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CommUNITY ★★★★★ Workshop Information


Florida ★★★★★ Candidates

1.    Workshop title:

Five Steps to being a Camelot ★★★★★ CommUNITY

2.    Description:

The workshop will introduce and explain the Camelot ★★★★★ LIST of past, present and future projects, plans, programs that would contribute to increasing a CommUNITY’s quality-of-life and standard-of-living.

Attendees are given the list of projects and asked to evaluate them and add those projects they have completed not on the list and new ones they plan to accomplish in the future.

3.    Extended Description

Attendees will learn how the five star CommUNITY programs works for their community and those nearby. Each attendee will help develop the program by expanding the Camelot ★★★★★ LIST.

They will be asked to share their community’s VMG’s vision mission goals.  The program is free open format self-initiated, self-directed. The key element is the list which they will be asked to evaluate and add to with programs they have completed that are not on the list and program they want to completed that are also not on the list.

It is our belief that once communities posts their five gold stars on their welcome signs, that other surrounding bordering communities will conduct 5 from the LIST and become a 5 STAR CommUNITY.  We call this social dynamic, the natural spreading of good ideas how communities can improve the “Wild Daffodils Effect”.

The governance of the Camelot Florida Five Star initiative, a pride-of-place-program - civic enhancement project is strictly and completely internal – i.e., an honor system and totally autonomous.

Only the community selects from the ★★★★★LIST we will provide at the workshop; a list of five star projects, and/or adds to the list, the projects they have or will complete…

          Only they set the suspense date and time-lines for completion…

 Only your Community determines the level and status of completion…

 Only your Community on-an-honor-system, when completed can add stars as each project is completed…

 Only your Community on-an-honor-system would include all the five stars on their "Welcome To ___________ " their Community signs, website, Facebook...…

The Camelot Florida Five Star CommUNITY initiative is self-initiated with total autonomy…

Future Success across the county is based solely on: 

" What is reasonable - what can we expect? "

…that communities will continue to complete projects on the list and/or add new ones to the County ★★★★★ LIST?

…that nearby or adjacent non-Five Star communities will on their own initiative become a Five Star CommUNITY?

…that in-time cross-tell will take place where one community learns from another how to complete a project…

…that a Community that has completed projects will add them to the LIST which continue to grow.

4.    Primary and Secondary Workshop Focus:

       Neighborhood Governance and Identity

       Crime Prevention and Safe Neighborhoods

5.    Our workshop session Format will be a moderated session, where we will help each table of attendees develop their list of new projects word the community checklist that a community adds to

Our Five ★★★★★ CommUNITY Workshops will last no longer than fifty (50) minutes with ten 10 minutes depending on the number of attendees for a discussion by members about those projects they intend to add to the list and accomplish when they return home.

FMI / Q&A  cell or text 813-784-4669

Thank you for your assistance with the Organization of Workshops in respect for the Camelot Florida; and more so importantly to the Noble Intentions Embodied here with the plan of fostering an Ethos in American Floridian Standard of ensuring Excellence in our Local Communities and throughout our State and Nation that way as a Matter of Pride.  It is about Our Country and the Love That We Feel For It, To Protect and Defend, and To Make It The Very Best That It Can Be.

Everyone needs to be taking up on their own initiative as a Voluntary Way Of Life to engage themselves in deliberate action with the Public Ideal of Civic Minded Intent and to the Spirit of Faith Based Enterprise in self-actualization to assist in furthering the exchange and adaptation of Good Ideas and Pride of Place that begins in our own Communities.  It is not about Politics.   It is about Involvement.

We need to look after our Country in the way that people feel about taking care of their own households to care about and to have pride in and so on reflecting outward that way of such an attitude of Civic Minded Regard to encompass their Cities and States and our entire Nation in a Spirit that moves and spreads out like seeds in the wind on its own gathering up Disciples and Devotees in the fervor of its passion for excellence as a "Field of Wild Daffodils Effect." … Our Holy Grail? … Simple … A government faith that cares about and that works for everyone ...
Neil Cosentino                                                     
USAF, Retired
Command Pilot
Camelot Florida, TBW.LLC
Project manager for Camelot Florida    



Fernandina Observer News

Fernandina Beach News Leader

Property Taxes and the Rollback Rate

For the past four years, real estate values have experienced a steady increase and we have seen an improvement in overall market conditions. As the economy improves, the inventory of existing homes for sale has been reduced and values have steadily increased. The increase in value does not necessarily translate to an increase in your property tax. The increase in taxes is a direct result of the decision of the taxing authority.

Property Taxes and the Rollback Rate

Press Release
A. Michael Hickox
Nassau County Property Appraiser
JUNE 24, 2016 11:00 a.m.

A. Michael Hickox Property Appraiser

For the past four years, real estate values have experienced a steady increase and we have seen an improvement in overall market conditions. As the economy improves, the inventory of existing homes for sale has been reduced and values have steadily increased. The increase in value does not necessarily translate to an increase in your property tax. The increase in taxes is a direct result of the decision of the taxing authority.

The market value of a property is determined by one of three approaches to value. The most common being the sales comparison approach. This approach compares a piece of property to other properties with similar characteristics that have been recently sold on the open market. Once we determine the value of a property based on current market conditions, we then apply any applicable caps and exemptions to determine the property’s taxable value.

It’s important to note that we do not determine the market value of a property. Previous sales determine the market value. We reflect what is happening in the real estate market only after it takes place.

There’s a common misconception that property values drive up ad-valorem taxation. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as both items, while similar in nature, have a very different meaning.

The Property Appraiser’s Office certifies the preliminary tax roll every year to each taxing authority. It is the taxing authorities (i.e. County, School Board, City, Water Management, etc.) who levy their millage (tax-rate) based on their financial needs. Using the scenario that property values increase, the taxing authority has one of three options.

1. Maintain the same tax-rate as the prior year and bring in additional revenue.

2. Increase the tax-rate and bring in more revenue.

3. Opt to use the Rollback rate and maintain the same revenue as the prior year.

The Rollback rate calls for a change, typically a decrease, in the tax rate to fund
the same level of service as the prior year’s budget. This in fact prevents a tax
increase for property owners, even though your property’s taxable value may have
increased. Taxing Authorities, like the County, are calculating rates based on
aggregate changes in taxable value. The change to the taxable value of an individual
property could be different for each owner.

Always remember – it’s the Property Appraiser’s job to appraise your property to a fair market value each year. If you feel your property is not assessed correctly, call us, we are more than happy to discuss it with you. However, if you feel your taxes are too high, call your Commissioners. I’m certain they will be happy to discuss their tax rate with you.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Property Appraiser. It truly is an honor and

The Florida Times Union

Curry says he doesn't favor using proposed half-cent sales tax as a source for borrowing

By David Bauerlein Fri, Jun 24, 2016 @ 10:04 am | updated Fri, Jun 24, 2016 @ 10:03 pm

           Mayor Lenny Curry presented a rough outline for his             proposal to pay down the city of Jacksonville's police and pension liability to the city        council finance committee Jan. 4, 2016 in the Jacksonville City Hall building.

Mayor Lenny Curry is telling voters that he doesn’t favor borrowing against the revenue from a proposed half-cent sales tax as a way to alleviate pressure on the city budget.

The half-cent sales tax to help pay down the city’s massive pension debt would start after 2030 when the existing half-cent sales tax for the Better Jacksonville Plan expires.

If voters approve the sales tax on Aug. 30, one option would be for Jacksonville to borrow money to help pay the city’s annual pension costs and then repay that debt when the pension sales tax begins.

Curry said at a Thursday night town hall meeting he is “not inclined” to use that option, though he didn’t categorically rule it out.

“I am here to tell you tonight that I am not inclined to borrow,” Curry told a standing-room-only crowd at the Southeast branch library. “Now, I will not take a tool out of my toolbox. Politicians often make these pledges they can’t meet. I think it would be irresponsible to pull a tool out of the toolbox, but I’ll stand here before you tonight and tell you I am not inclined to borrow against this revenue.”

Even without borrowing, Curry said, an actuarial report set for release next week will show the city can reduce its annual pension contribution costs by $40 million by spreading the paydown of its pension debt over a longer period of time. He said that will help offset the increasing pension payments the city faces in the years ahead.

“There will be budget relief,” he said.


The half-cent sales tax would help the city pay down its massive $2.85 billion pension debt for its three pension plans: police and firefighter, general employees and corrections officers.

Curry has said the cost of paying down that debt is “eating alive” the city’s budget, making it impossible to keep up with basic needs such as public safety and infrastructure. This year’s cost is $260 million and it will rise to $280 million next year. JEA, the city-owned utility, pays a portion of the tab for its employees.

Curry routinely compares Jacksonville to Detroit, which declared municipal bankruptcy, by saying Jacksonville’s budget constraints are putting it on the same road as the Motor City. But in previous speeches about the half-cent sales tax, Curry had not spelled out how the city would gain any financial benefits before the levy begins.

At the town hall hosted Thursday by City Councilman Danny Becton, Curry said that budget relief in the coming years is not the primary reason for the tax.

“What I’m suggesting to you is if we got zero budget relief from this solution, which isn’t the case, but if we got zero, I would still pursue this because it’s my responsibility [and] it’s incumbent on me to stop this financial crisis and not leave it to the next generation,” he said.


The release of the actuarial report by Milliman, a firm that has worked with the city for several years, will go a long way toward quantifying the scale of the financial challenge. The report will project the future cost of annual pension contributions if the city sticks to its current funding schedule and show how many years it would take the city to fully fund the pension plans’ obligations for pension benefits.

The report also will show the level of annual contributions that would be needed if the city opted to spread the pension paydown over a longer period. Instead of a 24-year paydown, the city would do so over 30 years, Curry said.

Extending the payment period would be akin to refinancing a home mortgage over a longer period. It can reduce the annual payments, but in the long run, the total cost is higher.

The pension tax would continue to 2060 or whenever the pension plans are fully funded, whichever comes first.

If voters approve on Aug. 30, the next step would be for the city to enter collective bargaining with unions about closing the existing pension plans to new hires. The negotiations would potentially create new retirement plans for those new hires. The talks also would involve boosting the paycheck contributions that all employees make toward their pensions, going to a 10 percent rate from the current 8 percent.

Curry has not said what kind of replacement retirement plans he would seek. But he said a “reform-oriented” approach to talks is essential to a comprehensive solution, and “collective bargaining is going to be tough.”

“I’m not going to look at this and say, ‘Oh gosh, we now have a source of revenue, let’s just get in and out of collective bargaining,’” he said. “I won’t do that. The heads of the unions know I won’t do that.”

David Bauerlein: (904) 359-4581

The Florida Retirement System Pension Plan

The Florida Retirement System was created December 1, 1970, with consolidation of the Teachers’ Retirement System, the State and County Officers and Employees’ Retirement System, and the Highway Patrol Pension Fund. In 1972, the Judicial Retirement System was consolidated with the Florida Retirement System.  In 2007, the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Supplemental Retirement Program was consolidated under the Regular Class of the
Florida Retirement System as a closed group. The system was created to provide a program offering retirement, disability, and survivor benefits for participating public employees. Social Security coverage is also required for all members.  In the Pension Plan, your vested benefit will be paid to your beneficiary or in accordance with Florida Law if you die prior to retiring.

The FRS Pension Plan is a defined benefit plan, in which you are promised a benefit at retirement if you meet certain criteria. The amount of your future benefit is determined by a formula, based on your earnings, length of service, and membership class, and may be adjusted by a cost-of-living increase each July (adjustment only applicable for FRS service earned prior to July 1, 2011). If you are initially enrolled in the Pension Plan on or after July 1, 2011 you will not have a cost-of-living increase after retirement. Your benefit is pre-funded by contributions paid by your employer. The Florida Retirement System must ensure that sufficient funds are available when your benefits are due and bears the market risk and investment decisions.


Unfunded Police/Fire Pension Fund Plan Resolution

Circuit Mediator US Court
Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida

                                                                                                      Case No.





It remains to consider responsibly the cases in which a Contract with a Municipality is said to be void, and those in which it is said to be voidable. A Contract having been made, can be rescinded by one side or the other, and treated as if it had never been “if” the ground of failure is commonly said to be mistake, misrepresentation, or fraud; for what that the current Unfunded Police/Fire Pension Fund Plan has been called into question; on the grounds cited being:

When a contract is said to be voidable, it is assumed that a contract has been made, but that it is subject to being unmade at the election of one or more of the party’s to it. This must be because of the breach of some condition attached to its existence either expressly or by implication to be necessary to the existence of a contract.


The true ground of what is the absence of one or more of the primary elements that bind a legitimate Contract Together; which having been shown, or are seen at once to be contrary to the nature of the Contract being declared Void in the best interest of all parties; those parties being:

·        The Police and Fire Fighting Personnel and their Representatives.

·        The City of Jacksonville Florida needing to survive the budget constraints; presently being unduly incurred and bankrupting to the City into its future by the PFPF.

·        The Public involved with The City of Jacksonville, Florida being taxed inordinately who have the responsibility to fund the budget of Jacksonville Florida and are being hurt.

·        And the Business Economy of the overall area that is being affected detrimentally by the loss of revenue incurred by this Plan, and affecting other people’s jobs and livelihoods.

That being stated who of these parties look at the nature of the Police Fire Pension Fund contract, and the great importance of it, to be voided, and for the objectives with which the contract was entered into without the true expressed knowledge and consent of all parties to be affected by it.

We therefore hold that it was contracted in condition of an Ethics Violation of The Pubic Trust that this PFPF was entered into by an unhealthy agreement and that the present Unfunded Police/Fire Pension Fund Contract is prejudicial to the status of the Public Well-Being in Interest; and that the contract is in Restraint of Trade; thereby Declaring It Void.


City Ethics Model Code §106, does provide for automatic avoidance of a contract or other transaction resulting from an ethics violation (a violation based on a finding by the local ethics commission). But it does allow the local legislative body to ratify the contract or business transaction, effectively waiving the avoidance, as long as it is done in public and with notice. Here is the language:

Any contract, agreement, permit, or other transaction entered into by or with the city which results in or from a violation of any provision of sections 100 or 101 of this code is void, without further action taken, unless ratified by the city's legislative body in an open session held after applicable public notice. Such ratification does not affect the imposition of any penalties pursuant to this code or any other provision of law.

Full Text of Model Ethics Code
Saturday, November 25th, 2006

·  Part A: Ethics Provisions

·  100. General Conflicts of Interest Provisions.

