure it, that has turned our City’s Streets and Public Schools into battlegrounds of gang violence for the control of The Drug Trade, in sorrowful commentary regarding the tragic apathy and neglect on the part of our Government in the shirking of its legal responsibility to The American Public, regarding the necessary, and required by law, Military Duties of Drug Intervention to occur.  
     And for the grave matter of the setting of the drug related gang violence occurring here in our Cities, that is combined with an alarming crime rate prevailing in support of the drug habits, and from the severe ill-health effects of the prevailing Drug Warfare ongoing at the hands of the Mafia Terrorist Organization associated to the trafficking and supply of the Heroin and Cocaine, which has been established there in in our Major Cities for decades, and which even boasts, (and according to “The Hard Copy Reporting” of The News, in the local newspapers,) having “Needle Exchange Programs,” (that even supplies up to “50 Clean Needles” at a time to responsible clients operating legitimate “Crash Pads,” for addicts, in return for an even count of “Dirty Needles,”) and with “Street Runners” posted conveniently in the drug neighborhoods to facilitate the purchase the heroin and cocaine and other drugs to drive-by customers from the surrounding areas, that has been causing businesses and jobs to leave the Drug Infected areas and its residents to flee the area. And what, of The Major Cities Troubles that way, is further being aggravated by The Cities having to increase their taxes in order to compensate for the loss of revenue that the dwindling population, related to the drugs, has caused, that is causing even more people to leave and to the point now where The Cities, (and every major city of The United States,) are dying.
     And in all, what is in direct connection as well with the uncontrolled flood of illegal, or otherwise, Foreign Immigration Overrun of the Nation occurring; who are at present replacing the established American Population to their jobs and otherwise forcing everyone to compete to a substandard labor market economy; and which in turn is further feeding The Home Cottage; Drug, Prostitution, and Pornography Industry Economy dependent to such income for survival.  
     It would help now to analyze al-Qaeda alleged motives for their hatred towards The United States and The West, that are directly Heroin and Drug Traffic related and are connected at issue with the supply of Heroin being grown and produced currently in Afghanistan, to what that their Global Terrorism “Is a Distraction” to The Intervention Of, with the intention of disrupting the ability of governments to intervene, by displacing manpower and financial resources away from the drug flow, to more Overt Acts of Violent Terrorism; and who therefore are, by the allowing of the Heroin Trafficking, being encouraged to continue on with their campaigns of violence.  
     Which bring us to the crucial issue as to why is it then that we are allowing The Poppy Growers in Afghanistan and The al-Qaeda Taliban, (who are declared and avowed International Criminals,) to continue on in cultivating their Poppy Fields and dealing their Opium-Heroin into the heart of Europe, The United States, and other nations, to fuel al-Qaeda and associated Mafia Terrorist Organizations, on the pretext of Official U.S. State Department Policy condoning it in statement: “that The Afghanis are an impoverished nation in need of their “Opium Cash Crop.“  
     That bears out in truth to be a “Mafia Conspiracy,” to it on the part of recent past and present Administrations.  And which for this year of 2014, and once again, have already predicted for a record, ”bumper crop,” while the entire Earth suffers for its being allowed, and while The United States Military and The Militaries of our Western Allies Abroad, and the entire Forces of The United Nations Assembly, look haplessly on while they should be targeting the Cultivation, Production, and Trafficking of Heroin, Cocaine, and other illicit drugs, and the Criminal Mafia Cartels, world-wide, that support them, as a major military involvement.  Wouldn’t you agree?
     What we need, for every major American City, and everywhere in The United States Of America, where there is evidence of sustained massive amounts of The Drug Trade occurring in condition imperiling The Nation and linked to spiraling rates of murder, government instability, and lawlessness, is; to regard the drugs Heroin and Cocaine and other mass amounts of Illegal Chemical Drugs, (such as LSD, and Methamphetamine,) as categorical “Weapons Of Mass Destruction,” under The Jurisdiction and Strict Security Measures of Homeland Security, and to direct The United States Congress, of The Senate and The House Of Representatives, and to be ratified by The President, To Permanently Establish the Military Mandate for The Removal of the Deadly Drugs from U.S. Soil by use of the Combined Forces of Law Enforcement and the Military as a major War Effort in Declared Status, and equating The War On Drugs with The War On Terror, and giving into the hands of this Task Force, Special Powers, similar to The War On Terror, under Articles Of Martial Law established, with which to combat The Drug Mafia Organizations that are currently co-existing with us here in The United States as a “Status Quo!”
     These, “Special Powers,” would amend The Fourth Amendment, in like manner as with The Patriot Act, to ease restrictions in provision to a General Search Warrant, in easement to Search and Seizure and Wiretap limitations, which are to be based to the wording of, “Obviousness Of Suspicion;“ replacing the unworkable “Probable Cause;“ that forces “Undercover Agents” Using  Drugs, and posing as Drug Dealers and Purchasers, making “Buys” before a Search Warrant may be issued on “Probable Cause.”  And that would make it a “Treasonous Offense,“ in mandatory, “Death Sentence,” for anyone, or any parties to in conspiracy, to engage in Growing, Producing, Manufacturing, Major Smuggling and Trafficking, of these Drugs and Controlled Substances at the source on down to the Mid-line Suppliers.  Who, in all regards of these Treasonous Offenders are hereafter to be tried by Military Tribunal Courts and Summarily Executed as War Criminals.
     Persons arrested on Minor Drug Offenses, for Possession and for Petty Street Trafficking in small quantities, are to be rendered “Held In Military Quarantine” and “Organized Into Narc Battalions,” for an indefinite period of time, pending their “Rehabilitation,” Boot Camp Style, To Society, and depending to their disposition to “Cooperate” with The Authorities in assisting to intervene with the suppliers of these drugs, who are to be “Hunted Down,”  in the seriousness of intent as a lethal threat, hand to hand, and in the similar manner as the disease of Syphilis is hunted down, and essentially treated as a Health Problem on that level of cooperation.  
