About The Candidate

Gary L. Koniz and Wife Kathy

         The Candidate Gary L. Koniz is an Investigative Journalist, the son of a Medical Nutrition Specialist, Margaret Fondren Koniz, and a Research Chemist, Leon F. Koniz. He is currently involved with many of the great Humanitarian and Social Struggles of our day and with troubleshooting the developing crises concerns of state as they affect us imperatively in the context of our Society and within the realm of our ambition and ability as a People Politically to resolve.
     He was born in Fort Meade, Maryland in 1946 and was raised and educated in The Mid-Hudson Valley Region of New York State. He was drafted out of high school and served in The United States Armed Forces from 1964-1967 with The Army Corps of Engineers as a Heavy Equipment Operator and fought in The Vietnam War in 1966. After his Honorable Discharge he was fortunate to be taken-in by The International Union of Operating Engineers and worked as a Heavy Equipment Operator for Local 137 for ten years. He also earned a Commercial Pilot License during that time under The G.I. Bill with single and multi-engine land ratings and later worked as a Charter Pilot for a local airport and flew extensively throughout the Eastern and Central United States and Canada, flying passengers and cargo.

     In 1970 he began to undertake his college studies and to fulfill his real life’s “Calling of God” to be a writer. To accomplish which goal he attended and graduated Summa Cum Laude from The State University at New Paltz, NY with a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Humanities and Creative Writing in 1974.  After graduation he attended graduate studies for several years and taught Freshman English as a Teaching Assistant at SUNY University before beginning his professional writing career in taking a job as Project Development Team Supervisor, creating employment positions and writing Grant Proposals for The Dutchess County C.E.T.A. Program (Comprehensive Training and Employment Act,) under President Carter’s Administration.
     Immediately following the conclusion of his successful tenure with the C.E.T.A. Program, in 1979 (having fulfilled his quota of creating over 3,500 C.E.T.A. Job placements for the needy and desperately unemployed and impoverished population in placing them with county-wide not-for-profit agencies locally,) he then took a job with The Poughkeepsie, NY School District in the position of Public Information Officer as a Reporter/Photographer covering school events in connection with the local newspaper The Poughkeepsie Journal.  It was with this newspaper that he began doing Freelance Journalism Dispatch Work in Investigative Journalism with this press for the next ten years covering The War On Drugs (becoming involved directly with President Ronald Reagan’s Task Force in 1981, “To Break The Cone of Silence Surrounding Organized Crime Activities,” regarding The Drug-Chemical Warfare Subversive Terrorism occurring in the aftermath of The Vietnam War.)  He was also involved with many other issues of; the Economy, Labor, Humane Appeals, Race Relations, a Proper Moral Code for The Nation, and The Environment, before relocating to Buffalo, NY in 1989.

     In Buffalo he became involved with Bishop Henry Mansell of The Diocese of Buffalo on an expansive Christian Social Outreach Project on Government Reform and began to work as an advisor and media correspondent with Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan on The War On Drugs, and many other vital issue of the hour; that as well involved working closely on all levels of the government with many other Political Leaders, most notably with Senator Alfonse D’Amato, Senator Jay Rockefeller, (with whom he assisted in working on the Senator’s 1992 Presidential Campaign Platform as a Policy Platform Speech Writer, and with whom he continues on with to the present day in correspondence,) and Senator Edward Kennedy, (with whom he worked closely with as well on the Drug War.)  He also worked closely with, and in conjunction to AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney, on Economic/Labor Issues, and was successfully involving with raising The Minimum Wage; and to the upgrading of The Minimum Wage Law itself to the initiation of a Prevailing Fair Wage and Benefits Legislation based to The Federal Government’s General Schedule, (GS) Standards formula, and for Universal IRS Deductible Health Care, (as yet to be accomplished.) He also worked very closely with NYS Congressman Jack Quinn, (in particular,) and with New York State Governor George Pataki, with New York State Senator William T. Stackowski, New York State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, Erie County Executive Dennis Gorski, The City of Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello, with Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement, with Government Agencies, (most notably The Federal Aviation Administration,) and with The National Guard and Central Command on The Drug War.

     During this time (of the decade 1989 – 2000,) he was also directly responsible for the clearing the City of Buffalo‘s air with The Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA,) regarding the local Bethlehem Steel Mill in stopping it from its burning of low grade coal with high sulfur benzene carcinogens emissions.  And he was responsible for the resolution of The Native American Indians‘ Tax Treaty Case, with New York State‘s Governor George Pataki, (that was resolved in the favor of The Seneca Indian Nation for New York State not to Tax on their Reservations in Violation of the existing Treaty With The Seneca, in a state of War Crisis.)

     The Candidate also did extensive coaching and air-time psychology work as well as providing literary contributions with the Actor Larry Hagman for many years as a contributing commentator and was instrumental in organizing the final episode of “Dallas,” entitled, “The Dallas Reunion,” in psychological resolution to the tragic (apparent suicide) ending of the show in relief to his grief stricken fans. He was also a Correspondent, Political Press Agent, and Information News Source Advisor to The Editor of The Buffalo News, Mr. Murray Light, from 1989 – 2000 (and in major contributions to his “War Press” in Policy Confrontation to the Drug War and to other crises of the era.)  He was successful in forming a united public army around The Buffalo News in influence and with the ability to generate dynamic social policy change, (in resolution to The Drug War,) before moving to Jacksonville, FL in 2000 where he currently resides with his wife Kathleen and works as a National Correspondent and Lobbyist for; Veterans Affairs, (The Wounded Warrior Program,) Labor Rights, the Economy, and the Environment, and is a Contributing Editorial Policy Writer for many newspapers and agencies; including The Buffalo News, The New York Times, CNN, The Poughkeepsie Journal, The Washington Post, and with The Florida Times Union of Jacksonville, FL. He is also a Contributing Freelance Writer for Military Officer Magazine, and The Catholic News Service.