1. Conflict of Interest.
2. Legislators Employed by City
3. Withdrawal from Participation
4. Gifts
5. Representation
6. Appearances
7. Confidential Information
8. Political Solicitation
9. Patronage
10. Post-Employment
11. Misuse of City Property and Reimbursements
12. Nepotism
13. Transactions with Subordinates
14. Fees and Honorariums
15. Endorsements
16. Consultants
17. Complicity with or Knowledge of Others' Violations
18. Falsely Impugning Reputation
19. Meeting Attendance
20. Honesty in Applications for Positions
101. Transactional Disclosure
101. Transactional Disclosure.

1. Whenever an official or employee* has reason to believe that he or she should withdraw from participation under §100.3 of this code, he or she must:

immediately refrain from participating further in the matter, formally or informally;

promptly inform the appropriate individual or body, pursuant to subsection 3 below, that he or she has a conflict, and the nature of the conflict; and

promptly file with the ethics commission [or city clerk, if there is no commission] a signed statement disclosing the reasons for withdrawal or, if a member of a board or commission, state this information on the public record of that board or commission.

Comment: In subsection 1(c) and in 104(2) there are references to placing information on the public record. This appears to assume that municipal meetings have a published transcript or, at least, a recording, video or aural, that is available to the public. But especially in smaller cities and towns, and in less important meetings, this is not the case. How have cities dealt with this problem of not having a public record to place disclosures on? Is it required that minutes include all disclosures?

2. Whenever someone suggests or requests (privately or publicly) that an official or employee* withdraw from participation under §100.3 of this code, and he or she chooses not to do so, he or she must promptly file with the ethics commission [or city clerk, if there is no commission] a signed statement disclosing the reasons for refusing to withdraw or, if a member of a board or commission and if the suggestion was made publicly at a meeting of that board of commission, state this information upon the public record of that board or commission.

Comment: See the comment to 100(3) for more information.

3. An official or employee* is required to inform the appropriate individual or body pursuant to subsection 1b, as follows:

If a member of a board, commission, committee, or authority, inform the chair or the entire body at a public or executive session (if at an executive session, the disclosure should also be made after going back into regular session); if the chair, inform the secretary;

If not on such a body and appointed by the city manager/director of administration/mayor, inform the city manager/director of administration/mayor;

If an employee of the Board of Education, inform the Superintendent of Schools;

If the Superintendent of Schools, inform the chair of the Board of Education;

If an elected official, inform the mayor;

If a consultant,* inform the chair or head of the board, department, or agency that hired the consultant.

4. An official or employee* with an interest in a contract must disclose this interest prior to the first of any of the following events of which the official has knowledge:

The preparation of the contract specifications.

The solicitation of the contract.

The bidding of a contract.

The negotiation of a contract.

The approval of the contract.

5. An official or employee* need not make a disclosure pursuant to this section if he or she, with respect to the same matter, has already made such a disclosure.

Comment: Transactional disclosure provides specific disclosure when a conflict arises, that is, when an official or employee's personal relationship or interest actually creates a conflict with the public interest. It is at this point that it is most important that the official or employee seriously consider the effects of this conflict on his or her actions or judgment, as well as the effects on how his or her involvement would appear to the public if it knew about the conflict.

Subsection 3: These specific guidelines to informing of conflicts should be adapted to each city's particular form and structure.

In Connecticut the issue arose of voiding a planning and zoning commission's approval of a permit because one of the commission members had a conflict of interest. Connecticut law automatically invalidates the commission action, without any individual or body having to act. But this is unusual. In fact, most jurisdictions do not expressly provide for the avoidance of permits, contracts, or other transactions.

It is too bad that most jurisdictions do not expressly make avoidance available as a penalty, because avoidance is the best way to ensure that those doing business with local governments have an interest in protecting the public from officials' conflicting interests.

No one can better police government ethics than those who have a lot to lose from others' unethical conduct. If those doing business have nothing to lose, there is no incentive to police or even cooperate with the government with respect to conflicts of interest.

Here are some ways in which ethics laws do expressly include avoidance as a penalty. Some, like Connecticut, make certain transactions automatically void when certain ethics violations occur.

Houston's charter (Art. VII, § 4), for example, automatically voids any contract where a council member had a conflict of interest.

New York State's General Municipal Law Article 18 §804 is similar to Connecticut's law but, like Houston, limits its applicability to contracts:  "Any contract willfully entered into by or with a municipality in which there is an interest prohibited by this article shall be null, void and wholly unenforceable."

Carla Miller - Network Fellow, 2013-15,
Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics,
Harvard; President, City Ethics.
Email Carla at:

WHEREFORE the Plaintiffs in this matter move this Honorable Court to enter an order of final Summary Judgment in their favor and grant such other and further relief as may be reasonable and just under the circumstances in the manner of:

1. The immediate total transformation and changeover of the present Police Fire Pension Fund to The Florida Retirement System Pension Plan (the Retirement Contract for; Teachers, Civil Service Workers, Corrections Officers, Highway Patrol, and other groups,) subsequently to enroll those involved of the Police/Fire Service Personnel still on Active Duty (to occur by the end of Summer 2016).

2.  This remedy measure is to be used To Void the untenable accrual of Unfunded Pension Fund Obligations by the City of Jacksonville under the former contract that are to be met now by a Pro-Rated System of making up for those non-funded years by matching City Funds for those years corresponding to the contribution amounts to be deducted from the payrolls of the new participants in the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan; to be totaled “and augmented” by agreed upon amounts paid to their 401K Plans by the City Taxpayers to the Retirement of these Police/Fire Personnel; that otherwise would not be provided for by the changeover.

3.  It is further requested in fairness to the City that an immediate 10% Reduction in Police/Fire Wages and all Retiree Retirement Benefits being paid out to the Unfunded PFPF is necessary to relieve the City of Jacksonville and its Taxpayers out of its impending bankruptcy of its PFPF Tax Burden in Fiscal Consideration.

4.  This sustainable modified Police/Fire Pension Plan Contract is understood to be the Ethical Responsibility of the Police/Fire Pension Fund to redeem in good faith.

                                                                                               Mayor Lenny B. Curry
                                                                                               Office of The Mayor
                                                                                               117 W Duval Street
                                                                                               Jacksonville, Florida

Drafted for the Mayor and Submitted by Gary L. Koniz Candidate For Congress 4th CD FL 2016


Gulliford, William
Tue 6/28/2016 10:12 AMGary Koniz (

The Florida Retirement System does not accept plans that are not fully funded.  #2 is still subject to current agreements and changes are subject to collective bargaining. Not quite as easy as you make it; I sure wish it was. I have been wrestling with it for five years and we have just “chipped away” at the problem in small chunks. Funding the unfunded portion is still the gorilla in the room.

Bill Gulliford

Phone: (904) 630-1397
Assistant: Carol Harper
COJ Common Council 13th District

Dear Councilman Gulliford
13th District COJ Common Council:

Thank you so much for writing me about this important concern to us all of the Unfunded PFPF.

There is a lot of clouded confusion as what exactly is going on with the Unfunded PFPF Plan if I could interview with you for just a bit more information as to the thinking that is occurring.

Our reasoning was for all Police/Fire Personnel presently involved with the Unfunded Pension Fund Plan to immediately switch over to The Florida Retirement System, instead of waiting for everyone to complete the cycle of their employment to move off the Unfunded Plan. The Funded Florida Retirement Pension Plan is now set (according to our understanding) to involve only the “new hires” while waiting out the 30 years’ time for everyone else already hired to be completely free of the Unfunded Plan.  That is quite deal to be able to retire with 70% of one’s most recent income for life, and with 2/3 of that going to the surviving spouses for the rest of their lives.

To what that can be said about, that we would all like to make more money and have a better retirement provided for, but at what cost in suffering to the City and no resolvable end in sight?

The key in the understanding of the Ethics Involved in calling for the Voidance of the existing Unfunded Pension Plan Contract has to do with an obvious “Mistake” (one of the key grounds for voidance) having been made by the City (and without a vote in referendum by the Citizen Body,) in embarking on the disastrous Unfunded Plan without forethought to its consequences.

This idea here being in good faith Collective Bargaining is to get everyone immediately paying into Social Security and Investing Contributions into their own payroll deducted 401K Plan Savings, to be augmented by the City; and thus Freeing-Up enormous amounts of Tax Revenue for use in other vital and needed areas of the City Budget concerns.  Retiring Police/Fire Personnel already well into the Unfunded Arrangement would be paid a lump sum DROP Payment (Deferred Retirement Option Plan) Pro Rated to their highest years of 401K Plan.

It is not worth bankrupting the city over.  And on that note, we are also going to require a “Voluntary” 10% Reduction in Police/Fire Wages and Unfunded Benefits having to be paid under the Existing Contract to off-set the Unfunded Debacle being Voided on Ethical Grounds.

Our First Responders are certainly entitled to our care and support, but fair is fair in such matter.
______________________________________________________________________________; Rebecca Sharp (

Dear State Attorney Angel Corey:

Would you please intercede for the behalf of the bankrupt City and suffering Taxpaying Public in the resolution of the Untenable Unfunded Police/Fire Pension Fund Plan needing a firm strong and impartial hand to set right in keeping to our strategy as discussed? Thank you so much.


Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Candidate for
U.S. House of Representatives, 4th CD, FL
“United Labor Unifying The Nation Providing Jobs
And A Fair Cost Of Living Wage For The People
(904) 730-2055 Office

Coalition To Reduce Spending

From:  Gary Koniz (
Sent:  Thu 1/14/2016 11:42 AM
To:  Rebekah Johansen (;
Subject: Taking On The National Debt

RE:  Coalition to Reduce Spending

Let us realistically concede what we have to accomplish here with each passing day and firmly resolve "To Fix" our United States Economy at this moment in time in its critical, as life-sustaining and government sustaining, necessity; and as we have the power in resources to do so.

Let us therefore not see ourselves to continue on to throw empty political concept rhetoric around like pledging to "Reduce Spending" without first realizing what this means and what it entails and to critically analyze what we must do to achieve our ends of a Balanced Budget. 

Does anyone your way have an actual analysis breakdown of the entire Federal Government's Budget available to look at; not in the terms of a percentage pie graph, but for the actual itemized expenditures that we as a Nation are spending our money on in the here and now of the present context?  Let us start there to critically "go over the actual budget" together and to see what resolution we can come up with "independent of our legislators" as a Shadow Government.

However, and without going into the specifics, regardless of how critically we may revise such an accounting of our government's budget, that I can't stress to you strongly enough to state: that the needs of our government and our population far outweigh the constrictions on our Nation's budgetary necessity, in that our government at any given time needs more money to meet its budgetary necessities than it is capable of taking in through established taxation in modern times, and stemming from the past that way, that has created our 17,000,000,000,000 National Debt.

In that regard; we have To Be Able to Issue Emergency Currency Generation Directly from the Federal Treasury to resolve this terminal dilemma; termed "Fiat Issue Full Faith Certificate" to be issued "On Demand" as needed to meet the critical needs of our Government in crises of fiscal failure and not to continue as we have been to inanely borrow from Financial Institutions and Foreign Governments at excessively high rates of interest to accomplish the same ends.

Fiat Issue, (and not to be called "Printed Money" in a pejorative way as a scare tactic,) that is based on the Full Faith of the Entire U.S. Government and its Holdings of State in Backing, is a viable supplement to Taxation Shortfall in the year to year that can very easy be "Re-Absorbed" back into the mainstream economy to create stability without deflating the value of the dollar.

Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Candidate for
U.S. House of Representatives, 4th CD, FL
“United Labor Unifying The Nation Providing Jobs
And A Fair Cost Of Living Wage For The People"

Eradicating Narcotics Trafficking



I was just thinking of The Angel of Death myself at the same time as you were last night; of the quote from The Bhagavad Gita; about Arjuna and Sri Krishna on the Battlefield; (with Arjuna being the Same Self of Everyman who is Sri Krishna's Charioteer, the in-dwelling soul of the Creator Brahman “Atman” directing him, (as named Yahweh in our Western Tradition,) on 13 November 3143 BCE at the beginning of the Kurukshetra War, the Great War in Northern India over Opium/Heroin. "I cannot continue," Arjuna, protested at the sight of the battle to come, "those are my Kinsman and Countrymen that we are to do battle with." To what Sri Krisha replied, taking on the fearsome multi-armed countenance of Lord Shiva to persuade Arjuna to do his duty; "Now I have become death, the destroyer of Worlds." That the Lord Jesus Echoed three thousand years later; " recorded by the Apostle Matthew in 10:34-37: The Sword of the Gospel – 34 "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 "For I came to SET A MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, AND A DAUGHTER AGAINST HER MOTHER, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AGAINST HER MOTHER-IN-LAW. 36 "A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household." 37 “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." 38 "Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me." 39 "Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it." Strive On! We Can Try! We Need To and We Must Do Battle with the Great Enemy of Mankind, the Opium/Heroin, the scourge of the Earth we are to War With in our Time.

Gary L. Koniz 
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Candidate for
U.S. House of Representatives, 4th CD, FL
“United Labor Unifying The Nation Providing Jobs

And A Fair Cost Of Living Wage For The People"
(904) 730-2055 Office



WJAX-TV Action News


Subject: RE: Returning voice mail-message to WTEV-CBS and WAWS-FOX TV
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 18:24:05 +0000

Hi Gary,

Just wanted to give you a quick update.  We have requested a couple dates/times from our production team for a consult on the commercial(s) for you.  Unfortunately they are running a little behind due to the exciting changes we have been undertaking the last few days.  You may have noticed, we have changed logos, call letters and added some incredible new talented anchors to our team.  So our production guys have been fully engrossed in all of that but we are starting to get our heads back above water.  They will be sending me those times shortly and we will be right back in touch with that info. but wanted to give you a quick update.

Thank you again for your interest in WTEV, now WJAX-CBS and WAWS-now WFOX-FOX Television.

Attached is a little snippet from our news release in case you’d like the read.



More exciting changes for CBS47-FOX30 Action News in Jacksonville!

Jim Zerwekh, vice president and general manager of Cox Media Group (CMG) Jacksonville TV, announced today that on September 7, 2014 CBS47 and FOX30 will be changing call letters. WTEV will be changing to WJAX-TV and WAWS will become WFOX-TV.

Changing CBS47’s call letters to WJAX better identifies the strengths and ties of CBS47 to the Jacksonville market. WJAX-TV is the home of America’s number one TV network, the TV home of the Jacksonville Jaguars all season long and of course, Action News JAX. Making the change to WFOX better aligns FOX30 with the FOX TV network. FOX30 has historically and continues to be one of the top 10 performing FOX TV affiliates in the country.

New station logos will accompany the call letter changes. The new look begins on air this Sunday September 7th to coincide with the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL season opener which will be broadcast live on WJAX CBS47 at 1pm EST.