     And what overall newly reformed United States of America Drug Policy, would also include for the provision for economic employment relief for the impoverished populations of the heavily drug infested areas, (to be subsidized by Full Faith Fiat Issue,) to assist in breaking up their dependency to “The Cottage Industry” drug economy, and for the enlistment of the aid of communities in popular support for anti-drug efforts through the sponsoring of community youth monitoring programs, and through public drug awareness education, in a multi-pillared approach to the otherwise hopelessly pervasive and pandemic American Drug Problem To Overcome.
     This Declaration of War On Drugs! is also to be accompanied by “The Re-Imposition” of routine and periodic, “Mandatory Drug Screening,” (that has fallen by the wayside now since The Clinton Administration,) at specified intervals of every six months, and with random drug testing, for All Government Employees, with special priority drug screening in effect for all Law Enforcement Personnel and Elected Political Officials; and that is to specify also for mandatory screening to The Nation’s Medical Profession as well, who are licensed by The Government to Practice Medicine, (and to Dispense Narcotics Prescriptions,) to ensure that these drugs are not being used and in conspiracy to drugs trafficking, and never in a position to govern over us here.
     This unilateral action against the onslaught of the drugs here is also to be accomplished, in priority, on the International Level of Cooperation, To Remove the Drugs, Heroin and Cocaine, from The United States at their growing, producing, and refining sources, in utilizing the mobility and power in force of The United Nations, in cooperative coordination Internationally with; The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, (UNODC,) The International Police Organization, (INTERPOL,) and The United States Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA.)  
     That is Domestically on The Offensive to be handled in simultaneous attack on the drugs, by the immediate placement of sufficient numbers of Troops, in Military Presence, as well as in  Plain Clothes Surveillance, within the Drug Infested Areas, (going door to door and block by block, as required in certain neighborhoods, making inquiries, to gather information, conduct searches, and to make arrests;) to work in unison with The Individual State Units of The National Guards to be fully utilized, and with The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, (FDA,) The Federal Bureau Of Investigation, (FBI,) The State Police of each individual State, and County and Local Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies, and “Involving The Civilian Population,” also in a combined total effort under The Unified Direction of The Military as a War Operation.  
     And who are, these Civilian Counterparts to The Drug War, to be thought of in the same manner to be appreciated as Volunteer Fire Firefighters are who are enlisted to the aid of manpower to assist in putting out forest fires, and who are well thought of and much needed and gratefully appreciated for in the working side by side with the professional firefighters, and in this case taken as professional law enforcement and drug enforcement personnel, (and who, of these public volunteers, to the drugs intervention, are not further on to be regarded, as they are currently, in snide reference about them by the existing authorities, who refer to these citizens attempting to assist them, as “Snitches,” or as “Informants,” in mocking derogation, and who are henceforth to be respected as concerned, patriotic, and dedicated citizens,) to be mobilized in Task Force Support, (utilizing public phone hotlines and mail-in addresses for drug source information, and coinciding with the concept of paid Bounty Hunters for information leading to arrests and convictions,) in order to permanently clear-up, and with permanent resolution to keep it cleared-up, of The Deadly Drug Situation that has been allowed to transgress here for over the many generations now that it has been tolerated, for The Good and Well-Being of Our Nation.
     And to stress once over again, that The Issue Of Drugs is not being handled by the present setting of the Legislators of Our Country, in the gravity that it should be addressed.  Which is due to the fact, and bluntly spoken for, that The Big Drug Blocs represents voters who our political leaders, in this or in any other era, would rather court, in the Political Inversion of the prevailing General Will, electing them into office, than to threaten and risk not to be elected.
     This is however, the subject of the drugs, not a Political Objective!  It is a War Matter! And It has been a War Matter for as long as the subject has existed in coexistence with American Lives at stake for the removal of these dangerous drugs and chemicals for the safety of our Population.  
     And to mention along with the issue of The Drug Warfare being ongoing perpetrated by The Drug Element in relentless fashion upon the innocent population to be remedied, and for the sake of the murderous intent in ever present danger of The Drug Mafias themselves as they present themselves upon each citizen of the Nation in intimidating ways to silence them, and to threaten whoever attempts to reveal their identities and expose their activities, that has coerced the people in real fear for their lives, into silence, that It Is A Real War and Life-Taking Threatening War to those it is A War To in the meaning of It, The Drug War, taking our lives, and threatening us, piecemeal fashion one by one, and en masse in the aspects of its Drug Terrorism, and doomed to the Terrorism of Mass-Violence without the Intervening Action of our Government to defend us!
     Furthermore, the issue of The Drugs being present here, is not being handled, and has not ever been handled in the seriousness of intent that it is needed and has been needed to be handled, by the existing Established Law Enforcement Structure of our Government, upon whose grave responsibility it has been placed To Defend The Population from The Drugs and from The Terrorism and The Corruption, and The Immorality, of The Drugs, under “The Civil Authority” of Police Jurisdiction, who cite “Lack of Manpower,” as the main obstacle hindering them.  