     He became involved with Journalism as a Calling of The Spirit to help reform the many ways of errors of humanity, In Sympathy to The Creator Divine that has become his life long quest in personal ambition to fulfill.  It is to his belief that we only need to have the proper "Imprinting" of guidance in our lives to become the true potential of our divine-selves as human beings. and as a society, to be healed and to know The Creator in appreciation of our existence.  Imprinting Is Everything, (and that is, having the proper instructions and guidance of how we are to behave and function in our lives "taught to us" by the example in leadership personally displayed through our elders and peers,) and what is crucial in the training of our young particularly to establish early-on And that is all we need to realize about setting "the good example," (given to the corrections of any errors,) to persevere with correctly in this life. The Candidate plans to continue his work in support of Social Reform, of Inspiring People, and To Enlighten the Ways of Humanity, Offering Hope.

     The Candidate Gary L. Koniz is committed in his dedication to the Ideals of America; of Hard Work, Faith, Family, Freedom, Equality, and Excellence, and with a devotion to the pursuit of knowledge to that end and to the achievement of his goals to shape the destiny of our Proud Nation to create a more Just and Humane Society for the American People who the Nation cares about and protects as the Divine Standard of its intent overall, Held on the High Moral Ground of Principle, in keeping to the vision of our Founding Fathers, for unity and nobility of purpose. 

     To what end that he has taken up with the leadership of this Nation's Government, on its many levels, over the years in determination to properly instruct the public on the correct paths of life to follow and of what to do to succeed in life, individually, and as a Country, to heal the vices and ills of our people and to bring our government about to its fullest Potential as an Inspired Nation under God, upon God’s Earth, and to The Creator’s Terms of Mature Proper Agreement as it reflects in the Guiding Standards of our Spirited Country.  

Greater Buffalo Building & Construction Trades Council with President Dan Boody, 1992- 2000
New York AFL-CIO, New York, NY – 1992-2000 with President Edward Cleary – Policy
AFL-CIO International - with President John Sweeney - 1995-2009 and with the current President Richard Trumka 2009 – Present –Representing United Labor Policy Agreement Florida AFL-CIO currently with President Mike Williams – Union Organizer and Policy Writer
North Florida Central Labor Council – Currently with President Russell Harper – local outreach
Organizer and Secretary to the International Brotherhood Of Golf Course Maintenance Workers with ClubCorp U.S.A. d/b/a DeerCreek Country Club Maintenance Department, Jacksonville, FL

INTERESTS: G o l f  –  R e a d i n g – G a r d e n i n g - Current Events - Chess – Aviation

Journalist Correspondent  
9480 Princeton Square Blvd. S., #815
Jacksonville, FL  32256   

A Day of Golf on The Palmer Course at The Villages, Florida - 8/17/2016

Jacksonville Executive Airport Craig Field


Cessna 150 Aircraft

Times Union Candidate Questonnaire

In responding to the Questionnaire to state that: I am not just running for office.  I am out to organize Americans to accomplish what must be done here to fix the many serious problems that we are facing beginning with the overall economy to actually do something about.  That I will start out with by not answering the following #2 question on legal ground and general affront of principle; however I will respond to it thusly for the sake of all of the candidates being queried:

"2. Have you ever been sued, arrested or declared bankruptcy? If so, please give relevant details."

This question is really none of anybody's gossipy business, and is totally inappropriate for The Times Union to inquire after.  I am just mentioning this for your legal clarification because it constitutes a Biased Discrimination in Media Misuse of Classified Information and is a breach of Security under FL Statute: 501.171(5)(1) Security of confidential personal information.—

All candidates (and other than they are barred from running for office for unresolved Major Felony crimes and whose Rights have not been restored,) have their Fundamental Right To Privacy to be respected; (the same as with you and as it would be the same for anybody). 

The explanations to these questions (of what the Candidates are being forced to provide the details over by your impertinent questioning;) may be legally sensitive and involving of other people's reputations and rights to privacy; that could be complicated, of a sensitive nature, or of dangerous circumstances, to discuss openly.  A person may be falsely accused of a crime, or be arrested on fabricated charges by Mafia Police, or be Framed by Mafia Corruption, for example, to have to go into "Public Details” about.  It is therefore an indelicacy for the Times Union to ask such publicly embarrassing privacy questions and in forcing “Relevant Details” about to justify.

The Right To Privacy is a Fundamental Right that is Guaranteed by the 4th Amendment to The United States Constitution; that parties seeking such information would need a Legal Warrant for; specifically issued by Court Order or Required by Statute, for the release of specific personal background information; to obtain for specific reasons, and for the Specific Information sought. 

The Times Union therefore does not have Probable Cause to make such inquiries into the private lives of Political Candidates to be publicly peered over in your newspaper; on the motive of satisfying your Personal Curiosity or intent of Partisan Persecution in Biased Discrimination.  

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I could publicly ask you any manner of impertinent questions; and whether that they would be justified or not to inquire after the answers to; does that give me the right to demand an answered response from you about them in the impertinence of the inquiry for Background Information?

I think not.  And the same holds true for the other two embarrassing questions that you asked: to inquire after anyone’s Bankruptcies and/or Law Suits against them, Ever.  That the public in curiosity to such questions has No Probable Need To Know and is Not Justified in asking for.

And to point out automatically; That, Not To Answer The Questions, of inquiry into one’s personal background information is tantamount in created suspicion to pleading guilty to them. 

So, you see, the position is untenable.  You cannot thereof force people "To Lie," politely expressed, to protect their right to privacy.  Wherefore: the resolution is resolved to remove Question #2 from your Questionnaire.  Sadistic Ad Hominem Probing is never becoming.