Peggy Mihaly
COX Media Group
WJAX-CBS Television / WFOX-FOX Television / EFOX-MyTVJax-MyNetwork Television
904.996.0490 / Fax 904.642.7382  
11700 Central Parkway Unit 2, Jacksonville, FL 32224


Subject: FW: Returning voice mail-message to WTEV-CBS and WAWS-FOX TV
Date:  Sun, 14 Sep 2014 10:49:24 -0400
Subject: RE: Returning voice mail-message to WTEV-CBS and WAWS-FOX TV

Dear Peggy:

     I appreciate your thoughtful enthusiasm regarding my signing on to do some campaign advertising with you, Peggy, and I appreciate all of your helpful efforts to date; but unfortunately, what you describe as, "and added some incredible new talented anchors to our team," has upset the balance of my relationship with you, (and that is say with WTEV, now WJAX-TV Action News.)  Things have changed.
     We liked and enjoyed the way things were, with the old familiar people who comprised the previous News Team, and are very upset that you have no sense of loyalty to your beloved and well thought of by us, (by my wife and I, and by everyone,) News Team, who have worked so hard and faithfully for you over the years for as long as we can remember; who were like family to us.  
      We don't like the new "anchors," who seem too haughty and overbearingly smug in the wake of such sad days ahead for the old staff who were fired so callously, so that these "new people" could take over their jobs.  Who were respectfully; Mark Spain, Paige Kelton, Lynnsey Gardner, Mike Barz, and Tera Barz; and together with your weatherman Mike Buresh, (who remains on looking quite awkward trying hard to fit in cheerfully with the new "talent," and along with Derrick Odom your traffic reporter, and Dan Hicken and Stuart Webber your sports reporters; and all regarded as family also,) that for us is a misery to watch to have to empathize with.  
     And, quite frankly, it should be registered to Action News General Manager Jim Zerwekh, that we are not watching your news broadcast anymore for that reason.   
     It used to be a nice family dinner hour for us with your charismatic news team who we eagerly looked forward to seeing each night, and who we got to know personally over the years through their intimate chats with one another, and who we "loved personally," (individually, and as an ensemble cast, as a news team,) and who we loved to watch and relate to, from six to six thirty and then on to seven p.m. with Scott Pelley and the CBS Evening News.  
     These are emotions going on that run high here which you just can't switch around to feel for new people over, like switching the decor around in a room.  It just doesn't work out in a gut feeling of it to find someone else sitting there.  
     So, we are saying goodbye to you for that and for the other reason that I would have brought up to you anyway.  
     That we don't like your negative Gubernatorial advertising either, with your PAC (Political Action Committee Attack Ads) running nightly condemning Rick Scott and Charlie Christ both at the same time alike as buffoonish scoundrels; and to shame on your station for allowing itself on the part of your management to be used in such a tripe manner as to make a public disgrace and mockery out of well-respected persons, (and who, as responsible leadership to us, should be honored, and who should, as a public policy, be well respected,) that is an insult to your viewership and that doesn't sit well with us for the caliber of character that you profess to represent with your negative advertising content as a public broadcast news station; which in the terms of the numbers of people who are presently offended and turned-off by the present state of ill-affairs going on in that, and in the other regard of your callously fired and replaced staff in disloyalty to them, that I don't feel it would benefit me any to "make an advertising appearance" on your news broadcast at this time.  Sadly to say.
     Mistakes need to be admitted and acknowledged when they are made.  
     The "old staff" who were always doing a suburb and outstanding job in their previous positions with now WJAX-CBS-TV "need to be returned to us;" and the current anchor additions, John Bachman and Tenikka Hughes, eager and outstanding as they are and may yet become in developing rapport and relationship to us, need to realize what the issue is here, (that they are replacing "hometown news casting figures" of endeared and longstanding renown and deeply rooted as familiar family in the Jacksonville Community, who were a nightly comfort to us in a troubled world, and who will always be well thought of in stature of their magnitude of greatness to their loyal following,) and graciously ask to be reassigned, in house, to other positions for the time being, regarding their contracts.
     And I do wholeheartedly here apologize to you for hijacking your sensitive email to me in heart to express my public outrage of indignation over the issues of your insensitive Station Staff Firings, and for the other matter of your Public Broadcast Ridicule in Negative Sponsored Campaign Ads, of our Respected Elected, or potentially to be elected, Officials; who are Responsible and Trusted Leaders over us in charge of our most sacred and serious Public Affairs of State and in such context to be honored.  Please forgive me.  
     I needed to command the moment as it fell to me to publicly point out that there are Un-American Forces at work here against us, and who must be challenged in their Undermine of our cherished American Values as a Good Faith Christian Culture; of God, Country, and Family; whether for personal motive of callous insensitivity that it is being done, (for greed and profit, and/or, for other personal motives of domination over others,) or otherwise premeditated in subversive design to us of a larger and more sinister implication with these sustained and symptomatic undermining attempts to "Breakup Our Society" to make us Less Cohesive as an American People and Vulnerable as a Sovereign Nation by causing us To Lose Faith with our Traditional Way of Life, and In Each Other, Socially, Economically, and Politically in our Trusted Elected Leaders to do the right thing.
     And that is where it stands To Be Redeemed.  I do wish you all the best.

Most Sincerely
Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014
"United Labor Unifying The Nation"
(904) 730-2055 – Office

County Pension Issues & Deficits Briefing"

From:     Gary Koniz (
Sent:    Wed 7/16/14 4:27 PM
To:    Ben Warner (
Cc:    Carol Boone (; (
Bcc: (; Alec and Deborah Pueschel (; (; Anna Cadogan (; Becky Moeller (; Beth Fleet (; Bill Cotterell (; Billee Bussard (; Bishop Felipe J. Estevez (; Bob Woodward (; Bobbie Nord (; Brian McGrory (; Bridget Leininger (; Bruce Dold (; Carole Fader (; Charles McBurney (; Chicago Tribune (; Christine Chinlund (; Cindy Holifield (; Clay Yarborough (; Dana McClintock (; Danielle Kurtzleben (; Dave Royse (; Father Timothy Cusick (; Gail Carpenter (; Gerould W. Kern (; Glenn Beck (; Gunnar Paulson (; Helen Parker (; Howard Goldberg (; Isaiah Rumlin (; (; Jane Kogan (; Jason Brodeur (; Jay Paul Thibault (; Jennifer Waugh (; Jim Dao (; Joe Gerrity (; John Crescimbeni (; John Gage (; Juan Maya (; Julie Kanner (; (; Ken Detzner (; Kevin Derby (; Kevin Lenihan (; (; (; Letters (; Lisa Brunson (; Lizette Alvarez (; Lori Boyer (; Louis Rose (; Matt Dixon (; Max Lederer, Jr. (; (; Mike Clark (; Mike Garber (; (; (; (; (; (; (; Nick Waller (; (; (; (; (; Pam Bondi (; Paul Flemming (; (; Paul Tash (; Ray Holt (; Rebecca Sharp (; Richard Clark (; Richard Trumka (; Richard Templin (; Rick Scott (; Rob Root (; Robert Black (; Russell Harper (; Sally Baptiste (; Scott Pelley (; Senator Bill Nelson (; (; Sergio Bustos (; Soledad O'Brien (

To:  Ms. Lisa Henning
Legislative Director
(850) 766-8808

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge
5530 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL  32207

July 21, 2014

Re: "Unfunded Duval County Pension Issues & Deficits Briefing"

Dear Ms. Henning:

     Thank you for extending me the invitation to schedule a Political Screening session with The Fraternal Order Of Police Union.   I will be giving you a call tomorrow to see what compatible hours there are available for the 22nd.  I have a Time Union Interview at 10:00 a.m. unit Noon and will be available to meet with you after that in the afternoon sometime hopefully not too late.

     In the meantime I would like to relate something with you of critical importance concerning our Police and Fire Unfunded Pension Arrangement that you might wish to involve yourself with.
Taxation, Revenue and Utilization of Expenditures
(TRUE) Commission Report 2014
    The public has been concerned that the City cannot afford the Police and Fire Pension Fund. The TRUE Commission has concluded that affordability is a valid concern. In May of this year, the Administration, the PFPF and the Police and Firefighters Union came to terms on changes to the pension plan that purportedly would have saved the City $1.1B over 30 years. It should be noted that the bulk of those saving would only have been realized in approximately 23 years from now. Until then, the City would still have to make payments each year ranging from $150 million to over $400 million by 2036 – if the actuaries are right. The problem with this current solution is that it leaves those already in the pension plan unaffected. By not addressing the current employees, the so-called option only addresses half the problem, leaving the next 23 years of escalating payments, unresolved.
     It seems that in the wealthy upper middle class Police and Fireman's Unions, (and the backbone of Florida's AFL-CIO along with the rest of the Upper Middle Class Government Unions that it classify themselves as its members,) you work for 20 years, make $55,000 a year at the end of this period, and retire on 60% of your gross annual income for life at a retirement age of 42.  
     While Walmart workers can't get any Cost-Of-Living help in solidarity support out of the AFL-CIO, (or from any of these high paid government workers unions preying on the city's destitute taxpayers to its financial ruin,) in assistance provided to them to rise above their minimum wage incomes in hardship, and who have to no benefits besides; no health care, no paid holidays, no vacation time, and no sick time, and no retirement; due to the forced imposition of the Part Time 29.5 work hours per week rule.  
     I say shame on these Socially Irresponsible Government Unions and all who side with them.  
     What we need to do is to drastically curtail and modify (to comparable Corporate Retirement payouts at age 65,) the taxpayer pension arrangement of the Police and Fire Unions and take a hard line at their overinflated levels of income as well at this time in the immediate sense of the City’s Budget Crisis in the saving sense, that are bankrupting The City of Jacksonville at this hour of need, and all of our major cities across the nation in the same way, in having to pay for while there are other Budgetary Necessities (and other people’s lives depending to their incomes,) being forced to be abandoned because of this over inflated Pension arrangement.  
     The Police and Fire and all Municipal/Government Workers Unions need to get their heads out of the clouds and back down to subsistence reality where everybody else being taxed to support them are being forced to live.  
     This is pure Special Interest Political Intrigue at its worst buying the paid-for local politicians who arranged this Pension Ponzy Scheme for the Police Fire Unions years ago back in the '90s to now be piling up with retirees and bankrupting us.   Who the City Legislators knew then, (back when the contract was drafted and introduced,) when they agreed to the "Contract" (now null and void as a sheer case of government fraud,) that the  "Taxpayers Golden Cash Cow" was going to run out eventually in unmitigated burden of impending collapse to be financially able to pay for, when the hundreds became the thousands upon thousands of these Government Workers beginning to pile up on, and live lavishly off of, the Overinflated Golden Retirement Package of $30,000 plus a year set up for them, that goes exponential in the year after year for decades and decades of it.  You can do the math.  And who are then free, at the age of 42, these “Retirees” on the PFPF after 20 years to take another Civil Service Position and collect double income and retirement benefits from the City, or else way to continue working up to their legitimate retirement age of 66, when they should each be retiring from their Police and Fire jobs at.
     A "Corporate Pension Retirement Fund Program" where the workers contribute their fair share of the invested capital to be matched by their Civil Service Contract and deposited into a Managed Trust “to be drawn upon at age 65,” after 40 years of service, and not after 20 years, as is currently the case, at age 42, would serve these Government Workers, (as it does for everyone else in society,) just fine as a model.      
     "On resolving" the issue of The Government Pension Cash Cow (now become untenable and growing each year that has cost $3,000,000,000 in Unfunded Pension Plan Liabilities for the Police Fireman’s Pension Fund in tax burden alone for the residents of the City of Jacksonville since 1997,) and being levied at the expense of all the hard working and underpaid taxpayers who have to support it, let us say that the problem being faced is that the Legislatures of the Municipal Governments affected by overzealous Police and Fire Unfunded Pension Funds, in suspect RICO Violation, (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act,) such as Sacramento, CA, and Detroit MI, as well as The City of Jacksonville, FL, and elsewhere need to change the Government Workers Pension Contracts (by declaring each of them to be null and void as a case of premeditated fraud on the grounds that “the projections” were not realistic and affordable to begin with.)       
     This way we can start over with a Funded Pension Plan for the City and with fair minded lowering of the current status of those already retired of reduced monthly payouts.) Otherwise changes in the City’s Contract Agreement with PFPF (Police Fire Pension Fund,) won't have any alleviating effect on current demands on Municipal Budget Expenditures for the next 23 years until the new crop of retires takes a new Contract into effect, and if the 20 Year Retirement Age is still going to be approved of as an option.  So that won't do us any good in the mathematical immediate common sense of fiscal relief for the crisis at hand unless it includes lowering the current monthly payouts to current retirees to the equivalent of realistic and affordable Funded Pension Fund levels.  
     The Police and Fire and Fire Unions and all Government Workers Unions have gotten out of hand with their overriding financial demands upon the public and have been charging us too much for their services needing to be voluntarily or otherwise by legislative decree, Cut Back, and that has been a big part of our Nation's Budgetary Problems on every level.
    Under any solution, the TRUE Commission emphasizes that all future payments have to be reasonable and practical as to the City’s capacity to make those payments. City Council, in 2013-14 budget cycle, restored many proposed cuts in spending and opted for a millage increase. The budget shortfall is directly, but not solely, related to pensions.

Read up on it in this in depth official report:

Contact: - (904) 683-3945 - for detail about the TRUE Commission (Taxation, Revenue & Utilization of Expenditures Commission) "Duval County Pension Issues & Deficits Briefing," this Thursday July 17 at 6:00 p.m. at the Salem Center, 7235 Bonneval Road, in Jacksonville, FL  (one block south of JTB off Philips Highway.)

CC:  Ben Warner
President & CEO
JCCI - Jacksonville Community Council Inc.