     And while that The Lack of Manpower available to do the job is certainly and obviously the case, and but which however also involves the aspect of blatant and obvious police corruption and conspiracy to the drugs as well, (and demonstrated for many times over in its exposures of corrupt police conspiracies to drug trafficking and to the use of drugs themselves,) involving law enforcement personnel addiction to Heroin and Cocaine use, (who become addicted by the proximity, opportunity, curiosity, in the handling of these drugs as they are forced to do in connection with their police work, and which affects them as well, in the element of addiction, particularly where the aspect of large busts are concerned, in the atmospheric pollution of Drug Atmosphere surrounding the environs of such arrests and involved with the handling of the confiscated drug supply,) and that as well as involves the element of money corruption in their conspiracy to the trafficking in drugs, that has played a major part in Treason Matter of the obstacle in our path of The Drugs in preventing their being removed to complete intervention.
     And which is one more motive in incentive, (besides lack of manpower,) for the use of The Military to enforce Drug Intervention in this Nation, to override and to oversee the long establish mishandled and corrupted existing efforts of the Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement, who have not done, and who have “Never Done” their job successfully to date, as the argument goes, (and to reinforce and to bolster those honest and sincere law enforcement agencies and personnel who have been acting legitimately in a dedicated manner in their attempting to do so.)
     On the practical edge of what must transpire here, of our United States Agreement, to be, (and yet to remain,) inspirited of the trusted vision of our fore-bearers, encumbering in creed to the physical well-being, security, and safety of our people, and to the sense in well-being of Liberty ensured, as to the safeguarding of The Rights of Our People concerning the physical workings of our United States Constitution as it applies, that must be ideologically concerned for the real emotional and physical security of the entire population; it must be made apparent to all that The United States cannot continue-on with Its divided and lackadaisical illusion of competency in paradoxical toleration to The Presence of Drugs on the pretense to the captioning of Tolerance, and to the idea of making drugs legal, on the self-righteous heals of Liberal Left Wing Politics as a religion that everyone must offer their allegiance in adherence to or suffer the punishment of economic and social sanctions for, and much worse in the case of The Drug Chemical Warfare Perpetrations, of real harm in persecutions for; To What We Do Not Choose To Go Along With!
     And for the reasoning that, of what Drugs, and primarily to do with The Heroin, and Cocaine, but involving the other dangerous Street Chemicals and Pharmacy also, are The Primary Cause, involving us and our safety of security domestically, in Many Wars of Drug Related Outbreak Abroad; and besides in being the root cause of many of the population’s “mysterious” physical and mental/emotional maladies as a serious health issue, and beside the health issue affecting the population of the ill-consequences involved with blatant addiction; (and to what fact, which most of our current public policy statements of anti-drug appeal on the subject by our government are presented about in that manner of priority, and not in mention of any of the other serious matters which are wrong with the allowing of the presence of the drugs here which are never mentioned about the drugs as if they didn’t exist, but they do;) in being responsible for the massive amounts in onslaught of serious crimes occurring in this Nation in relation to it, both from the aspect of violence, and from the thefts ongoing to support the drug habits of those who are addicted, and for the many grievous social corruptions and injustices that the condition Of Drug Use, and The Conspiracy To Drug Trafficking, In Power, perpetuates, engenders, and creates, and for the depraved and sadistic immorality that prevails in relation to Heroin, (particularly concerning for the rampant existence of Pornography, the depraved conditions of lesbianism and homosexuality among the people, and the liberal attitude towards immoral prostitution,) and for the real danger setting of the population at the mercy of The Drug Mafias across America, that must Be Severely Stood Up To, and Dealt With, Conclusively, In The Present Context to “The Compulsion of Civil Defense,” by Military Authority Override, (and as that there is no Civilian Civil Authority capable of doing the job of removing the population from this ongoing danger,) for it is far beyond being conceived of as a  “Social Medical Condition of Addiction,” in that Laissez-Faire context, to be Mishandled Ineptly and/or Corruptly under Civil Authority, (in the meaning of Ad Hoc Enforcement Style, of whoever happens to get caught instead of doing the entire job of removing the drugs what needs to be done everywhere in The Nation,) To Be Accomplished!
     Clearly this is a situation that can only be competently and completely handled by Military Authority acting methodically and relentlessly under a Presidential Proclamation of Declared War On Drugs! to such effect, and in full utilization of The Legal and Authorized Constitutional Authority of Martial Law to do so, and without mercy in judgment, To Permanently Eradicate The State of The Drug Siege Condition here, and the criminal individuals who are responsible for its existence to be done away with, in our Nation; which is, and who are, causing direct and serious harm to our population, both from the standpoint of direct use of these drugs being allowed to cohabitate on an ongoing basis, and from the heinous perspective of outright and direct murderous coercive intent upon those who would speak out against it, and concerning the pernicious premeditated sadistic sabotage upon the innocent victims of those coinciding to the use of drugs prevailing, pertaining for the ongoing state of siege of The Drug Warfare occurring, that is premeditatedly designed to inflict grave bodily and mental/emotional harm on the persons en masse to whom these drugs are being Relentlessly Perpetrated On as a Drug War Strategy!