 “1. What is your major accomplishment in public life?”

While we were away in Vietnam an Enemy sowed the seeds of  massive destruction here in the form of Pandemic Drug War that broke out in The United States; as it was horrifically occurring then throughout the Vietnam War and well into the mid-to late 1980s, that originates in the mid-Hudson Valley Region of New York State, of Poughkeepsie, and  Highland, NY, and the Immigrant Stronghold of The Italian Mafia, and Elsewhere emanating from the Cities of New York, Albany, and Buffalo, NY; regarding the Italian Cosa Nostra Mafia and the Gulag Archipelago of their Drug Sabotage Related Mental Health Psychiatric System; that was set up by their Italian Mafia Political design to be The Active Arm of their brand of Communism known as American Fascism; using methods of involving and entrapping the population into conspiracy with Drug Addiction and Drug Trafficking and Pornography Criminalizing, and by means of Black Hand, Black Mail, Coercion, to the perpetration of Drug Chemical Warfare upon the entire innocent and naïve American population; a condition in which the entire population of the Region, (and spread throughout The United States in total effect,) was being mercilessly attacked by in a relentless siege in perpetration of LSD, PCP, Drug, Chemical Warfare, (by Atmospheric means as well as by Food and Beverage perpetration,) the victims of which who were then made into Mental Patients, (Without Legal Due Process,) and force-taken into Psychiatric Detention, where they were then assaulted by Means of Forced Treatment with deadly Drug Psychotropic Chemicals designed to maim and to disable them, by Pharmacy touted to be therapeutically necessary as medications for the treatment of the Induced Mental Illness Disorders; and only to destroy them.  And which, for point of fact, as to these medications, Induce the Disorders they are advertised to cure; which was then Being Allowed to Stage Itself without Intervention from the Established Authorities and without Legal Recourse to the Constitution to Protect the Rights of the Psychiatric Accused to Fair and Equal Justice.

This Clandestine War was also surreptitiously being waged by Alliances to the Italian Cosa Nostra; Heroin, Cocaine, Pornography Mafia War Base, by Jewish Zionist Mafia Elements (known as Murder Incorporated,) bent on massing and aggrandizing The United States for their own kind in defining Zionism; in the manner of Waging Drug Warfare as a Preemptive War Front; and by other Racial and Ethnic designs of Mafia Subterfuge being perpetrated by the Black Heroin Voodoo Mafia against the White Race; and by the Spanish Drug Cartels from Mexico and South America; and Enemies of The American United States All; At War With Us, in the same sense as other modern Terrorist Organizations such as Al Qaeda are to be conceived.  And which War was also Being Waged for Personal Retaliation Motives of; Homosexuality, and Women’s War Agendas; and other Seditious Purposes of Drug Dealing, Monetary Corruption, and Pornography Intrigues, all attacking together in Warfaring Fronts.

My most Major Accomplishment while in Public Life was To Resolve this Mass Warfaring Crisis here in America while I was Press Aid and Personal Assistant/Advisor to the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (DNY); during the era of the Clinton Administration, from 1989-2000, when Senator Moynihan retired.  Who, and together with myself acting in his behalf, oversaw the Coordination of the entire Intervention to the Drug War; to what I was also the FAA Coordinator and Press Correspondent to.  I was particularly involved with the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the Drug Chemical Warfare occurring to pilots, that I undertook the roll of Senate Coordinator about; with Government Agencies orienting to the Drug Interdiction Program in National Anti-Drug Efforts, Civilian Forces; Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, and Military Units, in Joint Investigations; to mount a coordinated and sustained attack on the Drug Warfarring Enemies to The United States.  That was finally put down by the means of; Aggressive Intervention, Creating Public Employment, Massive Drug Screenings, and by a sustained Anti-Drug Media Educational Campaign appealing to a Drug Free America. But this Drug War is far from over however!

What we need to do now is to confront this War On Drugs as a real War to be Intervened Upon; (and particularly to do with the Insidious Soporific Drug Opium/Heroin, to what that Cocaine is the Invigorating Antidote to;) of deadly intent upon American Lives, and upon Our Society in the Ruin of its; Social Degeneration, Generated Crime and Corruption, and Guns on the Street.  This is to be accomplished by; Decriminalizing Drug and Substance Abuse for the addicted users who are its victims, and by treating the matter as a Medical Issue to be resolved by strict Quarantined Detoxification Rehabilitation; and for the Major Drug Traffickers; Growers, Producers, and Distributors, to be rendered into the hands of The United States Military operating systematically under the War Time Articles of Martial Law with unlimited Search and Destroy Warrants based to Obviousness of Suspicion to be Field Tried by Military Tribunals for Immediate Executions.  

3. Please list your endorsements.

Journalist Louis William Rose:  3/17/2014

"Gary L. Koniz is my favorite candidate. While we do not agree on everything by far, he is courageous in his convictions, does not lie or disseminate, freely debates anywhere on any subject, and is a gracious gentleman in his demeanor and approach to others, especially those with whom he disagrees."

Florida Former Governor Charlie Crist:  8/1/2014
Currently Running for Congress in Florida's 13th Congressional District:

"Hello Gary, It was great seeing you recently.  Thanks for your help and support in keeping Florida on track.  Hope to see you soon."  Charlie Christ press@charliecrist.com * www.CharlieCrist.com * PO Box 1067, St. Petersburg, FL  33731

From: mburesh@ActionNewsJax.com
To: gary.koniz@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Returning voice mail-message to WTEV-CBS and WAWS-FOX TV
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2014 15:05:06 +0000

I understand your concerns, Gary.