SEIU Pension Fund Plan

9480 Princeton Square Blvd. S., #815
Jacksonville, FL  32256
August 23, 2014

Michael Kaiser
Chief Pension Officer 1199SEIU
330 W 42nd Street
New York, NY  10036-6977

Dear Mr. Kaiser:

     Thank you for your time in interest to my matter here to discuss with you.  I am hoping that you would be able to provide us (the people of the city of Jacksonville, FL,) with the details of your SEIU Pension Plan in order so that we might be able to adopt it to our local dilemma of the current unaffordability of an Unfunded Police/Fire Pension Plan being faced by our taxpayers; (and i.e; the working poor and otherwise exploited masses, pensioners living on a fixed subsistence income, single mothers with children to raise and care for, the unemployed, and others of marginal finances to survive being here sacrificed to the Police/Fire Golden Cash Retirement Cow and in the dire meaning of the ethics involved of it having to be paid for.)    
     That, according to the Taxation, Revenue and Utilization of Expenditures (TRUE) Commission SPECIAL PFPF PENSION FUND REPORT dated October 2013 we are being stuck with an “untenable” Unfunded Police/Fire Pension System that we have to raise our city “sales tax” and sacrifice needed services to pay for, and that is increasing with each passing year.
     This sort of “Unfunded PFPP” has already “Bankrupt” several major cities across America and is obviously unrealistic and unaffordable, (however well deserved,) and in need of drastic immediate action to correct.  Errors do get made in the course of doing political business that need to be corrected with those already retired to adjust their retirement incomes to accordingly.
     The key here being the word “Unfunded” in which the employees Retirement Income is derived “directly” from the Taxpayers, and not from employee/employer contributions and earned investment income, of our city therefore of having to foot the bill for each retiree of the system after only twenty years of service, at age 42, at 40% of their annual income (median $55,000,) from the time of their separation of service for the rest of their lives; which is modern times with proper nutrition and modern medicine, and with people living longer in the actuaries, that could range up to 40 years or more of payout, and with a substantial number of Police Fire retirees piling up (at $30,000 a year-plus retirement incomes,) to defeat the resources of the city.
     What we are looking for is the actual wording of your SEIU Retirement Contract specifying: (1.) the percentage amount of the individual employee contribution, the amount of the employer (i.e. government/taxpayer,) contribution, (2.) how in general way that the retirement income is invested and what the investment return is, (3.) what the age limits are for vested interest, and (4.) at what age the retirement income is paid out with rates of expectation in dollar amounts.
     Thank you so much for your cooperation.  Here is the pdf link for the 2013 TRUE Report.

Most Sincerely,
Gary L. Koniz – Coordinator
Congressional Candidate 4th CD FL

The Environment

Subject: RE: City drinking water quality
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 05:45:46 -0400

Dear Grazyna:

Thank you for writing me.  Here is the communication I made between myself and Mr. Tierney for attention and concerted action on the issue of improving our city's water quality; and with addendum's of my plan of action to initiate on Pollution and the Environment, if elected,  

Subject: Citizen Complaint - 9/27/14
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 19:58:40 +0000

Hi Mr. Koniz,

The Duval County Department of Health forwarded your complaint regarding your water quality to us this morning and I wanted to help clarify a few things regarding your complaint.  Could you narrow down where you are experiencing the issues you described?  A specific address will help us better investigate your concerns.  You mentioned in your compliant that you are experiencing sulfur, sewer and smells “like a swimming pool”.  Are these being experienced all at once or individually?

If you would like to provide us with a phone number to reach you we would be happy to speak with you directly to better address your complaint.   

Thank you,

Environmental Specialist II
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Northeast District - Potable Water
904-256-1642 | Shane.Tierney@dep.state.fl.u
Dear Mr. Tierney:

     Thank you so much for your courtesy in reply to my complaint about the quality of our Jacksonville, FL drinking water; that as I stated, (and at least at our home here in the Baymeadows Road - I-95 area,) that often at times smells like Sulfur/Sewer Water, (and as I added,) "or otherwise;" that often at times smells like a "swimming pool" in being masked over with an overpowering smell, or odor, of chlorine.  
     I am hopeful that perhaps you might be able to shed some light on what the problem is going on here so that it can be corrected for the safety and well-being of the public.  
     We would appreciate an in-depth comprehensive analysis and report of situation (for publication,) about the process of supplying it to us, from the source of our drinking water's intake in relation to the sewage discharge, tidal flows, and regarding what processes of purifying that this drinking water is subjected to, (including the amounts chlorine used,) and as to who is accountable (in terms of the water's chemical analysis,) for its purity, before it is released to our tap water facets for consumption and use.
     Most importantly to ask; is the water at all times safe to drink?
     Our home phone number is (904) 730-2055.  Either my wife or I, depending on the time of day, will be available to take your call.
     I do respectfully appreciate your attention to us.  Thank you.
     The following is my stand on Environmental Pollution and how to accomplish our mutual goal of rectifying the condition in a meaning of mature concern for the Environment and our Public Safety in relation to it.

     The United States is to purpose in immediate and enduring character of permanency, The National Agency of The Federal Pollution Control and Monitor Authority, to be managed under the strict supervision and directives of The National Environmental Protection Agency.
     And of what Federal Agency that is to be funded in part or entirely as mandated for in absolute necessity by the monetary issuance of special prioritized Full Faith Certificate Fiat Monetary Generation.  That is to function of its use here to provide for critical pollution remedy and control monitoring regarding the health and safety of the population and the for the protection of the overall environment from irreversible damage in emergency contingency, as all special prioritized Full Faith Certificate to be rendered by Congress in legal tender is arranged to do.  
     Furthermore, the goals that This Nation faces in challenge to meet of Its daily necessities and emergency crisis situations in social obligations, lie far beyond and have a far great value than the source of the money, soundly reasoned, and the quibbling over money, needed to fund for The Critical Programs of State in benefit to The Earth, The Nation, and Its People, to be reckoned for.  Life and The Quality of All Life are the issues here.
a.    All nuclear hazard of a catastrophically destructive nature is to be permanently safeguarded within the jurisdiction of The United States and Its Territories abroad, and concerning to the rest of The Earth in U.S. Policy Influence in mandate to be so abolished forthwith also, with urgency to be accomplish in a sustained and unilateral disarmament, concerning all nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and which is to specify for any types of gas-chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction to exist as well which are such to be abolished.  And for which matters that The United States and all of Its Allies Abroad could ethically never make use of and ultimately who would never have the intention of ever using.
     To what reality concerning that the continuing on of such stockpiling of these bizarre weapons of total and irreconcilable mass destruction of The Earth, effecting in severest outcome of catastrophic detriment to the biosphere and to the destruction of The Earth’s Population in The Interests of Our Nation’s Defense, is pointless in an absurd way of concerned judgment to such matter, and is as such to be forthrightly and permanently discontinued.
     Furthermore, in banning the enduring hazard of nuclear radio-active material currently in use for nuclear power generation, and for medical radiation treatment, and concerning for any nuclear research being conducted with such material, it is so ordered as well at this time to be phased out and discontinued of its use as urgently required as is feasible.  And that all urgency of dire concern is to be conducted to the removal and safe disposal and containment of all contaminated radio-active waste material and to its permanent safe repository in an environmentally secure location into the future.
     Capital Grant Funding is as well to be made available with urgency for research and technology to sponsor in the development of alternate clean and efficient energy sources of solar, wind, and hydro power, and to development of clean energy synthetic fuels.
b. The Ecology of The United States and subsequently of The Earth is to be ensured absolute protection within the jurisdiction of The United States and Its Dominions of Territory and Influence.  Wildlife and Flora Species of Life are to be furnished Sanctuary Ideal in their natural settings of The Nation’s National, State Parks Lands, and Oceanic Preserves, and otherwise of lands held in private trust interest of an environmentally and ecologically sensitive nature that are to be established and preserved in safeguard of eminent domain status of soundly reasoned Ecological and Environmental Necessity In The National Interest as required.  
     And of what ideal is to be globally rendered of influence in such regard and respect for any endangered wildlife habitat and flora preservation necessary to the biosphere.  And in all regard that all manner in kind of endangered species of wildlife and flora life are to be secured from extinction and the biosphere of The Planet provided complete and enduring protection in absolute trust in ethical provision to the coexisting arrangement of suitable habitat and environment for all forms of life.
c.  There is no greater social contract to fulfill than to safeguard, in context of absolute security, for the life abounding of The Earth’s Biosphere and Its Habitation, as we as a society in ethical name have a responsibility for, and to ensure the health and well-being of the people and to the ultimate survival of all life in permanency for the long future ahead to come.  And which is beyond the concept of mere money to accomplish.

Most Sincerely
Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014
"United Labor Unifying The Nation Providing
Jobs And A Cost Of Living Wage For Everyone"
(904) 730-2055 – Office  


Subject: Complaint Response
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2014 15:35:09 +0000

Hi Mr. Koniz,

Thank you for your interest and I apologize for the delay on this response, we believe the attached information will address most of your concerns.

Please find the attached JEA Consumer Confidence Report for 2013. This is an EPA-mandated report that summarizes all the most recent sampling data for JEA Major Grid (which incorporates 29 different water plants around Jacksonville) for the last 3 years.  The first column of page 2 contains the highest values and range of values of samples taken for all required samples for Microbiological contaminants, Inorganics, Volatile Organic Compounds, Synthetic Organic Compounds, Secondary Standards, Disinfection Byproducts, Lead and Copper, and Radionuclides.

The most immediate concern to human health is microbiological contaminants. State rules require that a system the size of JEA Major Grid take 240 samples each month in the distribution system (sampling points around the city) as well as samples from all contributing wells (aka “Raw” samples).  The first row of the data table on page 2 summarizes these samples.  Systems are in compliance as long as no more than 5% of their samples test positive for total coliform.  Whenever a distribution sample comes back positive, follow-up samples are required at the original sampling point as well as upstream and downstream to confirm that this is not a persistent problem.  The positive sample is also tested for e. Coli to confirm that the total coliform positive is not harmful.  As you can see on the table, the JEA Major Grid is within the acceptable limit for positive bacteriological results.  No e. Coli positives were found in the distribution system in 2013.

With regards to your specific complaint regarding taste and odor, there is a certain amount of allowable odor in the groundwater.  All of JEA Major Grid’s water comes from the Floridan Aquifer.  JEA treats the water it extracts from the aquifer with aeration (a physical process to remove hydrogen sulfide) and chlorine, which also helps remove sulfides and disinfects the water.  Sulfides and other minerals (such as calcium and iron) occur naturally in the groundwater and are not considered detrimental to human health.  Unfortunately they do contribute to the physical characteristics of the water, like hardness and smell.  At the bottom of the Consumer Confidence Report table you can see the values for odor, sulfate and total dissolved solids. These values represent the highest values that were recorded from sampling at all 29 Major Grid water plants.  Based on your location, the plant responsible for delivering your water is the Brierwood Plant, which is currently in compliance for all monitoring and inspection criteria.

To address your concerns with possible sewer intrusion, we have certain “setback” requirements for drinking water wells before we permit them – for instance, a wastewater plant cannot be located within a certain distance of a drinking water well. If you’d like to explore further, here is a link to the SWAPP, or Source Water Assessment & Protection Program for the JEA Major Grid:  It is a program run by the state of Florida to ensure the health and well-being of public drinking water wells.  JEA runs about 99 wells in and around Jacksonville, and all potential contaminant sources are listed as low to moderate concern.  As mentioned before, we require that systems monitor their wells for bacteriological contamination monthly which alerts us to any problems with the groundwater.

With regards to your questions about chlorine, JEA has a continuous monitor for chlorine residual for all 29 of their water plants.  They use a SCADA system, which tracks a number of values in the water plants, including chlorine.  These can be remotely read from their location in Ridenour which is staffed 24/7.  Occasionally due to a pump malfunction there may be too much or too little chlorine entered into the system, but these are temporary episodes that are usually corrected quickly. Based on my inspections of the water plants, JEA generally keeps their chlorine levels between 1.6 and 1.9 mg/L. The DEP requires that all systems maintain at least a 0.2 mg/L in the distribution system.  The levels are generally kept higher than the 0.2 mg/L to compensate for the rate of chlorine evaporation out of the water due to the distance that the water often travels to reach customers.  

In response to your question regarding the safety of the drinking water, we ensure that all public water systems comply with the Florida Safe Drinking Water Act, which is often more strict in its regulation than what is required by the Federal government.  All violations, monitoring or otherwise, are recorded in our database and inspections are done of all community water systems to ensure the plant is built, operated, and monitored per Florida Administrative Code.  If at any time the water would be considered “unsafe”, a public notice would be delivered to all affected customers stating that and what is being done to fix the problem.  Our rules establish various scenarios that trigger a public notice to be delivered, such as a boil water notice following a line break.
Please visit our website for additional information:

Thank you very much for your inquiry.  If you have any further questions on the matter I’ll be happy to clarify.  If you would like an inspector to confirm that your home is receiving a chlorine residual in accordance with state regulation we would be happy to accommodate you as well.


Environmental Specialist II
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Northeast District - Potable Water
904-256-1642 |

Public Health Information

A Pathogen is anything that can produce disease.  Typically the term is used to mean an infectious agent (colloquially known as a germ) — a microorganism.  Diseases caused by organisms in humans are known as pathogenic diseases. Some of the diseases that are caused by viral pathogens include smallpox, influenza, mumps, measles, chickenpox, ebola and rubella.
Public water systems are required to deliver safe and reliable drinking water to their customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the water supply becomes contaminated, consumers can become seriously ill. Fortunately, public water systems take many steps to ensure that the public has safe, reliable drinking water. One of the most important steps is to regularly test the water for coliform bacteria.

Coliform bacteria are organisms that are present in the environment and in the feces of all warm-blooded animals and humans. Coliform bacteria will not likely cause illness. However, their presence in drinking water indicates that disease-causing organisms (pathogens) could be in the water system. Most pathogens that can contaminate water supplies come from the feces of humans or animals. Testing drinking water for all possible pathogens is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to test for coliform bacteria. If coliform bacteria are found in a water sample, water system operators work to find the source of contamination and restore safe drinking water. There are three different groups of coliform bacteria; each has a different level of risk.

Total coliform, fecal coliform, and E. coli are all indicators of drinking water quality. The total coliform group is a large collection of different kinds of bacteria. Fecal coliforms are types of total coliform that mostly exist in feces. E. coli is a sub-group of fecal coliform. When a water sample is sent to a lab, it is tested for total coliform. If total coliform is present, the sample will also be tested for either fecal coliform or E. coli, depending on the lab testing method.
Total coliform bacteria are commonly found in the environment (e.g., soil or vegetation) and are generally harmless. If only total coliform bacteria are detected in drinking water, the source is probably environmental. Fecal contamination is not likely. However, if environmental contamination can enter the system, there may also be a way for pathogens to enter the system. Therefore, it is important to find the source and resolve the problem.

Fecal coliform bacteria are a sub-group of total coliform bacteria. They appear in great quantities in the intestines and feces of people and animals. The presence of fecal coliform in a drinking water sample often indicates recent fecal contamination, meaning that there is a greater risk that pathogens are present than if only total coliform bacteria is detected.

E. coli is a sub-group of the fecal coliform group. Most E. coli bacteria are harmless and are found in great quantities in the intestines of people and warm-blooded animals. Some strains, however, can cause illness. The presence of E. coli in a drinking water sample almost always indicates recent fecal contamination, meaning there is a greater risk that pathogens are present.