    For which, (for Sabotage with a Drug or Chemical personally conveyed about to The Authorities, or for the personal experiencing of the outright harmful effects of such deliberate sabotage being presented,) involves the issue of Psychiatric Intake and “Forced Treatment” with Disabling Psychiatric Chemical Pharmacy Drugs under Two Physician Consent (2PC) Civil Law Commitment Process, with the authorization of The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) and without The Constitutional Guarantees of Due Process Rights applying, and to what that The Police/Medical Authorities responsible for the psychiatric murder of these hapless innocent victims, have “Sovereign Immunity,” from arrest, prosecution, and civil damages to do.
     This is a situation that is rife for exploitation by a Corrupt Medical Profession, Corrupt Law Enforcement, and a Corrupt Political Structure involving Organized Crime, Mafia al Qaeda Terrorist Groups, and other entities bent on the overthrow of The United States, in the terms of its threat to the population at large, regarding the subject of Drug Warfare.
     Taking the Effects of Heroin/Narcotics of this Drug Warfare in example, of as taken directly from the current edition of The Physicians’ Desk Reference, (PDR) and pertaining for any persons of being “Hit” with or “Sabotaged” with this drug, or who have the unfortunate happenstance to be affected with it Atmospherically by the close proximity of a nasal user or users of Heroin; (or which can be accomplish simply by shaking the dust of It in a person’s pocket,) affecting the atmosphere like cigarette smoke, in our domestic home life, work settings, school class room, and assembly areas, places of recreational and sports congregation, shopping areas, theaters, restaurants, and taverns and bars, (and deadly in the proximity to alcohol causing “Black-Outs,”) in closed in air supply to the user(s), and that is particularly in threat to air travel concerning “The Re-Circulating Cabin Air” aboard airliners, closed into the fuselage with a Heroin Nasal Snorter or Snorters (in plural) breathing their heroin contaminated air out into the recycling atmosphere, at 35,000 feet, to what effects in airline disasters this Drug causes:
     Psychotic Disorder - Euphoria, Disphoria, Rage - Allergic Reactions (skin rashes, hives, itching,) - Dry Mouth -Urinary Retention -Constipation - Diarrhea -Drowsiness - Confusion - Lightheadedness - Nausea - Impaired Concentration - Sensation of Drunkenness - Suicidal Depression - Behavioral Disturbances - Blurred Vision - Double Vision - Quadruple Vision -Choking - Shortness of Breath - Anaphylaxis (Cramping,) - Delirium - Hallucinations - Excitement - Agitation - Increased Sensitivity To Pain (after the analgesic effect has worn off,) - Impaired Breathing - Cessation of Breathing During Sleep (Sleep Apnea,) - Seizures - Muscle Twitching - Sudden Loss Of Consciousness - Facial Flushing - Sweating - Heart Palpations - Drop In Blood Pressure (causing weakness and fainting) - and causing Hypnotic Blackout Spells.
     And as to what Ill-Inducing Effects is the threat to America stated of the ill-health inducing effects wrought by the warfaring ways of The Narcotics Element, to include as well all other illegal drugs and chemicals available to use in trafficking on the drug market, that in number have their specifically listed Effects, Side Effects, Adverse Reactions, After Effects, and Withdrawal Symptoms, in issue of their being and therefore available to use as Drug-Chemical Warfare Weapons Against the Innocent Population by those who use, and who traffic in and wield these illicit drugs and chemicals, who comprise the concept and condition of being The Drug Mafia in its entirety imperiling our society.  To what condition that anyone who has access to these Drug Warfare Agents is thereby free to use with impunity whatever Drugs or Chemicals they have available against anyone they care to without fear of apprehension and reprisal.  
     “Just grind it up and put it in their food or drink,” as the popular taunt is rendered and called, “Bumping Someone’s Head.”  Or, “Hit” someone’s atmosphere with it, in local Mafia Jargon.  
     Freebasing Cocaine for example causes Panic Syndrome and Cardiac Arrhythmia in the unwary who assume that there is something psychological or physical really the matter with them, and who are then prescribed with debilitative sedation pharmacy or to surgical procedures by the physicians who profiteer enormously, (and with the pharmacy companies that way as well,) in kick-back arrangement with the medical industry, off-of the drug effects in treating the symptoms of the ongoing and pervasive warfare as if they were physiological maladies of a different biological source entirely. And when the truth is obviously know to them as it is to us.
     And such as it is in Tactical Warfare with every Drug and Chemical Weapon, “At Close Range,” in the family or social settings, or involving, “Mass Sabotage,” on a public scale of food and beverage sabotage, as with the case of The French Mafia producing “Taste Compatible” Psychotropic Chemicals for perpetration to our American Food Supply, (which are Psychiatric Chemicals such as Navane and Prolixin, named for their mind-altering properties,) which were interdicted in our current history by Interpol and reported on by The New York Times; that have the taste compatibility of Orange Juice, Grape Juice, and other common Household Condiments.  
     And which, of these drug chemicals, cause, and are responsible, for many of the afflictions being suffered en masse by The American Population, being suffered as natural causes:  That include: the outright mental illnesses that these drugs are touted to alleviate, called Paradoxical Reactions by The FDS, of Schizophrenia and Manic Depression, Erectile Disfunction Syndrome, EDS, (Impotence,) Restless Leg Syndrome, RLS, (or listed as Uncomfortable States of Being and Motor Restlessness in The Physicians’ Desk Reference,) Hyperactive Bladder, (termed Incontinence,) Prostatism, (or causing the prostate gland to enlarge in men,) and of what sedation to the population, to include for the sedation effects of Heroin proximity/sabotage also,) that is responsible for alarming rate of Alcoholism among the population in their attempts to “Self-Medicate” to override the sedation effect, (to mention the obvious mass ill-health inducing effects being premeditatedly perpetrated unknown to the people;) and which are all being treated at a huge profit by The Medical/Pharmacy Industry in outright conspiracy to the sabotage.
    And concerning the effects of such Psychotropic Sabotage, are intended in design overall to make the population physically and mentally ill, weak, docile, inept, and unable to prevent their being overthrown; by whatever corrupt and sinister forces about, (And They Can Be Named!) that are attempting to overthrow our American Government and Standard of Life; regarding in the for instance, the Ideology of Drugs of Drugs and Sinister Pornography Being Made Legal,