Take care….
Mike Buresh

Mike Buresh I Chief Meteorologist
COX Media Group I 11700 Central Parkway Unit #2 I Jacksonville, FL 32224
X: 0500 D: 904.996.5500 C: 904.545.0605 E: mburesh@actionnewsjax.com

Endorsed by Florida's United States Senator Bill Nelson:  9/23/2014

For my exhaustive "Two State Resolution" Work with The United Nations on the recent 2013 Mid-East Peace Stalemate, and as was indicated for by former President Jimmy Carter in his book about the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict entitled, "Peace Not Apartheid"  for the correct line of reasoning and approach to peace to be taken:

Charles Frederick Tolbert:  4/22/2016
Candidate for United States Senate Florida 2016
Citizens For A Better America Party of Florida

"English Is the Official Language of Florida Initiative (Article II, Section 9) {Adopted} Florida Constitution states English only. If then any business or major company uses English and Spanish without using the other languages it is a violation of the Florida constitution. The English as Florida's Official Language Amendment, on the ballot as Measure 11, was on the 1988 ballot in Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment.  Amendment 11 established English as the official state language. It was approved."

Marti and Ron Marti Steed: 5/23/2016
Steed Real Estate
At The Historic RR Station
PO Box 303, 9 N. Center St.
Millerton, NY  12546
914-489-8706 Cell  -  528-789-3811  Office

Gary, thank you for your enthusiasm and confidence in the American people.  I can see that your dedication to a better government takes up a great deal of your time and Ron and I appreciate your efforts.  It is our hope that more people will begin to listen to your impassioned pleas and join in a common cause for all.  With gratitude and appreciation for your service. 

Steve Sipos - Commentary:  6/5/ 2016
U.S. Army Field Artillery '67-'68 II Corps Vietnam  
Poughkeepsie, NY    

Gary, So many of us from our era participated in military service. We all had jobs that involved some level of danger and or terror. These quotes apply to all who serve to protect us: military, police, fire.... "When the country is in danger, the military’s mission is to wreak destruction upon the enemy.” It’s a harsh and bloody business, but that’s what the military’s for. As George Orwell pointed out, "People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because tough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

We want Jesus to be the kind of savior that we want, but we are supposed to become like Him, to become other Christs, and that is never easy, is it?  Because He is about a way of life.  He's about the decisions we make in business and school. He's about honesty and caring and concern for others. He's about fidelity and ethics. He's about truth and making relationships work. He's about keeping one's word. He's about life, both here and hereafter. He's principled as well as merciful, demanding as well as forgiving, and He wants us to grow, to be decent, to be holy, to be saints. He will settle for nothing less.

The Sad fact is....Our corrupt government is a direct reflection of what "We the People" of America have become.  Our culture has been corrupted to the point it has no identity and no values.  Instead of seeking God, many have completed rejected God.  To reject God is to reject America.  No more "In God We Trust".  No more "One Nation Under God'.  No more "God Bless America". Where is America without God?  What is the American Dream without God?

The American Dream has been much different than expected: to succeed by working hard, to live an honest life, to strive to do the right thing, to help others whenever we can, and to live a principled life. But the middle class that is/was the heart and soul of America is all but dead.

Sally Baptiste: 6/24/2016
Orlando, Florida
American Statesman
Online Blog Talk Radio

Russell Harper – President:   5/21/2016
North Florida Central Labor Council

CONSTRUCTION - LABOR ORGANIZATION – EMPLOYMENT - RESUME:  INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS: Heavy Equipment Operator (1967 -2000) LOCAL 137, BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY - LOCAL 17, WEST SENECA, NY Greater Buffalo Building And Construction Trades Council - 1992- 2000 – Construction Trades Agreement
New York AFL-CIO, New York, NY – with former President Edward Cleary – Policy Writer
AFL-CIO International - with former President John Sweeney - 1995-2009 – Currently Richard Trumka
North Florida Central Labor Council – Currently with President Russell Harper Secretary – 2010-Present
International Brotherhood Of Golf Course Maintenance Workers Union - Secretary and NLRB Agent DeerCreek Country Club Maintenance Department

French, Jason
Mon 11:53 AMYou

Hi Gary,

I like the clear and short nature of the Fiat Money Bill.  It is a fabulous and easy read, but I apologize in advance for maybe using different definitions coming from the financial/economic world on a daily basis; but I do not see the ability to only place only 1/4th of the Nation’s yearly budget in the form of “Full Faith Fiat Currency Issue”.  This tool works wonderfully in theory, but human nature would surely corrupt this system over time.  This type of currency can be compared to giving an “unlimited credit card” to a young child and telling them they can go to Toys R’ Us to buy whatever they want, but to spend “responsibly”.  Such subjective legislation may work for a time, but if the other 3/4ths of the currency derived from GNDP is replaced completely with this currency, we could have a major economic crisis on our hands.  I feel that specific controls preventing this occurrence should be added to the bill.

I also suggest watching an episode of The Twlight Zone called “The Rip Van Winkle Caper”.

Best wishes on your campaign!

Jason French
Financial Advisor
Capital Financial Strategies, Inc.
Securian Financial Group
10199 Southside Blvd. #200
Jacksonville,FL 32256
Tel   904-746-0560
Cell  904-357-0714
Fax  904-626-7996


Securities and Investment advisory services offered through Securian Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.  Capital Financial Strategies, Inc. is an independently operated affiliate of Securian Financial Services, Inc. 
Gary Koniz
Mon 8/15/2016 4:52 PM

Thank you for your excellent critique, Jason. Drafting "Specific Controls" is then indeed the key to the solution and as well in the assurance that the arrangement of responsible and incorruptible government management can be achieved. I fully believe that it can be pending the right determination of the people to do so, ever vigilantly.  Thank you once again.