A note about E. coli: E. coli outbreaks receive much media coverage. Most outbreaks have been caused by a specific strain of E. coli bacteria known as E. coli O157:H7. When a drinking water sample is reported as "E. coli present" it does not mean that this dangerous strain is present and in fact, it is probably not present. However, it does indicate recent fecal contamination. Boiling or treating contaminated drinking water with a disinfectant destroys all forms of E. coli, including O157:H7.

What happens if coliform bacteria are found in my water?

When coliform bacteria are found, water systems investigate to find out how the contamination got into the water. They collect additional, or "repeat," water samples for testing, and often inspect the entire system. Taking repeat samples helps determine whether an actual problem exists in the system. If any of the repeat samples detect coliform bacteria, the initial findings are considered confirmed.

What happens if total coliform bacteria are confirmed in my water?
If total coliform bacteria are confirmed in your drinking water, your water system should be inspected to find and eliminate any possible sources of contamination. Once the source is identified, it can usually be resolved by making system repairs, flushing, and adding chlorine for a short period of time. The state Health Department works with water systems and utility managers to help resolve such problems. When total coliform bacteria are confirmed in drinking water, a water system or utility is required to notify its customers within 30 days about the situation. The Health Department recommends that this notice be distributed as soon as possible. The notice will inform you of actions being taken to correct the problem, when the problem will likely be resolved, and what you may need to do until then.

What happens if fecal coliform bacteria or E. coli are confirmed in my water?
Confirmation of fecal coliform bacteria or E. coli in a water system indicates recent fecal contamination, which may pose an immediate health risk to anyone consuming the water. Responding to health emergencies is the state Health Department's highest priority. A "Health Advisory" will be issued within 24 hours to alert all water users that there is a health risk associated with the water supply. In most cases, the use of boiled or bottled water will be recommended for drinking and cooking. The notice will inform customers of actions being taken to correct the problem, and when the problem will likely be resolved. The department will inspect the system as soon as possible to assist the water system in resolving the problem. More water samples will be taken to find and eliminate potential contamination sources, and chlorination and flushing of the system will most likely occur. The Health Advisory will remain in effect until the situation is resolved and the water is safe to drink.


Subject: FW: Complaint Response
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2014 13:56:26 -040

Dear Mr. Tierney:

     Thank you for the most gracious extent of your reply of useful information to us, Mr Tierney.
     You have done a marvelous job of provided us with the 2013 JEA Major Grid CCR (Consumer Confidence Report,) and other useful informative information, (to be studied thoroughly by everyone to be sure,) in helping us along in the process of our mutual need in desire to understand the complexity in responsibility to the public of providing the City of Jacksonville and Environs with potable drinking water as you do, and with the idea in mind to begin to make plans for necessary comprehensive improvements regarding pollution to the system as we are able to, whether as to Eliminating Point Source Emissions and/or Refining the Process of Water Purification.  
     You have supplied us with what discussion we need in relevance at this time of 2014, as to what is going on with our drinking water's quality now at the present time, in detailed facts about how the City of Jacksonville's water is treated, from intake until it is released to the public; the 29 City Water Plants' relation to Sewerage Treatment Plant discharge in relation to the Drinking Water intakes, (that wastewater plants cannot be located within a certain distance of a drinking water well, and relative to the tidal slosh back and forth,) and with reassuring clarification as to where the Sulfate odor is coming from, (apparently from the Floridan Aquifer,) and as to what is causing it, (from Sulfides and other minerals occurring naturally in the groundwater,) how must Chlorine is used in the treatment and why at times that there is a stronger odor of Chlorine in our water more than at other times?
     However the information lacks the overall dynamics of how to solve the problems of Systemic Pollution (essentially, “What To Do About It,”) occurring to the St. Johns Waterway and Aquifers; that is something we will need to look into and address vigorously in the near future; and as I know that we have the Scientific Technology and Capital Resources available to do this job, if we would but provide the Common Will in determination to do it.
     Things have been relatively good with the water quality since we communicated last, with no complaints for the time being, at least from our standpoint here in the Baymeadows area.  However I will take you up on your offer to have our local water tested if the need arises.
     Your assistance is appreciated.

Most Sincerely
Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014
"United Labor Unifying The Nation Providing
Jobs And A Cost Of Living Wage For Everyone"
(904) 730-2055 – Office Candidate Questionnaire

4 Broadcast Place
Jacksonville, FL  32207
July 2, 2014

Dear Candidate:

News4Jax is striving to provide a comprehensive voters' guide prior to Florida’s August primary, and it would not be complete without information from you.  Please provide the following information to WJXT-4 and for inclusion with our Campaign 2014 candidate profiles.  These profiles will be posted on the last week in mid-August – in time for the beginning of early voting – and may be used as background for Channel 4's on-air reports.  Information submitted is subject of independent verification.

Candidates not responding to the questionnaire will be listed online by name, but with the statement "Candidate has not replied to WJXT/'s survey."

You may fill out the attached questionnaire and return it by mail, but it may be easier for you (and definitely for us) if you visit a private web page set up for candidates -- -- and submit the answers electronically.   

We're also asking that you submit a photograph, so we can include that with the profile. You can send a digital photo to or include a photo with your questionnaire.
Thanks for making yourself available for public service and for your participation in the democratic process.
                                                                                    Steve Patrick
                                                                                    Managing Editor


Gary Koniz (
Sent:    Fri 7/04/14 11:08 AM
To: ( Candidate Questionnaire

Candidate name:    Gary L. Koniz    
Seeking which office:  United States Representative 4th CD FL
Age: 68
Family:  Beloved Wife: Kathleen
Occupation:   Journalist Correspondent
Education:   B.A. in Journalism/Humanities - Summa Cum Laude
Political experience:   40 years as an in depth; local, state, and national political commentator, press aid/correspondent to various legislators, and labor lobbyist

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

1)  The Survivability of the American Middle Class in terms of the nature and the state of the U.S. Economy pending Economic Reforms for an Immediate Prevailing Wage Legislation beginning with the Cost of Living Wage to replace the Minimum Wage.

2)  The sovereign future of American United States and the White Race of European Origins in terms of Third World Overrun and Inter-racial procreation become the norm

3)   The immediate Military Eradication of Heroin and other Deadly Drugs from the environs of The United States and the return of the Nation’s High Moral Standards.

Why should people vote for you?   

The Public should vote for me because, having been intimately involved for the past forty years in the problems facing the American Nation and our People under God, The Creator, I know what needs to get done, I know how to get it done, and I know who to be involved with in the power structures, in the terms of personal connections, to handle the specifics of the different jobs at hand to accomplish.  

I am not a politician aiming just to get elected in that sense and meaning of the word.  I am offering my valued services to the constituency of the 4th District FL to represent them in the process of National Reconstruction; to address what specific issues which are wrong that there are, and to come up with viable solutions, not to be discussed in generalities.

The gist of our cause in its totality is to architecturally arrange our collective way of life here to establish a Great Society for everyone in our United States of America, in our time, that arises from the duty of each of us to do justice to others and to the Earth and to all the life abounding here.

The old adage of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) is displaced in modern times by society's need to protect innocent people and the innocent in general from suffering loss as a result of unjustly enriching others. The weakness of the person needing protection may be ignorance, inability to understand, or misplaced trust - whether or not the one benefitting is aware of the wrong.  This duty each of us owes to all others arises from moral, social, domestic, and personal obligations imposed by equity in our courts. It is from this common law duty of fairness and the need to protect innocent people from the consequence of their own weakness that the cause of action for constructive fraud or unjust enrichment was created by our courts.

With this in mind let us here proceed with the entirety of the Plan of what we are to accomplish as agreed to in advance as one proposed idea, to remodel the Social Attitudes of The United States with and by our proposed agendas here-forth described.

It is further to be noted in wording, that these matters here discussing the environment which are being spoken for are held in the highest trust and in the utmost regard of scrupulous intent of The Nation to be managed for and conducted properly of accounts, and are to be correctly approached into the future in mature fashion reasoned forth as an enlightened society to be responsible for the ultimate concern to the survival in absolute dependency to the environment and ecology of The Earth, and that need to be safeguarded with integrity by a just government and as a conscientious people of formation and with dedicated zeal of devotion to the highest ideals inherent to the foundation of The United States of America.  

Love is stronger than hate; faith really is more valid than cynicism. Non-violence really is more powerful than brute force.  What we need to do is to get everyone back to work and be able to as a Nation, provide the means of decent well paid survival hereand with quality employment in the Fair Deal offering of a productive and meaningful life to achieve at last the enduring peace of our cherished dreams for humanity. The question for us is; do we dare to believe it? Do we dare to try?

What do you hope to be remembered for after you leave office?  

I truly hope to be held in admiration as the savior of the working people of this nation and the champion of the environment through my staunch determination to instill proper attitudes among the people and to inculcate our Legislative Processes with Right Reason to completely overhaul, and among other things, the outdated structure of the American Ideology governing in its Social Morality over an Exploitive Economy and The American People suffering in subjection to it, by appealing to the reasoning process in our government to undertake such a noble project.

We've already won the moral fight over the higher minimum wage. The core idea—that nobody should work hard at a full-time job and still live in poverty—is something that the vast majority of Americans agree on, in all parties. Let us Move On beyond that to specify for a Prevailing Wage Legislation in this country to exist to be regulated over by our government to ensure full economic justice here.  Our workers are fighting and winning campaigns for decent wages in cities and states across the country.  The economic debate on the minimum wage is so crucial: if hearts are settled, minds are the key battleground. And we're winning that fight, too... with each of your help.


Florida Times Union Editorial

March 6 2014 at 5:27pm

Rigged Elections In Florida
Favor the Wealthy and Special Interests

Dear Florida State Senator Bean:

Whereas: the following information being provide concerning biased corruption in The State of Florida’s Election Laws is Incontrovertible, WE are advising you and the entire legislature at this time under pang of Duty and Moral Conscience to initiate the mandated Election Reform Legislation immediately in primary focus of agenda in this upcoming 2014 Legislative Session to considerably lower the Qualifying Fees for the Federal Offices, (perhaps to $150.00 or 150 Signed Petitions or to whatever figures that the Legislature in its wisdom considers reasonable and appropriate,) and for all other political offices as well to be reset appropriately, so that a fair minded democracy under the guarantees of The U.S. Constitution can prevail and flourish. And that is, as WE state our case to you for considerably lowering the Qualifying Fees to a Fair Assessment of Economic Equality so that Every Member of Society needing representation can run for office (as other states have it that way, in reducing the amount of money that a candidate needs to have their name put on the ballot.)

a) Ohio $150
b) Pennsylvania $150
c) Mississippi $200
d) Kentucky $500
e) Florida $10,440

This matter is also To Eliminate the ridiculous WRITE-IN CANDIDATE Category: FS 99.061(4)(b) Method of qualifying for nomination or election to federal, state, county, or district office; to which a candidate with insufficient funds to qualify under the present State of Florida Election Law can still run for office, but in which Candidates for the Public Offices under this category are not permitted to be identified by the State and are Not Considered as bona-fide Candidates by the Media and by other Institutions; that is a complete waste of everybody’s time and financial resources, and a serious burden to the State Supervisors of Elections who have to tediously hand count every single ballot.

It is important for everyone to realize that the excessive qualifying fees in the State of Florida for Party Affiliations, go to Private Enterprises, and i.e., the DNC and RNC, and not to further the State Coffers, (and excessive enough as they are, the No Party Affiliation Fee at $6,960;) as to the $10,440. charged for Party Affiliation to get one's name on the ballot; and otherwise to have to labor, or pay someone, as a privilege of the rich, to do the work for you, to collect the extreme burden of 4,616 Petitions, plus the 27% overage suggested by the SOE to cover rejects, and to have to pay the $.10 per petition Validating Fee charged by the SOE, in hardship coercion, (or in other words; of being forced to pay the Fees by the "In Lieu Of" Imposition of Undue Petition Burden, in order to Qualify.)

And as to whatever that anyone wishes to name it, "of this presently ongoing corruptly established Extortion Status Quo," of government by the Well-To Do, and by Special Interest Funded, and over the best interests of The Working Class needing Representation, it needs to come swiftly to a close.

The State of Florida in collusion with the RNC and DNC assess excessive filing fees to Party Candidates with the intention to exclude/discriminate against individuals with modest financial resources, and representing the Lower and Middle Class Interests, from running for Office; (which is similar in concept to the imposition of an Illegal Poll Tax.) The State of Florida requires a partisan filing fee of $10,440 to be qualified as a “Partisan” candidate for U.S. House and U.S. Senate. This fee is then turned over to the respective Political Parties for their own private use. Florida’s fees are excessive when compared to qualifying fees assessed by other states for the same public offices:

$10,440 for the Party Affiliation
$6,960 for the No Party Affiliation
or 4,616 Petition Signatures

Note – This is symbolic of Florida’s discriminatory election filing fees practices; that were obviously set in place by the Wealthy and Special Interest Blocs to further their own agendas of aggrandizement and power domination over the Rights and Well Being of the Working Class.

2) Candidates who are not chosen as the preferred candidate by their party establishment are
discriminated against and denied equal rights to seek public office by being banned from
debates and not being recognized/acknowledged by the party.

3) This creates an excessive financial hardship and disadvantage for citizens qualified to seek
public office; thus, violating the guaranteed rights of citizens to equitably seek public
office. The Ballot Box Establishment is able to pool funds to benefit their selected candidates.

Let us "Resolve" at this time of the convening of 1014 Florida Legislative Session; To Put An End To The Overly Harsh "Ballot Assessment Fee" Laws for The Federal Offices in the State of Florida; and i.e.: $6,960 as a No Party Affiliation NPA, (or $10,440 for PA,) To Qualify for the U.S. House of Representatives, or, 4616 Signed Petition Forms either way for Florida's 4th Congressional District (with 1/3 Overage to allow for rejections,) in harassment, to be able to have one's name put on the ballot. That clearly is too much money, or a lot of aggravation, to come up with for the average Middle Class Wage Earner to be forced to put out to get on the ballot. Or, in other words, that you can vote here in the State of Florida, but only for the wealthy who can afford their name on the ballot to perpetuate their own ways of power over the Working Class Poor.