Drug Money Corruption, (in government as well as business,) or for other Seditious Motives in design having to do with Racial and/or Nationalist Ethnic Overthrow, (in the concept of the annihilation of The White Race, or to overthrow by Foreign Powers,) seeking Expansion to their over-burgeoning populations, or for Retaliation, and to combinations of the above in coalition.
     Cocaine is always “The Antidote” To Sedation, whether the sedation is the result of Heroin or Pharmacy Chemicals.  And those who know and use Cocaine habitually also need sedation to rest and to sleep.  And of which condition, of general and pervasive sedation sabotage, is easily overridden by those who know and are aware of drug pharmacology.  And which explains why The Mafia and Terrorist Organizations afoot are able to function in the climate of general sedation sabotage to the population at large through the availability, to them, of Illegal Cocaine.
     This is a conspiracy knowingly being perpetrated to inflict grave mental, emotional, mental, and psychological harm onto the population by the means of this clandestine style of Drug-Chemical Warfare, that can be perpetrated for sadistic personal motives, and/or for purposes of more methodical programming having to do with the elimination of The Drug Opposition in large numbers from the society, and along the lines of Fascist Politics, (or The Bloc Politics of Organized Crime,) to the principle of strength in numbers, (“a bundle of sticks that cannot be broken;”) and to what is therefore politically described for as, “Fascism,” and that goes by other names and for other motives also, (such as “Zionism,” and “Black Power,”) based to the idea of Controlling The Drug Trade and using The Drugs As Weapons, and besides to the idea of making the drugs legal, (in the sense of The Drug Laws not being enforced and prosecuted for,) by the elected criminal government, and governments, (in being Gerrymandered across The Land and presenting a United Front, quilt-work style, in encompassing the entire Nation over us,) In Power, by eliminating the opposition through surreptitious means of Drug-Chemical Warfare.  And to point out, that whoever controls The Source of The Drug Supply, controls the motives and the sinister orientation to attack us by those who they have enslaved to its addiction.  
     And in the eyes the of such government conceived to the meaning of doing nothing about the presence of the drugs and keeping up with the pretense of illegality for the purpose of preventing rivals to the existing established market, that is lucratively based to an established supply system, from competing, to what rivals would diminish the profits to, and to the confiscation and redistribution of the rivals drug supply throughout their own networks.  And concerning what stated Drug-Chemical Warfare that cannot be complained of because of the Psychiatric Penalty.
     The reason that it cannot be complained of, is that the mention of its occurrence in personal ways results in psychiatric intake; either to one being labeled as a Paranoid Schizophrenic suffering with delusions of persecution, or to the effects of The Drugs and Chemicals perpetrated inducing mental, emotional, and physical ailments, which the persons so inflicted, and being unaware of the secret perpetrations of the drugs or chemicals upon them, seek treatment for, (or are Forced Into Treatment For Under Current Mental Hygiene Law,) to suffer for the ailments which have been induced by the drug or chemical being secretively administered to them.
     And who, of these hapless and innocent American victims, are then subsequently treated for the symptoms of these drugs and chemicals by physicians, with harmful and destructive pharmacy chemicals, (which themselves can be used for the chemical warfare motives besides,) to induce the Paradoxical Symptoms of Schizophrenia, Manic-Depression, Suicidal Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Hypertension, and other symptoms associated to the drugs and chemicals.
     Here now is a composite listing of the adverse; physical, mental, and emotional reactions of the currently prescribed pharmacy chemicals that are being used to treat the symptoms of the drug warfare condition here in The United States; that induce the disorders they are touted to alleviate; as taken directly from The Physicians’ Desk Reference, (available to physicians also:) beginning with the Strong Tranquilizers - Phenothiazines Class, Anti-Psychotic, Neuroleptic, Psychotropic, Types of Pharmacy, that are routinely used in administration for the treatment of actual, or induced, mental disorders.  And which are: Thorazine (Chlorpromazine,) Haldol (Haloperidol,) Navane (Thiothixine,) Mellaril (Thioridazine,) Loxitane (Loxapine Succinate,) Prolix in (Fluphenazine,) and Trilafon (Perphenazine,) in brief listing not totally inclusive.
     That induce the following; Effects, Side-Effects, and Adverse Reactions:  Paradoxical Worsening of Psychotic Symptoms, Aggravation of Schizophrenia - Paranoia, Serious Toxic Effects On Brain (with long term use,) Black-Outs, Visual Hallucination, Amnesia, Deep Sleep, Bizarre Dream States, Headaches, Impaired Concentration, Mental Confusion, Impaired Mental Ability, Listlessness, Weakness, Agitation, Nervousness, Paranoia, Delusions, Depression (Suicidal,) Disorientation, Seizures, Memory Loss (long and short term,) Abnormal Behavior, Euphoria/Disphoria/Rage, Irreversible Amnesia In Elderly, Hypothermia, Fatal Shock, Ataxia (muscle cramps,) Flat Affect (fixed emotionless - mask-like facial expression,) Uncomfortable States of Being (Extreme Motor Restlessness, also known as Restless Leg Syndrome, RLS,) Tardive Diskinesia (grimacing - eye rolling - fly catcher tongue protrusions - fine involuntary wave like movements in tongue - spasmodic movements of face, neck, and extremities,) Hepatitis-like Reactions (with jaundice,) Inability To Move Certain Muscle Groups, Low Grade or High Grade Fever, Sore Throat, Cardiac Arrhythmia (palpations - heart rhythm disorders,) Liver Damage (Jaundice,) Sexual Disorders (Priapism - prolonged and painful erection, Inhibited Ejaculation and Female Orgasm, Impaired Erection, Permanent Impotence, Decreased Libido, Male Infertility, Testicular Disorders - painful swelling - atrophy, Lactation In Females, Menstruation Disorders (cessation -altered timing - severity,) Infertility, Prostatism,) Hemolytic Anemia (impaired production of white blood cells,) Convulsions - Coma, Parkinson-like Disorders (muscle spasms of face, jaw, neck, back, and extremities,) Hypoglycemia (fluctuation of blood sugar levels,) Reye Syndrome (painful discoloration, coldness, numbness, tingling, in