The desire for World Peace and Total Disarmament has to come from somewhere.  Where and what do you suppose that somewhere is?  What is the psychological reasoning behind the idea to motive it?  I'll tell you a little about myself in that regard to relate with you on the subject in the manner of why and what motivates me and anyone to study the Field of Psychology on a personal human level of understanding with the idea of being able "to heal" people psychologically, or to be able "to motivate" people psychologically to heal themselves, of the "Psychological Tools" necessary to be able to do that.  That is understandably a very complex thing, but one also that is finite in its parts to understand, and which is in the same way as a physician perceives the organs of the body regarding the organization of the human mind.  To what my Educated Orientation has been in evolving to the idea to have the psychological understanding, of psychological tools, to motivate the entire earth.  You feel it too. 

Gary Koniz:   6/22/2016

4. Do you endorse the following Open Government Pledge from the First Amendment Foundation? If you have any misgivings, please explain:                                        [YES]

“I believe that open and transparent government is essential to our democracy. Florida’s citizens have both constitutional and statutory guarantees of access to government records and meetings, and access to this information is vital for citizens to exercise their political power.

I pledge to abide by the spirit and letter of Florida’s Public Records and Open Meetings Laws.  I will also uphold citizens’ constitutional right of access as established by the Florida Constitution. 

I will make diligent efforts to ensure that my employees and colleagues understand and promote compliance with open government laws.

Further, I agree to use mobile electronic communications or social media for public business only if the proper systems are in place to capture and retain these public records.  I will also support efforts to place government information online whenever possible in order to facilitate access for Florida citizens.”

  • To reduce Waste Fraud and Abuse; and
  • To use the "Hidden Hand" (Free Enterprise Scrutiny Competition to all Government Contracts and otherwise Expenditures to eliminate and reduce unnecessary spending) 

To move 21st century fiscal governance into an Open Market.

The Core “Vision Mission Goals” (VMG’s)

of the People's Checkbook program is to Improve Government Efficiency by:

  • Infusing the "The Free Market & Hidden Hand" in all Government Fiscal Operations.
  • We anticipate a reduction in Fraud Waste and Abuse as the program builds toward the People's Checkbook of (100% Accountability)
  • The [VMG] Vision Mission Goal of the People's Checkbook programs is to establish 100% 24/7 WEB-based and Public Cable based Transparency first in all government fiscal operations at the City, County and all in County based Authorities, to the fact that it is now technically possible:
  • To make available all fiscal transaction real time and most important:
  • That tax payers are indeed legally entitled to see how every penny - every cent - of their money and their assets are spent and accounted for wisely. In simple terms our primary VMG goal:

     RE: 100% .GOV Transparency = 100% .GOV Accountability
      Social-Capitalism Is Our Global Political Philosophy
     "Our Goal Is To Form A Government That Works For All The People"


5. Should LGBT people be included in federal anti-discrimination laws?   [YES]

I prefer they use the legal term of "Civil Union" (amounting to the same legality as a marriage) in the form of an officially binding Social Contract to describe the union between two same-sex partners; and to honor The Sanctity of the term "Marriage" to define the Union between a Man and a Woman that upholds our Nation's Traditional Family Values In Virtue defining a Marriage.

3. Do you support deepening the St. Johns River for the port? Describe your environmental concerns related to the deepening.                                    [YES]

I am very much for the environmentalist in concern to the protection of our environment and the life dependent to it, including our own; and I am quite satisfied here to side with the experts with The St. Johns River Alliance and The Environment Protection Agency.  This is indeed a most complicated matter both from the Environmental/Ecological and Economic Standoff Points of Issue, the details of what are critical to review.  Here now are the arguments to be considered.

The federal channel along the St. Johns River is maintained at a depth of 40 feet.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently managing two harbor projects in the area. The first project will improve the flow of the St. Johns River at Mile Point, where intra-coastal and river currents pose navigational hindrances for deep draft vessels during certain tidal conditions.

In January 2013, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced a commitment of $38 million in state and local funding to complete the Mile Point project. The investment enables JAXPORT to jump-start the final phase of fixing this navigational hazard in the St. Johns River. Deepening the harbor is essential to meet the needs of larger cargo ships transiting the Suez Canal today - and the expanded Panama Canal in just a couple of years - as those vessels deliver cargo to JAXPORT terminals. A 47-foot depth for the federal channel would position JAXPORT as the first U.S. East Coast port of call for fully loaded New Panamax class vessels.

St. Johns Riverkeeper (SJRK) has reviewed the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for the Jacksonville Harbor Navigation Study conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

St. Johns Riverkeeper however has serious concerns that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:
• Underestimates the environmental impacts
• Overstates the economic impacts
• Proposes a mitigation plan that is woefully inadequate
• Denies the public of the opportunity to engage in meaningful public participation due to the lack of detail, depth of analysis, and critical information and data that is missing from the DSEIS
• Has not completed numerous studies required for a thorough evaluation If the above concerns are not sufficiently addressed, St. Johns Riverkeeper will be forced to take legal action to avoid potential harm to the St. Johns River due to the inadequacies of the DSEIS and the significant uncertainties that still remain.

Unfortunately, due to the expedited time - frame established by the “We Can’t Wait Initiative”, we are concerned that the USACE may not have enough time to resolve these deficiencies and the shortcomings of the DSEIS analysis.

The purpose of the DSEIS is to address the potential environmental impacts and economic vitality of the proposal to dredge the existing channel of the St. Johns River from 40 to 47 - feet, which is the Locally Preferred Plan (LPP). Thirteen miles of the river would be deepened, from the mouth of the St. Johns River to just west of the Dames Point Bridge near Blount Island, and two areas of the channel close to Chicopit Bay and Ft. Caroline National Memorial would also be widened for large cargo ships to turn around. This would result in the removal of 18 million cubic yards of dredged material. In addition, up to 56 million cubic yards of dredge material would be removed from annual maintenance dredging over the 50 - year life of the project. The report estimates the cost of the dredging project at $733 million, including nearly $80 million for mitigation of anticipated environmental impacts.