Gary L. Koniz
For United States Representative
4th CD FL


Military Officer Magazine

9480 Princeton Square Blvd. S., #815
Jacksonville, FL 32256
November 15, 2010

Franklin L. Hagenbeck
Lieutenant General, US Army
United States Military Academy West Point, NY 10996

Dear General Hagenbeck:

Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their Country unto God. Who have come a long way in our history together, as a Race of People and as an Ideology of Intent, dedicated to; Goodwill, Freedom, and to Benevolent Tolerance in the Spirit of Christianity from the origins of Western and Central Europe, spoken frankly, and who do not wish to lose our Territory, our Sovereign Right Of Heritage, and our mutual Interests To Survive in the name of a Civil Rights Movement, that was intended as a generous helping hand to our fellow man of the Earth, of Good Christian Intentions extended to other Peoples of the Earth present here; to concede the point that it was never meant to overthrow us at any time To Wars of Attrition vying for our American Soil by Foreign Invaders from different parts of the World with their own intents of Conquest.

Also conceded in the argument, is the reality that it helps us greatly to have a varied mixture of Peoples of The Earth for Citizenry present here, both from the Good Spirit of our Christian Heritage of fairness to all, and also for the Safety of Egalitarian Tolerance, that aids us Socially and Culturally, by such good graces, though interactive involvement and exchanges of ideas to get to know the other peoples of the World, to stimulate us Intellectually, Economically, and Technologically by the exchange and interchange of many Cultures and Ideas, that is helping us to get along in the prevention of Wars, both Foreign and Domestic. But the Warning still remains to head that the idea of National Sovereignty and for the mutual Defense of our Homeland, is still paramount to the wise Military Security Judgment of this Nation regardless of the controlling political forces.

Wise and prudent history will show that as America falters at this crucial time due to indecisive identity within its leadership, that our true leaders, of the mind-set of Valley Forge who founded this Nation, will emerge to take command and to show the people that they have not been abjectly abandoned to overrun by foreign governments under the Liberal Outcry of Civil Rights; that was only intended to resolve a Social Injustice Issue by the inclusion of minorities into America’s Mainstream in a democratic and economic reform of our American life-style; that was clearly never conceived to allow the literal usurpation of our government, and with it The Will To Survive On Our Own Terms; that has left America on the verge of collapse. America, at this time, needs to be identified as the American Nation that it is. Let us all go forward now with that idea to our defense.

Most Respectfully Yours
Gary L. Koniz - Correspondent
Veterans of The Vietnam War

9480 Princeton Square Blvd. S., #815
Jacksonville, FL 32256
November 25, 2010

Warren S. Lacy - Editor in Chief Colonel,
U.S. Army (Ret.) Military Officer Magazine
201 North Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-2539

Dear Colonel Lacy:

The time is at an end now with the patience for those in our discussions with the Veterans Administration Officials there in Washington, (and as the job we have required connected to the ongoing Psychiatric Slaughter of our Veterans In Arms ought to have been done, by now.) I would therefore appreciate your signal of allied defense officially from the standpoint of my discussions on the issues with you and to the solidarity reasoning of the Military Officers Association Of America, (MOAA,) and with backing of Military Officer Magazine as a formidable engine of inquiry, with The Military Order now to be put in effect for The Psychiatric Reform to occur to its required conclusion.

We are at an end with the idea of being polite and for the element of protocol when being met with an ignorance of obstinate intrigue from the V.A. Medical and Legal Staff, (as they have repeatedly displayed to us in the past, in our being evasively side-stepped and run-around, in covering up the atrocity; of Inappropriate Psychiatric Labeling, and for more serious Harmful Effects of the Medications Prescribed, that are touted to the Veterans to be necessary and therapeutic, but which in effect are actually quite deadly, to be redressed; which issues are being skirted around, rather than being treated in a proper and constructive way of handling, to remedy the situations occurring, that is the goal.

And who everyone involved, and otherwise standing-by with powers to assist, are thereby being in direct conspiracy to it, (the slaughter by mental, psychological, and physical maiming and with resulting suicide of our innocent Veterans,) that is costing our brave soldiers in arms their well-being and the safety of their lives at stake for the say so and the sake of someone's corrupt and sinister administrative venue regarding psychiatric labeling and pharmacy mis-treatment, and/or, to its Sacred Cow "Do No Wrong," Cover-Up, (on the part of the V.A., The FDA, and the Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry.)

This is a Criminal Matter of concern Verging Treason, and not about the Medical Profession always being honest and forthcoming and saint-like in their dealings with our Veterans; but about their being corrupt and economically manipulative in conspiracy, (as a Psychiatric Captive Market of diagnosis and treatment to be plundered,) and/or for more sinister motives of conquest by foreign powers, to be disabling and destroying our Nation’s Reserves of Military Strength. That I keep spoon-feeding you the evidence about, and that somehow is not being treated with the proper alarm and reaction to date.

Gary L. Koniz   +
MOAA No. 02786399
Secretary Correspondent
Veterans of the Vietnam War


9480 Princeton Square Blvd. S., #815
Jacksonville, FL 32256
December 17, 2010

Warren S. Lacy - Editor in Chief Colonel,
U.S. Army (Ret.) Military Officer Magazine
201 North Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-2539

Dear Colonel Lacy:

We had another incident of Enemy Propaganda this week, on Tuesday night, 12/14/10, on the T.V. Series NCIS Los Angeles, which airs on CBS each week at 9:00 p.m. EST; The incident depicted a Combat Veteran recently returned from the war in Afghanistan who was reported to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his experiences there; the symptom of what being; a Confused and Befuddled Mental State, Agitation, Irrational and Unpredictable Behavior, and reoccurring Black Outs complete with Hallucinations of Combat during which time that the Veteran cannot remember anything; and who may revert to his trained combat killer mode and murder everybody in thinking that he is still in combat; and also that the Veteran was “Off his Meds,” (the Strong Anti-Psychotic Tranquillizers used to treat PTSD as the show describes,) used to Control the PTSD Symptoms, in explaining why the Veteran had now become deranged.

I previously reported this Enemy Propaganda occurring on a Hawaii Five O episode, 11/01/10, that depicted a deranged Veteran, suffering from PTSD, and off his “Meds,” holding hostages at gunpoint to force police to investigate that he didn’t kill his wife in a Blackout. Needless to say, to cost to our Veterans lives, of this kind of systematic and fear inducing propaganda programming of the population, (and the same as what our Vietnam Veterans experienced in our era of war’s aftermath,) of having the public, (and that is to say, the family members, wives, friends, and coworkers, of our returning from war Veterans, and the society in general,) to being programmed in blatant Brain Washing of the population by these T.V. shows and movies, to believe that they are being forced to cohabitate with, irrational deranged and catatonic murderers who have been programmed to kill by the Military, and who need to be on their deadly Sedation Tranquillizer Meds at all times, in order for the Veterans to be able to live safely in society. That has been, and is resulting in, the needless; Homelessness, Joblessness, Social Rejection, Despondency, and Desperation facing our returning Veterans, and to their overall sense of futility and en masse Psychiatric Intake resulting to be Treated with Thorazine and other descriptions of such Neuroleptic Drugs in use, for the safety of society, and to their eventual Suicides.

We need to investigate “Who” is responsible for this type of enemy propaganda being put out, and speak with the Producers and Executives in charge of content of these TV Shows to let them know the damage they are contributing to in an already ugly situation.

Gary L. Koniz   +
MOAA No. 02786399
Secretary Correspondent
Veterans of the Vietnam War


Subject: RE: Washington Scene Rebuttle -
October Edition Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 12:49:16 -0500
Dear Mr. Koniz:

Thanks for your note. We’ll consider your comments for the “Your Views” department of Military Officer magazine.

I’ve forwarded your note to MOAA’s Government Relations Department for their consideration. Under the leadership of MOAA’s Board of Directors, they manage the association’s legislative campaigns.

Best wishes, and thanks for your support of Military Officers Association of America.

Warren *****
Warren S. Lacy
Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.) Director, Publications
Editor in Chief, Military Officer magazine Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)
201 N Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314-2539
(800) 234-6622 x105; (703) 838-8105

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American Standard

Editorial Commentary

                                                                   New York Times
                                                                 September 21, 2014

        Let’s have the reasoning right that according to the legal guidelines established by The Federal Communications Commission, FCC, regarding Enforcement of Prohibition Against Obscene and Indecent Broadcasts:   It is a violation of Federal Law to broadcast obscene or indecent programming.  The prohibition is set forth in Title 18 of The United States Code, Section 1464 (18 U.S.C. 1464).
     Congress has given The Federal Communications Commission the responsibility for administratively enforcing 18 U.S.C. 1464.  In doing so, The Commission may revoke a station license, issue a warning, or impose a monetary forfeiture, for the broadcast of obscene or indecent material.  Obscene broadcasts are prohibited at all times.
     Also, obscene speech is not protected by The First Amendment and cannot be broadcast at any time.  To be considered obscene, material must meet a three-prong test:
     (1.)  An average person, applying Contemporary Community Standards, must find that the material as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest, (or stated to mean that the material is meant to arouse or to cause sexual desire or imagination in excitement of lustful urges.)
     (2.)  The material must depict or describe, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by applicable law, (i.e. in meaning to prurient interest.)
     (3.)  And, the material, taken as a whole, must lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.   
     And such are the applicable excerpts from Title 18, U.S.C. governing decency in broadcast television.  These same rules also legally apply to The U.S. Code of Conduct governing Film, (including DVD Video,) Media, The Internet, and Magazine depiction of obscene or pornographic material, both in the terms of its production and voyeurism.  
     Pornography is not permitted to be portrayed here anywhere in The United States, (and which includes for the sales outlets of pornography materials which have already been established under the veil of Community Standards, to be shut down.)  
     The word “Political” is apparently being written in to Title 18, U.S.C. for the legally defined purpose of contriving a double standard by the wording of Contemporary Community Standards in the certain meaning of degenerate underworld Political Gerrymandering.  And as to what exactly The Legal Grounds Are in determining Community Standards, and why the subject of pornography flourishes co-extensively in certain regions of The United States and does not in others, remains unclear?  However, there is clearly only “One Standard” to apply here, and that is The Standard of American Moral Decency, which shall ever prevail.  Indecent exposure is like-wise not permitted, termed Public Indecency, and that includes for the issues of Nude Public Bathing, Strip Club Joints, Nightclub Acts, and Theatrical Performances.  Prostitution is not permitted.  
     This is extremely important to The United States and Its People for our Government in its Standard to represent us as a Nation of proper moral character in foundation especially in these times of Terrorist Aggression against an Immoral Nation, or in any other times.
     We need the understanding here that Pornography Is Illegal and Not To Be Permitted to be shown on our Public Media Television in Offensive Moral Undermine upon our population, and especially in negative influence upon the nurturing minds of our Nation’s Youth; and that this Law is being Obscenely Violated presently without challenge.

Gary L. Koniz    
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014
"United Labor Unifying The Nation Providing
Jobs And A Cost Of Living Wage For Everyone"
(904) 730-2055 - Office

Florida Times Union

From:     Fader, Carole ( This sender is in your contact list.
Sent:    Tue 6/10/14 5:47 PM

A news release by the Public Religion Research Institute and Brookings Institution, shows that Americans still overwhelmingly agree that illegal immigrants living in the U.S. should be allowed to remain in the country and seek some form of legal status. Does your opinion square with that one? Why or why not? Would you favor full citizenship or just legalization? Please respond in 200 words or less to and please include your name and area of town in which you live. Thanks again!

Carole Fader
Assistant Managing Editor-Community Engagement
The Florida Times-Union
P.O. Box 1949
Jacksonville FL 32231
(904) 359-4635


Dear Carol:

Clearly we have a conflict of Interest here, Not To Be Naïve About, regarding this imperative issue To Resolve of Illegal Immigration at present affecting our American Sovereignty, Heritage, and Livelihoods.  And to point out that I personally do enjoy the diversity of the earth’s humanity and cultures whom are gathered here with us at this hour to celebrate life with us, and I am all too much at heart for each of those who risked their lives and hardships in their optimism to immigrate here in search of a better life from the ones in the distant lands from which they came.  However, realistically, are we talking about a few hundred, or tens of millions of these illegal immigrants to arrive here to be granted citizenship for their efforts; to undercut our wages and replace us on our jobs, with many to fall victims to the Drug and Sex Trades, and otherwise to cause us to have to pay for their upkeep, to eventually take us over politically and pose a threat to our Nation’s Security.  Illegal Immigration is a major U.S. Crime.  Let us remain on watch with that idea in mind and ever vigilant while being kind.

Most Sincerely
Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014
"United Labor Unifying The Nation"
(904) 730-2055 – Office

Public Religion Research Institute
and Brooking Institution Survey

What Americans Want From Immigration Reform in 2014

Executive Summary
June 10, 2014

In early 2013, Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and Brookings released the results of the largest survey ever conducted on religion, values, and immigration reform. This landmark survey showed solid support across religious and party lines for immigration reform that included a path to citizenship for immigrants living in the country illegally, even as many Americans held reservations about the economic and cultural impact of immigrants.

Religion, race, political affiliation and media source are all indicators of the immigration policy that one chooses to support, this survey concludes.  The survey finds that the issue of immigration reform has support across party lines, although there are notable differences in the intensity of support. PRRI and Brookings also find that opposition to immigration reform in 2014 may become a bigger liability for candidates.

At present, 62% of Americans favor providing a way for immigrants who are currently living in the United States illegally to become citizens provided they meet certain requirements, while 17% support allowing them to become permanent legal residents but not citizens, and roughly 1-in-5 (19%) favor a policy that would identify and deport all immigrants living in the United States illegally.

•    Current support for a path to citizenship is nearly identical to support levels one year ago (March 2013) when 63% of Americans supported a path to citizenship for immigrants who are living in the United States illegally.

The issue of immigration reform has support across party lines, although there are notable differences in the intensity of support.

Americans Working to Stop Illegal Immigration

Get the Facts about Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration Laws

Most Americans know our basic laws regarding illegal immigration. It is illegal to enter the United States without permission. The first time an illegal immigrant is caught in the US it is a misdemeanor civil offense. This is because we want to be able to quickly return illegal aliens to Mexico or Canada, when they are caught at the border without the rigors of a jury trial.

After the first offense, being caught a second time is a felony!

It is also against the law to overstay a visa issued by the US Government and illegal for an employer to knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

Our volunteers have compiled this list of illegal immigration laws for your review.

It is Illegal To Bring Illegal Aliens Into US under current Laws.  It is unlawful for any person to bring aliens into the United States. Fine: $3,000 for each alien (Sec. 273. [8 U.S.C. 1323])

It is Illegal To Harbor Illegal Immigrants. It is unlawful to bring in or harbor illegal aliens. Fine: $3,000 for each alien. (Sec. 273. [8 U.S.C. 1323] )

It is Illegal To Employ, Recruit, or Refer Illegal Aliens for Jobs. It is unlawful for a person or other entity- to employ or recruit or refer for a fee an illegal alien in the United States. Commercial advantage or private financial gain offender can be fined under title 18, US code, imprisoned for not more than 10 years, or both. ...Any person who, during any 12-month period, knowingly hires for employment at least 10 individuals with actual knowledge that the individuals are aliens described in sub paragraph (B) shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned for not more than 5 years, or both. (Sec. 274A. [8 U.S.C. 1324a] )

It is Illegal To Forge Documents for Illegal Immigrants or violate Identity Theft Laws. It is unlawful for any person or entity knowingly- to forge documents. Legal documents must be presented when entering the US. ( Sec. 274C. [8 U.S.C. 1324c] ) ... Fine: not less than $250 and not more than $2,000 for each document that is the subject of a violation ...Previous violation: not less than $2,000 and not more than $5,000 for each document that is the subject of a violation.