hands and feet,) Allergic Reactions (skin rashes, hives,) Asthma, Anaphylaxis Reactions (dangerous allergic reaction - choking - shortness of breath - shock,) High or Low Blood Pressure (prolonged severe drops in blood pressure - weakness,) Impaired Breathing, Sleep Apnea (cessation of breathing during sleep,) Serum Sickness (Fever,) Disulfiram Reactions (stupor - slurred speech,) Lupus Erythematosus-like Reactions (Immune System Disorders - Deterioration, Low Grade Fever, Aching Muscles and Joints, Chest Pains, Enlargement of Lymph Glands,) Epileptic-like Reactions (provoking latent epilepsy,) Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Insipidus, Hemophelia-like reactions (Abnormal Bleeding,) Loss of Appetite - Indigestion/Un-digestion - Nausea, Skin Dryness - Psoriasis, Ringing In Ears, Irritation in Tongue and Mouth - Metallic Taste, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Lightheadedness, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Weakness, Tremor, Myasthenia Gravis (Exhaustion -Weakness Effecting, Speech, Eye Muscles, Swallowing, Causing Drooping Eyelids, Spasms of Vocal Chords,) Chronic Fatigue (loss of strength in arms and legs,) Extra-Pyramedial Effects ( rippling muscular motion,) Eye Damage (Loss of Peripheral Vision Neuritis, Blurred or Double Vision, Color Blindness, Impaired Night Vision, Halos Around Lights, Long Motion Trails -associated to overmedication, Pigmentation of Retina, Deposits On Retina, Nearsightedness, Structural Damage to Lens, Retina, and Cornea, Opacities - Internal Eye Pressure, Glaucoma, Painful Eye Muscles,) Gray to Violet Pigmentation of Skin Exposed To Sunlight, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (Brain Damage,) Orthostatic Hypotension (type of low blood sugar,) Nerve Damage, Incontinence of The Bowl and Bladder, Chronic Constipation and Bladder Retention, Insomnia.
     The Drug Cogentin is an Anti-Convulsive/Anti-Parkinsonismoften Agent, that is often prescribed, or forced treated, concurrently with The Stong Tranquilizer Phenozines Class, (which induce Convulsions and Parkinson-like Disorder as a particular side effect of their use.)  The Drug Congentin itself induces The Adverse Reactions of; Extreme Rigidity, Aggravated Tardive Diskinensia, Abnormal Behavior, Confusion, Delusions, Hallucinations, Agitation, Male Infertility, Glaucoma, Hypothermia, Muscle Cramps, Myasthenia Gravis, and Depression.   
     The Anti-Depressant Class of Pharmacy, such as: Sinequan, Elavil, Lithuim, and Prozac, induce the Paradoxical Reaction known as Rapid Cycling (The Conversion of Depression To Mania and Re-Conversion to Depression,) and Black Outs; and to their use as Warfare Weapons.   
     Clearly then there is an error here to conceive, of allowing Afghanistan, which we, and other allied forces of The United Nations, control militarily, to continue on with their growing of vast quantities of Opium Poppy, (and 87% of the world’s illicit supply according to a recent CRS, Congressional Report Service, document,) by which official State Department figures have estimated, (and by some strange coincidence to know exactly how much is being produced in the year to year, and specifically where It is being grown, in what Provinces there in Afghanistan, without doing anything about it, and down to the precise number of thousands of metric tons of raw opium being estimated,) for processing and for refining into pure grade Heroin, and bound for distribution, to our detriment and peril, throughout Europe, Canada, and The United States.
     Where we here, as to the innocent civilian population in The United States, have to deal with it, the persistent and dire severity of the consequences of the condition that this Drug Causes and in detriment to the population, in personal ways of assault with the drug, to whatever degrees of being affected by it, and to the point of Civil War concerning our outright lack of defense to It on the part of our government responsible to us, on an ongoing day-to-day basis, To Be Acted On!  
     And in the meaning of being severely affected, beginning with the extremely hazardous and harmful ill-health inducing effects of the drug in pandemic proportions upon the those who have become addicted personally to it, that grows like a cancer blight, and with all the crime and foul play that it generates, to include the issue of the drug warfare upon the innocent population.
      And which concerning the issue of corruption also that corresponds to the harboring of that Drug Heroin in our midst, of its insidious nature to ruin lives and to corrupt societies, and that engenders the psychological effects of Greed and Evil in those who take up with It as an Addictive Habit, that spreads beyond the debased world of the drug culture, in mafia terms of subversion, to our businesses and economy and to our government itself in Its Inverted Fascism of our Democracy, in the meaning of Heroin/Porno Mafia Tyranny in Political Power over us; (that now has taken over our Prime Time TV with its promotion of drugs and Sinister Murderous Pornography, that enslaves our young men and women to lives of degradation and torment.)  
     And from what revenues of this diabolical trade that are generated from the trafficking in The Drug Heroin and other drugs, (that cannot be gotten rid of under normal law of the present system, and Drug Weapons of Mass Destruction all,) of what illicit proceeds, that go to fueling the outright al Qaeda Terrorists network against us, a network of terror whose only motive is to create diversion, through the means of terror, away from the intervention to the trafficking of their “Domestic Product,” that originates in The Protected Opium Poppy Fields of Afghanistan.
     We cannot then conceive to continue to allow the continuation of Poppy Farming there in Afghanistan, (and everywhere else in The World where It is criminally grown and cultivated.)
     The following is a list of the major illicit drug producing or drug transit "countries," (and other entities,) currently trafficking in Heroin, Cocaine, and other Drugs into The United States:
     Afghanistan, Aruba, The Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela, and Vietnam,
     This issue also cites, North Korea, and Iran as well as Opium/Heroin Growing/Producing Nations, and heavily corrupted Narco-States, (with Atomic Weaponry Capabilities, to coincide with their Smuggling Routes,) to be wary of also. Which are, in all regards, and in common sense to do so, to be emphatically, “Militarily Shut Down!” by Joint Resolution of The General Assembly of The United Nations in a Unified and Coordinated Effort of Common Objective.
     Opium/Heroin is The Mother of All Wars.