Unfortunately, the fast tracked DSEIS fails our river and our community in the following ways:

“Salinity:” changes may modify the biological community, altering or eliminating vegetative composition (i.e. SAV or wetlands) and thus altering or eliminating habitat for species using those communities.

“Residency Time:” The St. Johns is already plagued with excessive nutrient loading and frequent algal blooms.  Harbor deepening could exacerbate this problem, making it more difficult to restore the balance of flora and fauna in the river.

“Threatened and Endangered Species:” The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have recently stated that the potential use of confined blasting techniques to deepen the Federal channel is a concern. Also, in early scoping, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated that the no-action alternative should be selected because they felt that threatened and endangered species could not be adequately protected during blasting operations.”

“Storm Surge:” Even slight increases in storm water elevation beyond ambient conditions will increase flooding and damage along the low elevation lands that bound much of the river and its tributaries.

“Sedimentation and Turbidity:” The proposed deepening – be it at 45 - ft or 47 - ft -- will clearly have a significant impact upon the river’s hydraulic and sedimentation patterns which is not adequately discussed in the DSEIS.  For example; by increasing the hydraulic efficiency of the channel in the center of the river, both the tidal and riverine flow become increasingly concentrated to the middle of the river, further changing the flow patterns along the banks and side channels.

“Aquifer Impacts:”  The DSEIS’s claims that the proposed deepening will not affect the surficial aquifer is based upon a study conducted by the USGS in 1981 – thirty two years ago – which is claimed to be included in the report, but it is not. An update of the study is said to be in preparation, but neither its scope nor findings are available. The National Park Service (NPS) also expressed concerns that “deepening of the channel may impact the surficial aquifers and indirectly affect the coastal marsh plant community (change community composition and diversity of plants), streams and tidal creeks.” NPS continues stating that “saltwater has a higher content of dissolved salts and minerals; it is denser than freshwater, causing it to have higher hydraulic head than freshwater. The higher pressure and density of saltwater causes it to move at a faster rate into freshwater aquifers where mixing occurs through dispersion and diffusion and in particular affecting the Volusia-Floridian Aquifer that supplies drinking water to thousands of people.

“Shoreline Erosion:” The DSEIS claims that there will be no increase in ship wake or riverbank erosion. This is based upon the “design vessel” which apparently was not changed to reflect the deeper channel. Indeed, if a primary purpose of the dredging is to allow larger ships to navigate, then larger ships and larger ship wake should be predicted. For all other factors remaining essentially the same (such as draft –to-depth ratio, speed, etc.), a 30% increase in ship length will likely result in a 60% to 80% increase in ship wake. This will be a substantial increase in ship wake and consequent bank erosion and property damage. The erosion will lead to further increases in riverbank armoring – which further decreases natural habitat.

None of this is described in the DSEIS. This is a major shortcoming of the DSEIS which testifies clearly to the inappropriate speed -- and consequent lack of due diligence – applied to the preparation of this report.  SJRK concurs with the following concerns stated by the National Parks Service: The NPS has expressed concerns about the rate of shoreline erosion along the St. Johns River at Fort Caroline and impacts to visitor facilities (trails, boat ramp, observation deck and exhibits) and natural resources (loss of mature oak and pine trees to erosion and saltwater intrusion in the root zone).

”Offshore Disposal Expansion:” The proposed offshore disposal area is not clearly defined in the DSEIS. The present offshore disposal area has less than 4 million cubic yard capacity, yet the project requires disposal of about 18 million cubic yards. In addition, up to 56 million cubic yards of dredge material would be removed from annual maintenance dredging over the 50 year life of the project.

Clearly, all prudent analysis of all these environmental and economic interests needs to be examined and carefully thought about before reaching a definite conclusion on how to proceed, while at the same time maintaining the degree of “practicality needed” to maintain the proper character of Jax-Port as a viable entity in the realm of International Commerce in the modern age.  Harbors, being Harbors, do need to be maintained and operated in good proper functioning order.  Into our Harbor here at Jax-Port comes; coal, petroleum products, food, farm products, vehicles and parts, construction materials, and container vessels with liquid and dry bulk products, that create jobs and industry for many people far beyond our local area, and that is vital not only to us, but to the Nation itself, and Internationally all around the globe. We have to think wisely and be practical about our Natural Port Resource here, as it speaks for us, Commercially, as well as Esthetically and Environmentally.

7. What should be done to improve mental health programs nationally? Do you support Rep. Tim Murphy’s legislation?                                      [YES – HOWEVER:]

This Bill by Rep. Tim Murphy “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015” does not go far enough to Protect Mental Health Patient Rights.

Observer Report – Washington County

By David Singer - July 6, 2016

After a nearly four-year fight to get a comprehensive mental health bill to the floor of the U.S. House, Rep. Tim Murphy’s “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015” was approved Wednesday by a vote of 421-2.

Murphy, R-18th District, who is a psychologist, said during floor debate a moment from his college days stuck with him and motivated him throughout his effort to reform mental health treatment practices and regulations. It was when he heard his father trying to take his own life.

“I heard a soft call for help and I entered the room, and he had cut his wrists,” Murphy said. “It was because my father was depressed and in that moment of despair, without access to resources or help, he tried to take his life. I recognized his and my own sense of helplessness, and even though my father is gone now, that voice has echoed in my mind for decades.”

The bill, which seeks $150 million in spending over 10 years, is a far cry from original funding requests, Murphy said. The health care system deals with $130 billion in mental health care costs each year. But it would fundamentally restructure how mental health is perceived and treated in America.

Among the changes in the bill, acute, short-term care allowances for severe mental health episodes would be extended to 15 days in all hospitals and care facilities. It also gets rid of the “16-bed rule.”