US Laws Declare it is Illegal To Aid or Abet Illegal Immigrants. It is unlawful for anyone to aid or assist aliens to enter the United States. Penalty: fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both. ( Sec. 277. [8 U.S.C. 1327] )

LEGAL Immigrants Must Know English, US History, US Laws, and Principles. No person shall be naturalized as a citizen of the United States who cannot demonstrate: ... An understanding of the English language, including the ability to read, write and and speak words in ordinary usage in the English language ... a knowledge and understanding of history, and of the principles and form of government, of the United States. ( Sec. 312. [8 U.S.C. 1423] )

Legal Immigrants Must Display Moral Character and No Crime Record. Requirements as to residence, good moral character, attachment to the principles of the constitution, and favorable disposition to the Untied States. ( Sec. 316. [8 U.S.C. 1427] )

The Un-Constitutionality of Citizenship by Birth
to Non-Americans

The 14th Amendment
By P.A. Madison
Former Research Fellow in Constitutional Studies
February 1, 2005

We well know how the courts and laws have spoken on the subject of children born to non-citizens (illegal aliens) within the jurisdiction of the United States by declaring them to be American citizens. But what does the constitution of the United States say about the issue of giving American citizenship to anyone born within its borders? As we explore the constitutions citizenship clause, as found in the Fourteenth Amendment, we can find no constitutional authority to grant such citizenship to persons born to non-American citizens within the limits of the United States of America.

We are, or should be, familiar with the phrase, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the States wherein they reside." This can be referred to as the citizenship clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, but what does "subject to the jurisdiction" mean? Jurisdiction can take on different meanings that can have nothing to do with physical boundaries alone--and if the framers meant geographical boundaries they would have simply used the term "limits" rather than "jurisdiction" since that was the custom at the time when distinguishing between physical boundaries and reach of law.

Complete jurisdiction thereof means Not owing allegiance to anybody else. That is what it means.
This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons  born to parents who at the time were subject to the authority of the United States, and in other words born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty.

What does it all mean?

In a nutshell, it means this: The constitution of the United States does not grant citizenship at birth to just anyone who happens to be born within American borders. It is the allegiance (complete jurisdiction) of the child's birth parents at the time of birth that determines the child's citizenship--not geographical location. If the United States does not have complete jurisdiction, for example, to compel a child's parents to Jury Duty - then the U.S. does not have the total, complete jurisdiction demanded by the Fourteenth Amendment to make their child a citizen of the United States by birth. How could it possibly be any other way?

The framers succeeded in their desire to remove all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. They also succeeded in making both their intent and construction clear for future generations of courts and government. Whether our government or courts will start to honor and uphold the supreme law of the land for which they are obligated to by oath, is another very disturbing matter.

Heroin Interdiction

From:     Gary Koniz (
Sent:    Sun 8/31/14 10:36 AM
To:    Wagas A. Khan (
Cc: (; (; Sheriff Bill Leeper (; Sheriff Joey Dobson (; Sheriff John H. Rutherford (; Frank Denton (; Mike Clark (; (; Scott Pelley (; Carol Boone (; Alvin Brown (; (;  Rick Scott (; (; (; (
Bcc: (; Becky Moeller (; Ben Warner (; Bill Cotterell (; Billee Bussard (; Bishop Felipe J. Estevez (; Bob Woodward (; Bobbie Nord (; Brian McGrory (; Bridget Leininger (; Bruce Dold (; Buddy Dugger (; Carole Fader (; Charles McBurney (; Chicago Tribune (; Cindy Holifield (; Clay Yarborough (; (; Dana McClintock (; Danielle Kurtzleben (; Dave Royse (; David Ratz (; (; Eric Holder (; Fahter Jose Maniyangat (; Father Bob Warren (; Father Edward Murphy (; Father Frederick Parke (; Father Timothy Cusick (; Felicia Steiger (; Gerald Dopson (; Gerould W. Kern (; Glenn Beck (; Governor Charlie Christ (; Gunnar Paulson (; Helen Parker (; Howard Goldberg (; Isaiah Rumlin (; Jay Paul Thibault (; Jim Dao (; John Crescimbeni (; John Gage (; Juan Maya (; Kevin Lenihan (; (; Lee Schafer (; Letters (; Linda Calvert (; Lisa Brunson (; Lizette Alvarez (; Lori Boyer (; Louis Rose (; Mallory Wells (; Matt Dixon (; Max Lederer, Jr. (; Michael Sweat (; Mike Garber (; Native American Indian Federation (; News Service of Florida (; (; (; Nick Waller (; (; (; (; (; Paige Kelton (; Pam Bondi (; Paul Flemming (; Paul Mattson (; Paul Tash (; (; Peter Faucher (; Ray Holt (; Rebecca Sharp (; Richard Clark (; Richard Trumka (; Richard Templin (; Robert Black (; Robert Johnston (; Roger Brown (; Russell Harper (; Sally Baptiste (; Sandy Golding (; Senator Bill Nelson (; (; Shorb, Daniel (; Soledad O'Brien (; Teddy Tompkin (; (; (

Dear Wagas Khan:

     I see that you are a young journalist seeking out the knowledge necessary to conduct our mutual affairs of state (between Pakistan and The U.S.,) on a sophisticated level of enlightened intelligence.  
     With that in mind, would you enlighten us as to the extent in the use of and smuggling trafficking from Afghanistan in the narcotic substance known by the name of Opium/Heroin in your native country of Pakistan?  
    We would very much appreciate having this information and to include its smuggling routes into Europe and the United States and to other Nations under its scourge.  
     This information is not reported about in our local press (or anywhere else in the U.S. Press for that matter,) and needs to be.
     For it is (the Opium/Heroin Mafias of this Nation and all nations of the earth,) in other matters (discussed for in your survey regarding Free Speech and Freedom of The Press:) a politically involved and corrupt, immoral, suicidal, criminal, warfaring, terrorist entity (against the public society at large,) that operates (in all regards) beyond the bounds of Justice, Civil Liberty, and Human Rights.
     This is the hidden knowledge (never talked publicly about) of what is truly wrong with everything here, (this hidden corruption,) and of what is truly responsible the matter for all the wars of the earth, (and concerning reactionary forces against the misery of oppressions and slovenly blight induced by its terrible addiction and beyond its outright sinister mafia intrigues of strategic wars as convert diversions to its technically illegal (however never interdicted to,) activities, and not so covert as it gains power, dragon style in strength of numbers over the legitimate populations of the globe, and otherwise known as fascism ("a bundle of sticks that cannot be broken,") in another vocabulary.)  
     Let us all together then bridge the gap in the misunderstanding of this evil force against us to expose it for what it is, and to drag it out into the open to be dealt with and to be thoroughly eradicated from our realm of logic.
     What is there to fear?


Princeton Square Blvd. S., #815
Jacksonville, FL  32256
September 7, 2014

Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL  32399-0001

Dear Governor Scott:

     We need a Governor who going to stand strong to “Remove” the Narcotic Drug Heroin and other deadly dangerous Drugs and Chemicals from the environs of the Jurisdiction of the State of Florida in a permanent arrangement for the State of Florida to be Drug-Free in safeguard and respect to the people of this State, and for the sake of the Economy and the overall State Budget.
     It costs the State Billions of Dollars each year to investigate, arrest, prosecute, and detain at great expense the huge numbers of individuals who get caught with drugs ranging from petty use and possession to major drug trafficking; and concerning all “Drug Related Crime” associated that has to be accounted for to do with; robberies, burglaries, murders, illegal gun possessions, Drug Gang Violence, and White Collar Crime.  This is all money that could be used elsewhere and put to good use for Education and Providing Jobs and Services in the State’s Annual Budget.
     Also associated to the physical ill-health and psychiatric conditions induced by the use of Drugs and Chemicals to discuss is the intangible element of Drug Related Inefficiency and Loss of Economic Vitality and Productivity due to Drug Use and prevailing mayhem of Drugs and Chemicals Sabotage upon the general population, from deliberate food and beverage sabotage, and from the atmospheric effect of the “Nasal Snorting” of available drugs powder; namely the Heroin, Cocaine, and Crystal Meth variety, either deliberately or coincidentally perpetrated;  in the home, in our schools, and in our places of work and recreation, that hurts the State in reduced productivity and shortfalls consumer spending to loss of taxation revenue; (and affecting our innocent young children as well in undiagnosed drug induced maladies; such as; chronic fatigue, hypertension behavioral problems, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, manic depression, loss of concentration, memory loss and retention disorder, and suicide; brought on by either the use of drugs, or by deliberate sabotage, or atmospheric proximity to the users of these drugs.)
     It is also to be noted here that the individuals who are criminally responsible for the growing, production, trafficking/smuggling of these deadly drugs and chemicals are directly and indirectly responsible for all the murders, suicides, robberies/burglaries, gang violence, and deadly Mafia Intrigues of Coercion, Blackmail, Extortion, Prostitution/Pornography, and overall Corruptions, that goes on associated with these drugs and chemicals; (and not to be thought of in the terms of Alcohol Use and Prohibition with the idea for drugs to be made legal to use as a solution;) to be considered for what they are, as a deadly threat to our U.S. Population and National Security, in their use perpetration as Mass Weapons of Drug and Chemical Warfare; and to include general Poisons having a bearing as well, concerning the Strychnine and Cyanide that are used to “Cut” the Cocaine and Heroin with, respectively, that the dealers and users of these deadly drugs have impunity to perpetrate under the current system.  It is for these reasons that they need The Death Penalty attached to the Interdiction Process; and for War Embargoes and Loss of Foreign Aid against all Nations harboring Drug Cartels and Mafias Trafficking Drugs into the United States.
     The removal of the Illegal Drugs and Chemicals and continued monitoring against future drug incursions is a daunting task and will need to be accomplished with the use of Federal Troops to be stationed in the drug infested areas of all Major U.S. Cities; pending Federal Legislation for the Order for Federal Troops to be used against the Drug Mafia Cartels, (and in lieu of such an Order as an  intermediate step to the timely and immediate use of our Florida National Guard Troops under the State’s Rights terms of the 10th Amendment of The U.S. Constitution,) and that is to include as well the Redeployment of our Nation’s Homeless and Unemployed Veterans, as our Nation’s first line of Defense, for Homeland Drug Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering; in Compact Coordination together with all existing Drug Enforcement Personnel under the War Clause  Articles of a Martial Law Declaration and under the Wartime Provision of Martial Law to Unlimited Search and Seizure Warrants to be issued based to “Obviousness of Suspicion” of Drug Use and Trafficking; and to Immediate Trials by Military Tribunals in Summary Judgment, to be dispensed with by the Immediate Use of the Death Penalty Imposed for those caught red handed in Major Drug Trafficking, (or otherwise who are proved to be in Conspiracy to it,) in the manner of deeming those Trafficking in Drugs to be Guilty of Domestic Terrorism and Treason.
     Also in Humane terms regarding an overall sympathy for the “Medical Condition” of Drug Addiction for those individuals haplessly involved who have become addicted to these drugs, for the issue to be Legally Decriminalized as a Medical Condition of Substance Abuse for Use and Possession and Remanded to Indefinite Quarantine Rehabilitation Pending their Cooperation and Active Participation in the “Search and Destroy Mission,” to reveal the Sources of their drugs, and that is to be aggressively pursued in the same medical manner as a deadly virus or plague.
     We also need to be realized, (and concerning the use and means of Military Intervention in Combatting the Drug Element,) that this endeavor needs to be “Removed” from the Jurisdictions of the Local Police Departments, whose personnel themselves are prone to “Become Addicted” due to the frequent and constant contact that they experience with the drug powder during arrests and handling; and concerning the other matter of some themselves becoming corrupted by drug addiction and the money associated, to drug trafficking, and as is too often reported to us about. 
     We do therefore require for All Police and Military Personnel to be randomly Drug Screened every six months period; and for the Military “To Take Charge Of” the Disposal of Confiscated Drug Contraband to prevent it from becoming redistributed and resold through local police rings.
     We do need your guaranteed assurances to Us at this time of the upcoming November 4th General Election that this is going to be undertaken by you as a priority agenda if you should be Elected to a second term as our State’s Governor, (if not for you to initiate action immediately.) 