Gary L. Koniz    
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014

Black People’s Movement Against Heroin And Drugs

From: Mayor Lenny Curry
Sent: Monday, August 1, 2016 8:54 AM
To: Gary Koniz
Subject: RE: Black Peoples Movement Against Heroin, Drugs, and Violence

Dear Mr. Koniz,

Thank you for taking the time to make me aware of your concerns.

As you may know, I have made public safety a top priority in my administration. We are working to provide our police officers and firefighters with the resources they need to do their jobs and do them well. I know Sheriff Mike Williams agrees that this is our highest priority as a government, and I am personally committed to making Jacksonville the safest city in America.

Best regards,

LB Curry

From: Gary Koniz [mailto:gary.koniz@hotmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2016 8:54 AM
To: editorial@nytimes.com
Subject: Black Peoples Movement Against Heroin, Drugs, and Violence

Black People’s Movement Against Heroin, Drugs, and Violence

The Amican People want to "have it out."  That is why they want Donald Trump in the White House. You know it too and so does everyone.  Let us all wholeheartedly support the "Black People Against Heroin and Drugs Movement" in our Five Star Camelot Communities and break the back of that Liberal Mentality tolerating Drugs, Guns, and Violence.  That will help things in the Neighbor "Hoods."  It's a Biblical War and it's coming to a head.  You can't stop it.  "And they will Marvel at the Beast."  Revelation 13:1-18  It's ugly business ... 666.

Heroin is an evil, corrupt, cruel, and sadistic drug that makes people suicidal by the way; and suicidal also in the meaning of Mass Killings and Death By Cop and by Suicide Vests.  Why doesn’t everyone wise up and start doing something about what you know needs to be done here.

Revelation 13:1–18

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns.  2 And upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. 3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? 5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. 6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. 7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. 8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. 9 If any man have an ear, let him hear. 10He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, 14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. 15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.


         The Religion of The Yaki Faith, as it was taught to me by The Yaki Indians, is a very simple Faith to understand and to practice, based to the certain knowledge that Everything To Exist, Exists In The Concept Of The Creator Mind, As Spirit In The Form Of Matter, and that there is nothing to exist that is not a Spirit Form In The Mind Of The Creator, Who Is “All One Thing” To Exist In Many Separate And Universally Equal Parts, All Being “The Same Self” As The Creator Is, To Exist.

     And as such, that Everything To Exist, can the virtue of that comprehension, communicate with Itself of Its Separate and Equal Parts of The Relationship Together In Unity With The One Self Of The Creator Mind, by The Telepathic Communication, of the sense, known to each of us as The Thought Process in all its powers to manifest, in verbal thought communication and by thought images.

      And to the understanding of The Yaki Mind in that way, that the Creator is therefore affectionately referred to by The Title of, “ALL THINGS,” Who Is reverently spoken for as “The Maker of All Things To Exist,” and Who is thereby Cherished, of All Its Separate Manifestation, with Great Affection for the reason in that way of understanding The Creator‘s Necessity to be fondly regarded AS A Being, for The Unique Self of What The Creator Is In The Profound Need Of Being Well Thought Of And Cared After, and so on in the manner Of Being Cherished, To Respect All The Life and Well-Being of Everything That There Is To Exist of The Creator’s Mind, named The Creation, as we find it, or to say, as we are immersed in It, and inextricably connected to everything there is in the course of our daily pursuits at life here among The Rest of What Is, in need to be fondly cared after in regard.

     So therefore, everything then is to be regarded equally in the manner of respect for the value of its existence, whether It be a living organism in the animated sense, to exist as vegetation, or as inanimate objects, in the need to be respected and regarded in cherishment and in the manner of reverence for Its existence.

     The Creator is also in that light of comprehension not to be thought of in the way of Human Anthropocentric terms entirely, and also not so to be thought of in the terms of sexual gender entirely, in that The Creator is not exclusively male or female, and neither animated life, vegetable, or mineral inanimate, to be thought of, but “All Things” to be conceived of simultaneously, and with an orientation that is neither personal or impersonal in regard to us.

     The Creator is Something, or Someone, of a Being in definition who we are incapable of comprehending, and so therefore we do not try.  But we rest in the knowledge that we exist within The Mind of, “All Things,” Who Is A Supernatural Being Unfathomable To Us, neither to be regarded as benevolent or hostile but only as we find It to be, and in the learning to get along with Everything To Exist.  And Who is not thought of as a Human Being with Supernatural Powers.

     And in that The Creator is a Supernatural Power, there is no limit to what the imagination of The Creator can produce At Will, To Respect of such Unlimited Thought Description To Become Real.  And that to be a part of such description, we only need to be in silence posture for a while and attune ourselves with the proper way of The Creator’s Intent to do what is right upon the way of the life we face.

     Be humble about your ways upon The Earth as you go, and take precautions not to scare anyone.  For in so frightening anyone you lose the nature of the supernatural quality you are seeking to inspire within you.

     Neither ask for, nor receive, any sum of money from anyone, unless it is earned respectfully in a decent way by working for it in the legitimate fashion of the market place.  For in doing so you will either be at a loss of respect for the one you give the money to, or the one who gives you the money unearned will less respect you.  Such is the nature of personal power.