“To have the federal government say you can have no more than 16 beds in a facility to treat the mentally ill, that is just a cruel and absurd limitation,” Murphy said, “because that doesn’t happen with any other type of care.”

The bill also seeks novel ways to treat and maintain treatment for less severe mental health issues, like intervention in childhood mental health training for police officers. It would also provide grant monies for teleconferencing services for psychiatrists and psychologists to reach those in rural or isolated areas.

“Half the counties in America don’t have access to mental health professionals. In Greene County it’s practically nonexistent and in Washington County it’s very scarce,” Murphy said.

Perhaps the most sought-after change is in how medical privacy rules – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act constraints – have prevented families and friends of addicts and those suffering from mental health issues from being included in conversations and treatment opportunities.

“The concerns with HIPAA are addressed in a strong way. The final version we agreed to was to allow compassionate, collaborative communication with family in order for them to facilitate and continue treatment while still keeping records private,” Murphy said.

Specifics aren’t laid out yet how research in innovative and evidence-based treatments would be paid for, and the bill still has to pass the Senate. “I don’t want to see another year of moments of silence on the floor in future tragedies. The Senate needs to take action.

“How are we going to explain to our constituents that we came so close and didn’t do anything? They must act and pass this bill,” Murphy said.

Psychiatric Due Process Rights

The Fifth Amendment stipulation that no person: “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be witness against himself,” is hereby clarified to stipulate for and to include for any non-criminal Civil Law matters as they pertain to self-incrimination, and as well is to extend and to guarantee The Right Against Self Incrimination to persons from being compelled to so testify against themselves, in penalty of monetary fine or incarceration, before convened Congressional Committee Hearings and Grand Jury proceedings, and is to preclude inquiries in mandatory disclosure in direct questioning of self-incrimination testimony, to the aspect of the questioning itself, in all regard whether Penal or Civil, Congressional Committee, or by Congressional Authority of Government Agencies.

That The Medical Terminology Technicality of Mental Hygiene Psychiatric Law that falls under the heading of Civil Law, Two Physician Consent, 2PC, Commitment Procedure, on Medical Grounds, in that no crime has been committed under Mental Hygiene Law to be charged for and thereby to be accorded the protective safeguards of Miranda Rights Legislation to be prosecuted for and processed fairly for under The Constitutional Rights accorded to Criminal Penal Law Legal System under the protection in Rights To The People, of The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to The U.S. Constitution, and reinforce by the protection of The Miranda Legislation, is hereby clarified of Its Civil Law Constitutional Rights, in meaning to have the same Rights of Due Process as are established under Penal Law, in guarantee to the people of:

*  The Right to have a clear definition of a Formal Psychiatric Charge being present in grounds for anyone to be labeled for and to have any specified medical psychiatric condition, or for the offense of irrational behavior labeling being levied against an individual, and in grounds thereby for any psychiatric evaluation process mental illness labeling to be attached to anyone, or for any process of Two Physician Consent, 2PC, Psychiatric Commitment Procedure to be conducted. And that such definition of specified charge is also to precede any Court or Government Agency Order for the disclosure of personal and private psychiatric history records to be produced.
*  The Right to The Fourth Amendment guarantee of privacy in regard of doctor patient confidentiality and invoking to The Due Process Right of Probable and Sufficient Cause In Grounds, is to be present and justified to a specific itemized search and disclosure in mandatory request for Specific Information only of any existing psychiatric history records, regarding The Rights of Government Agencies, as for the specified psychiatric history to be scrutinized, to any private request or public government agency order for, or court authority mandatory order for the scrutiny of anyone’s psychiatric medical history records to be revealed.  That is not to be construed by court order or by congressional authority concerning government agencies, to be a total and all intrusive invasive invasion of an individual‘s records history involving The Right To Privacy, but is to be issued only as order for records disclosure pertains selectively and relevant to the specified psychiatric charge of inquiry at hand.
*  The Right to strict legal definition for any psychiatric labeling terms to be applied to anyone,
and to strict legal determinations based to demonstrated facts of observed and defined behavior, in the presence of any attorney for such alleged psychiatric labeling being attributed in legal attachment of a psychiatric condition or involving psychiatric incarceration to be valid.
*  The Right to Counsel, to be provided for at government expense if need be, by The Examining Government Agency or by The Court of Jurisdiction, for any alleged psychiatric matter of consequence being attributed to anyone, involving the loss of liberty, property, licensure, employment, or privilege.

*  The Right to have an Attorney present during questioning to any psychiatric examination/evaluation/interrogation, and to be present during psychiatric commitment processing and to any court proceedings.

*  The Right to Remain Silent in presumption of innocence until proven guilty to any psychiatric charge in a bona fide court of law.

*  The Right to Confrontations of any accusing testimony against the accused in virtue of The Sixth Amendment.
*  The Right to a Jury Trial provided in a timely way in accordance with The Sixth Amendment for any psychiatric accusation labeling being imposed, whether involving commitment or not.
*  The Right to clearly established and legally defined medically safe and beneficial therapeutic treatment to be imposed for legitimate psychiatric conditions.
*  The Right to Informed Consent in the presence of legal counsel concerning the discussion and patient awareness of adverse effects, reactions, and harmful side effects in short and long-term use of psychiatric chemicals involved with any psychiatric treatment to occur.

*  The Right To Refuse Treatment, and Against Forced Treatment on Medical Discretion, in the presence of legal counsel, except in matters As Prescribed By Law to be applied for necessary medical emergency procedure in concern to imminent crisis of hysteria, and for violent and disruptive behavior in being in threat to oneself or others requiring emergency medical treatment.