Gary L. Koniz   
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014

 Governor Rick Scott

Rick Scott
Governor                                                  State of Florida  
                             Office of The Governor                                         THE CAPITOL
                                                                     TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 32399-0001
                                                            850-487-0801 fax

October 2, 2014

Mr. Gary Koniz
Number 815
9480 Princeton Square Boulevard South
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

Dear Mr. Koniz:

      Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott's Office and sharing your concerns about
state drug enforcement policy, organized crime and gang violence. Governor Scott wants to
know how people feel about the many critical issues we face and asked that I respond on his

      Governor Scott understands nothing is more important than protecting the safety and
security of every Floridian. He does not believe in waiting for a crime to happen before taking
action. The Governor's administration works proactively with local, state, and federal law
enforcement partners to make a significant impact on crime through prevention, enforcement,
legislation and detention. For information on the state's public safety efforts, please view the
Florida Department of Law Enforcement's web site at

You can influence legislation on issues important to you by contacting your local legislative
delegation.  Contact information for your state legislators can be obtained online at

To ensure they are aware of your concerns, I forwarded a copy of your letter to the Florida
Violent Crime and Drug Control Council.
      Thank you again for taking the time to contact Governor Scott.  Your input is important to


Warren Davis
Office of Citizens Services
Executive Office of The Governor

Florida Violent Crime and Drug Control Council
c/o Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Investigations and Forensic Science Program Office
Post Office Box 1489
Tallahassee, Florida 32302



9840 Princeton Square Blvd. S., #815
Jacksonville, FL  32256
October 16, 2014

Warren Davis
Office of Citizen Services
Executive Office of the Governor
The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL  32399-0001

Dear Mr. Davis:

     Thank you so very much for the courtesy of your letter (10/02/14) in behalf of our State of Florida Governor Rick Scott on the topic of Militarily Removing the Heroin and the presence of other dangerous Drugs and Chemicals from the Sovereign Soil of The State of Florida and overall from The United States entirely, and as we have the means in government resources and the technology available to do so, To Provide For The Common Defense against such matters; which our present government, and stemming from previous Administrations, has been allowing to deteriorate in disgrace, as to The Drugs epidemic situation continuing-on and concerning the deterioration of our U.S. Economy fallen now into corrupt and subversive hands and with being overrun by Third World Populations, (with no offense intended,) undercutting our legitimate Middle Class Wage Structure, in version of a Slave Culture, in urgent and dramatic need to be resolved.  
     The Drugs, and coinciding with The Drug Warfare and Corruption Issue, affect The Economy, which we depend to for our survival and to the survival of our dependent family loved ones; that has become a war front on many levels of threat to us to remove in our civilian efforts to destroy the condition before it destroys us.  War is what it is.
     You need to remember that we are the ones who ultimately live here and who elect our government, in representation, to serve us in our best interest. We don’t choose to cohabitate with The Drugs being tolerated, and we don’t wish to be governed over by Drug Regimes acquiring the corrupt power over us to rule here through The Criminal Inversion of our Political Democracy through terror, concerning their allowing of The Drugs, Immoral Pornography, The Tyranny of Wage Servitude, Price Gouging To The Cost Essentials, and with No Affordable Health Insurance available for the immediate public, To Prevail! that has become a matter of life and death to us to overturn.  Let us prevail then, to eradicate this deadly situation and uphold our American Way of Life.
Gary L. Koniz    
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014

CC:    Florida Violent Crime and Drug Control Council
           C/O Florida Department of Law Enforcement
           Investigations and Forensic Science Program Office
           Post Office Box 1489
           Tallahassee, Florida  32302

Military Force

Subject: Military Force.
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 13:29:00 -0400

Marie Fitzsimmons
7630 Erinwood Ct W
Jacksonville, FL 32256-2500
October 24, 2014
Gary Koniz
9480 Princeton Square Boulevard S, #815
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Mr. Koniz:
Since 2001, Congress has allowed two presidents nearly unchecked power to engage in military action.
Do you support repeal of the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force, the primary law that has expanded presidential power to wage war?
What role should Congress have in overseeing the president's use of military force around the world?  Thou Shalt Not Kill. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love thy neighbor. Love thy enemy.        
Marie Fitzsimmons


Subject: Military Force
Sent:  Sat 10/25/14 6:36

Dear Marie:

Thank you most sincerely for writing me.  

In answer to your question:  Do you support repeal of the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force, the primary law that has expanded presidential power to wage war?
The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), passed as S.J.Res. 23 (Joint Resolution,) by the United States Congress on September 14, 2001, authorizes the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001.  The authorization granted the President the authority to use all "necessary and appropriate force" against those whom he determined "planned, authorized, committed or aided" the September 11th attacks, or who harbored said persons or groups. The AUMF was signed by President George W. Bush on September 18, 2001.

It shudders me to think of a potential president with unlimited powers of command to wage war at his or her own discretion; just for the sake of what it is, and what it represents, "in the wrong hands," and, for the wrong motives, to engage our U.S. Sovereign Human Lives in Acts of Combat, and for the sake of our Nuclear Arsenal and capability for Mass Destruction resting in the hands of one individual.  

All United States Military Action, for those reasons, (with the exception made for Rapid Response situations requiring Immediate Relief,) should and must be made in Concordance with the desires of the entire Congress Acting Together in committing us to such a grave embarking.  And too, there may be Urgent Necessities for War concerning and regarding Aggressions made against us and our U.S. Sovereign Interests, or our Allies abroad to whom we are obligated in reciprocity To Defend.

I do not feel that there should ever be a need for The United States to use Nuclear Weapons, and in the terms of what such action would result in, in destruction to the Earth's Biosphere and Environment for millennia.  However, in the nature of these times, with fanatics at the helms of mass destruction, Nuclear Weapons do make somewhat of a deterrent against Nuclear Attack from other Nations, or Hostile Entities, and preventing them from committing national mass suicide by their use Against Us, resulting in turn in themselves being destroyed; known by the acronym of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction; that however stated is a useless deterrent against those populations inured to Opium/Heroin Use, to whom Individual to Mass Suicide is a longed for Side-Effect to Opium/Heroin Addiction, as causes a psychological deadening to all joy of life as a result, (a Side-Effect of the Poppy Plant Flower,) in making those who ingest it desire for their own death.

And in all regards, in reply to the second part of your inquiry:  Thou Shalt Not Kill. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love thy neighbor. Love thy enemy.  I am a firm believer in Isaiah 2:4:

"He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore."

Oh, joy to my heart for that day being so.  Oh, joy to everyone's hearts.  I don't understand why everyone doesn't see it?


By Susan Cooper Eastman
October 1, 2014
The Story of Jackeline McMullion

I liked your article in the recent edition of very much Susan.  Thanks for sharing it with me.  Your opening paragraph was I felt superbly written and grabbed my attention right-off in admiration for your rich style of compelling composition.

“The large extended McMullion family gathered at their Atlantic Beach place on a recent Sunday evening, Sept. 21, for a cookout — a typical get-together at the old family spot in the Black Pine neighborhood near Mayport.  While Jacqueline McMullion was inside the bungalow, the family watched as three Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office cruisers pulled up to the house.”

She hadn’t been arrested herself, but as a lifelong resident of the four-block-wide historically African-American neighborhood (platted in 1921 during segregation as a development for black homeowners) and someone who spent a lot of time in her white wicker chair on that same front porch watching the JSO cruise through her neighborhood like an occupying army … she’d felt compelled to speak out.

I liked your use of the word “Platted” in your introduction… (platted in 1921 during segregation as a development for black homeowners);  meaning a piece of land; a plot.  It demonstrates a depth of intelligence and reasoning that is needed for this type of discussion.

You had a couple of distracting “typos” though; which I will point out to you.

Jackie’s daughter also (“tired’) to take care of her warrant, but the bail bondsmen she approached said it hadn’t been entered in the system yet.

“Nobody is fooled,” says Sokoni. “Here again, you are talking about how (“to”) police should operate in a black neighborhood. This is really what this is all about. They want to play ping-pong about this. Why are they delivering this warrant now?”

That just goes to show you that every writer needs an interested and concerned proof reader/secretary in their best interest.  I know how it is to find a typo after a piece has been submitted, no turning back.  

Also Sokoni needs to be identified properly.  Who is Sokoni?  Is she Jackie’s daughter?  She seems to be.

Sokoni believes it’s only because McMullion dared to come forward and criticize two JSO officers whom she and others say have been harassing the residents of Black Pine throughout this year.

Let us keep in mind here that the idea would be to resolve the issue between Black Pines and the Local Police and JSO by conferencing the problems being experienced there in that predominately Black Community.  

The efforts of our most honorable Sheriff John Rutherford to Serve and Protect the Public need to be respected.  

An aggressive Police Presence may be needed there in that particular neighborhood.  And as a “late arrival” to the discussion myself; what exactly “are the issues being faced there?”  Perhaps that matter could be refreshed in your current reporting and with a polite interview with Sheriff Rutherford about it to get at the full story going down there.  

We need to be assuaging tensions and not needlessly creating or adding to them.  The last thing we need is a violent confrontation of a looting, burning, destructive rioting "in demonstration," and with the safety and well-being of our fine Police Officers on the front line, and as well to speak for the safety of other innocent lives at stake.

I am a firm believer that if we put "Positive Energy" in the path of "Negativity," that we will overcome it.  The love-hate thing in relationships is a "Thin Line," that can quickly and easily revert one to the other and back again just as fast.  What everyone needs is to be loved and respected and cared for.  And how quickly that they respond it.  What can we do to help to change the situation there in Black Pines?  What needs to be done?

Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014


Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 09:46:45 -0400
Subject: Re: Military Force.


Thanks for pointing out the typo. I reviewed the story before print and it went through an editor and copyeditor. I guess we all missed it. I would have to re-read the story to see how Opio Sokoni is identified. He is the president of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. I can't imagine that he wasn't identified, but it's possible in making cuts for the story to fit the page that his i.d. information was removed.

The Police State Strikes Back is a follow-up story to my cover story, Police State. If you read it, you will understand more about the neighborhood and JSO patrols there. If you do, I think you will find it baffling to explain why JSO placed so many officers on patrol in such a tiny neighborhood.


Susan Cooper Eastman


Subject: RE: Military Force.
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 16:33:30 -0400

Dear Susan:

I re-read your article: "The Police State Strikes Back," Posted 10/1/14.

And, I owe you an apology for not giving you a more in depth reading in regard to my inquiry about who Sokoni was.  In re-reading the article I discovered that I had overlooked his identity which was indeed mentioned.

“Nobody is fooled by what is going on,” says Opio Sokoni, president of the Jacksonville chapter of the SCLC, who organized a community meeting with the JSO in July to talk about police harassment.

Please forgive me.  I should have known that the information was in the article somewhere and re-read it again to find it instead of speed reading along.  I am sorry.  Perhaps it was extra-sensory intuition kicking in, "to tread lightly with the police" who may be improperly being judged here, and who may be on legitimate patrols on police business for the reasons not mentioned to the public and in no need for anyone to be inciting riots of ill-will and animosity towards these police officers and placing them in harm’s way, as I earlier discussed with you.  

Please let me know if there is anything further in that I can do for you?  A direct interview with Sheriff Rutherford discussing the situartion there at Black Pines perhaps would help.

Gary Koniz

Experimental Breeder Reactors

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 18:00:44 -0400
Subject: Rob from Pepboys on Baymeadows

Good Evening,

Mr. Koniz, we spoke briefly at pep boys about a "Full Faith Certificate".  I personally have been interested in the affairs of American Currency since college.  Ever since we spoke I have been researching your positions quite extensively and I have to say that I am convinced. Now for a long time as a citizen I have been for making a greenback as we had before the fractional reserve system became the main form of creating currency; (which I believe is leading to many of the problems that the United States has, when you have the pay back the same currency at interest to the private bank that initially funds the currency out of debt creation.)  In my opinion it forms a form of indentured servitude.

The most interesting thing to me however was probably in your seventh point to remove nuclear waste in your seven of your ten main points. I would have to point out that the Light Water Reactor being used for nuclear power currently is tooled specifically for nuclear proliferation.

There are other types of reactor tested and have been run in the past for decades, that have no chance of meltdown, are literally carbon neutral, re-breed the spent fuel into fuel that can be used again until the radioactivity is easily handled without special equipment in a decade vs 10,000 years like LWRs: and unlike the LWR, because the cooling system is not pressurized and the neutron mediation in inherent in design, they CANNOT MELTDOWN. They are proliferation resistant.  They use other fuels that are not nearly as dangerous such as Uranium-Plutonium. The longest standing example of such is EBR-2 and the Argonne National Laboratory, which they turned off on the weekends so they did not have to watch it, think about that.  [Experimental Breeder Reactor-II (EBR-II) is a reactor designed, built and operated by Argonne National Laboratory in Idaho. It was shut down in 1994.]

It is a sodium cooled reactor with a thermal power rating of 62.5 megawatts (MW), an intermediate closed loop of secondary sodium, and a steam plant that produces 19 MW of electrical power through a conventional turbine generator. The original emphasis in the design and operation of EBR-II was to demonstrate a complete breeder-reactor power plant with on-site reprocessing of metallic fuel. The demonstration was successfully carried out from 1964 to 1969. The emphasis was then shifted to testing fuels and materials for future, larger, liquid metal reactors in the radiation environment of the EBR-II reactor core. It operated as the Integral Fast Reactor prototype. Costing more than US$32 million, it achieved first criticality in 1965 and ran for 30 years. It was designed to produce about 62.5 megawatts of heat and 20 megawatts of electricity, which was achieved in September 1969 and continued for most of its lifetime. Over its lifetime it has generated over two billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, providing a majority of the electricity and also heat to the facilities of the Argonne National Laboratory-West.

In 1986, with the EBR-II reactor running at full power and the emergency shutdown systems disabled, the reactor's supply of electricity was turned off causing the coolant pumps to stop. This is worse than Fukushima where the reactor was shutdown when the coolant pumps failed. At Fukushima, the emergency shut down system turned off the reactor as soon as it detected the earthquake; the reactor was shut down when the tsunami destroyed the electric generators causing the coolant pumps to stop and subsequently the core to meltdown.

EBR-II had a negative thermal coefficient of reactivity that shut down the reactor when the temperature increased due to loss of the coolant pumps; the time required to heat the large pool of sodium surrounding the reactor provided a sufficient time buffer for the passive decay heat removal system to prevent the EBR-II reactor from melting down. The safe shutdown of the EBR-II relied only on the laws of physics and did not require operator or control system intervention.

The reason why we have such incomprehensibly sloppy nuclear power plants is because a captain in the navy by the name of Hyman Rickover rejected the Fast Breeder Reactors, Gen IV, Molten Salt Reactors, Thorium Fluoride Reactors, etc. in favor of the LWR so that they did not have to retool which would have been very expensive, Thorium in particular had the disadvantage that no weapons could be made from it. 

Chemical power, i.e. Coal, Gas, Petrol, has one flaw that no one can argue. That flaw is not pollution or peak oil. That flaw is energy density.  Now because of our modern society that means that soon because of all the infrastructure, gadgets, and power hungry appliances our simple issue is Energy Invested per Energy Returned.  43KJ/KG (Kilojoule/Kilogram °C) is not enough man.  [The kilojoule per kilogram per degree Celsius is a unit of specific heat capacity, which is a decimal multiple of the metric unit of joule per kilogram per degree Celsius. Its symbol is kJ/kg•°C.]  Eventually it is going to take more energy to get gas/coal/CNG (Compressed Natural Gas,) than we are getting out of it.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this Mr. Koniz. I have purchased your Democratic Labor Party Platform 2010. I will be reading it on my next full day off. Whenever that is.

Roberto Lopez-Velez


Subject: RE: Rob from Pepboys on Baymeadows
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 07:14:55 -0400

     Thanks for writing to me, Rob, with your most interesting contribution of brilliant discussions.
     I am going to study your ideas very carefully to incorporate them into my platform with a knowledgeable base, thanks to you, to work from.  You will ever be one of my top advisers to depend on should I be elected.  I like the way you think and relate to the problems of the world.
     I appreciate your purchase of the Democratic Labor Party Platform 2010.  There's a sequel to it in 2012.  I'm emailing you the Free Link to get the book online.  Here it is:  You can download it for free.  It's very interesting reading.  So long for now.  Got to run to a meeting.  Hope to hear more of you and your well respected critiques.  Gary
Most Sincerely

Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014

















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