     Neither go to brothels or dribble your seed upon the ground in needless fornication upon yourself, and do not ever be involved to homosexual behavior, nor to any engaging of sex with the animal kingdom, and in all which demeans a man and weakens his spirit.

     And don’t dwell of sexual topics in the mind.  For in everything that way you are less of a man to yourself and to The Creator Who Is Always There with you in your mind, and with Whom that you always need to be courting for bonding with in Eternal Nature.  And such is the condition of Personal Power as well.

     Never believe that you are capable of doing anything without The Creator, Who Is Always Ever-present To You, and Who is always standing by you to give you counsel and consent.

     Don’t lie, or cheat, or steal, or kill anything, or do anything bad, and you will know the way.

     Never ask a woman her name, if you are a male, and if you are a female, never ask a man his name, or inquire if they are married or available.  For you will never find true love in that fashion of inquiry.  You will only prove yourself silly and make yourself weak in the nature of personal power. 

     Don’t cast “eyes” on the opposite sex, and especially for the males in sizing up the women in attraction for sexual pastime.  And especially for the males, don’t talk with another person’s spouse or relationship without their invited permission, as you will lose the grace and friendship of that person to jealousy for such uninvited involvement

     Become old gracefully.  Don’t try to be younger than your years permit in your garb or habits of style about the town.

     Always find someone who is more knowledgeable than you to explain things.

     Forget where you have been and what you have done, they are worthless to ruminate on and ultimately will bring you to a bad place in your head.  Worthless things are to be forgotten completely and rumination will be the death of you.

     Avoid strong alcohol drink, and don’t do drugs needlessly for sport.

     Walk carefully about The Earth and do not regard The Insects as your enemy, although you will have to kill a few and more than many of the biting ones before your time is at an end here.

     Be Mindful of The Life Beneath You as you walk and try not to step on any of the tiny creatures as you pass, although you may not be able to help it. 

     If you have to cross a certain way and there are too many ants, in example, to negotiate without treading on the ants who are in your path.  Don’t think about it as you walk, and pass on, and try to walk lightly and not to “scuff” your feet, as an ant may survive a light footfall, but a scuff might damage their tiny parts.  The Ants will respect you if you have no mind in innocence to their being trod upon in necessity to your pursuit of travel.

     Be careful when you walk in the woods not to break any of the limbs and tiny branches of the bushes and the trees and not to step needlessly on the vegetation of whatever variety of plants beneath your feet as you go.  All the vegetation values its parts and reflects to them in their way, as you value the external members of your own body, of your fingers and toes and your arms and legs.  In that way you will find peace there.

     Behave in all necessity with the animals you encounter, and don’t go startling them for sport.  Be respectful and you will always be welcome.  And be mindful of the killer animals, not to infuriate them, and nor to antagonize them into attack for your sport of killing them in a needless way.      

     Always respect The Inanimate, don’t throw things around and break the dishes or the glassware in your home, as these things regard themselves in a special place of sentiment to you.  And take care of all your personal possessions with that same care of regard, and extent that throughout your travels upon The Earth.  For in any disrespectful regard of The Inanimate, you will lose the happiness of your way upon The Earth. 

     Don’t be a bully to your fellow man, and you will see the end of your travails here by your destiny to be pure of heart in intent.

     Have an Impeccable Will about you, and in that you will be happy and satisfied with yourself and all you do.

     There is no end to the lessons to be set down here for contemplation.  But in the things as are set down, and in your abiding to of what has been discussed, you will be a healthy being and will join in on The Creator’s Eternal Path in good composure.  Trust that you are Entrusted To The Creator’s Care and To Always Respectfully Regard The Creator’s Mind As Your Own.    

Belief In God, is not the Right term to use for us here.  For WE possess the direct Knowledge of God.  We live with The Heavenly Father and HE lives with us.  We Know The Father.  And HIS thoughts are always with us as a part of our daily lives.  The Father is our Constant Companion and WE are HIS Companions, To Abide With In Faith, as HE Made US To Be, from the Power of HIS Lonely Mind in the Darkness, and HIS DREAM OF LIFE.  The Question of Who Made God, and the Nowhere HE Originates From, Remains a Mystery, even to HIM.  Let us thereof count our blessings and be thankful for the life we have to share with one another In True Faith.

Too many people mistakenly make the Human Sex Impulse into Mortal Sin and condemn themselves to Hell needlessly in alienation from The Father as hopeless sinners estranged from God.  The Rule here is, according to The Heavenly Father, "No Harm, No Foul." (There are Sins of a Sexual Nature to be declared of course, and obvious of what they are; but not for the normal course of human sexual desires and occurrences that is the compelling force that drives humanity and keeps it perpetuating itself relentlessly into the cycle of birth, suffering, and death as the Cycle of Life continues on eternally in the Father’s Design to endure the Boredom of Eternity.)

The Fall from Grace in the Garden of Eden in the Christian Era Tradition of Lore had to do with the Ingestion of Opium/Heroin, “The Forbidden Fruit,” and the only Fruit of the Tree of Life that God Forbade Mankind to Eat of “lest ye die,” and not for the normal course of Human Sexual Desires and Impulses of the Flesh which God hath made for the pleasure of mankind, IN HIS OWN IMAGE, to delight in and has Judged Himself, “To Be Good.” Judge that way for yourself then and be at peace with yourself and with The Father. God's unending love has declared itself.

“All Things” is a crucial chapter in the transcending work, “The Orders Of The Day.”
This book will take you to another level of consciousness and state of mind. 

“Great Spirit”  www.lulu.com/shop/gary-koniz/great-spirit/ebook/product-21243291.html 
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