*  The Right against any form, including psychological, of cruel and inhumane treatment to occur, concerning physical, mental, or emotional abuse, to include electro-shock treatment, surgical procedure, and pharmaceutical experimentation, in virtue of The Eighth Amendment.
*  The Right to reasonable and soundly defined Statute of Limitations in established Legal Age Limits for the mandatory disclosure of previous psychiatric condition labeling history records, or to the disclosure of legally carried-out psychiatric commitment history records, based to the nature and severity and to the extent of such psychiatric conditions in legal stipulation and to the length of time of such conditions in interval, to be imposed for mandatory disclosure of records, not to be in excess of a reasonable and prudent time interval regarding the public removal of stigma and liability of such records history; which in most instances is to be worded, to any current treatment for any serious ongoing psychiatric condition, or to within the past three years in age limit concerning The Public Record.

8.  Are you willing to work across the aisle for common goals?                       [YES]

As a No Party Affiliation Candidate I am able to work and move independently on both sides of Democratic Republican Stand-Off Grid-Locked Monopoly on our Government.  My Independent Ability To Think in Spark of Persuasion Power will provide the necessary catalyst to get most of our stalled legislation through.  Here are some examples of what intend to do when elected.

I am proposing a National Health and Dental Care Plan here in The United States that needs to be taken care of by an FICA Federal Payroll graduated (Based On Income) Deduction Plan in Expansion of the Medicare Program and in which everyone on all levels of income will be enrolled percentage wise and be provided with a Medicare Card to cover 100% of their Medical and Dental Costs.  The Entire Health Care Industry will under this plan in future to be strictly monitored and regulated over a Central Monitoring Committee operating under order of Imminent Domain in the Public Interest; to what all Health Care Provider and Pharmaceutical Interests will fall under the Jurisdiction of in order to conduct their business here in our America.

I do not feel that Military Grade Weapons (such as tanks, mortars, grenades and grenade launchers, surface to air missiles, and Body Armor are appropriate to Civilian Use, and obvious so, and nor were they ever intended to be considered for civilian use under the terms of the 2nd Amendment. (That the same can be stated to specify for AK47 Type Military Grade Assault Rifles in the same referencing, as Military Grade and that have no legitimate place in the hands of civilians.) It is frightening to think of these weapons being wielded by; criminals, insane people, and ISIS Terrorists, alone or en-massing as an army against us in our Urban Centers.  All Military Grade Weapons should be immediately confiscated under Martial Law and Secured.

The United States is to purpose in immediate and enduring permanency, The National Agency of The Federal Pollution Control and Monitor Authority, to be managed under the strict supervision and directives of The National Environmental Protection Agency. This is to be mandated for in absolute necessity by the Monetary Issuance of special prioritized Full Faith Certificate Currency Generation.  That is to function of its primary specified use to provide for critical pollution remedy and control monitoring regarding the health and safety of the population and the for the protection of the overall environment from irreversible damage in emergency contingency.

Basic Common Core Education must be let up-to the Individual States as guaranteed for by Constitutional Law under 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights defining the Rights of States; to what that our Federal Government has no Legal Jurisdictional Authority to put demands and restrictions to the application of Federal Grant Funding for Education curtailing the Individual Rights of the States and their Local Communities to educated their children as they see fit.

The Human Fetus is to be defined as a Living Human Being to be protected by The United States Constitution in all matters of Abortion except as defined for cases of; Rape, Statutory Rape, Incest, Birth Defect, and/or, to Protect and Preserve the Life of the Mother, or her Sanity.


9. Are you concerned about the $19 trillion national debt?  If so, what should be done to reduce it?                                                                                                                [YES]

It is obvious to each of us that our modern day Government needs more income revenues in
public responsibility to maintain its Vital Services than it is capable of taking-in under Supply and Demand GNDP Taxation; and it is also clear that we cannot continue to incur untenable and catastrophic Nation Debt to what Full Faith Issue, (that is based upon the Full Faith in integrity
of The United States and Its Amassed Wealth and Resources,) is the only Intelligent Solution.

Full Faith Certificate Currency to meet the needs of our Government and to Provide for the Public Well-Being; is to be respected in Sound Economic Policy, as “Legitimate Currency,” to augment any Federal Deficit Budget Shortfall; to meet Federal Payroll Necessity, Provide Work for the Nations Unemployed, Fund for Disaster Relief, and for other Emergency Crisis Issues affecting; Education, the Environment, and U.S. Agriculture, and to Augment failing City and State Budgets in their own regard of these matters in yearly contingency.  Full Faith Issue is not designed to replace Standard Taxation for the purchase of Goods and Services in the Private Sector that is derived from the Nation’s Gross National/Domestic Product Taxation, GNDP, to what the Value of our U.S. Dollars is configured.  Currency based on Taxation will be used in all U.S. Money Dealings with; Private Sector Contractors, Foreign Governments, and for the Repayment of our National Debt.  Sound Economic Analysis calculates that 1/4 of the Nation’s Budget can be Subsidized with Full Faith Issue without harm to the Value of the U.S. Dollar; and that will in turn be “Reabsorbed,” back into Federal, State, and Municipal Treasuries by taxation to further “Strengthen” our U.S. Budgetary Future and provide Needed Economic Stimulus.

I am running an Aggressive Congressional Campaign to confront the obvious Existing Errors in our Government particularly as they are occurring to our Economy and to bring about a caring regard for the benefit of all of the people. Our Motto Is: “A Democracy That Works For All The People.” This active brand of Social-Capitalism will call for: a Prevailing Middle Class Wage Legislation with an Anti-Trust Fair Price Cost of Living Regulation Agreement, an Affordable Graduated FICA Payroll Deducted National Medicare Health and Dental Care Plan, and for Full Faith Supplemental Currency Issue; to expand and to meet all necessary Government Payrolls, provide for; Infrastructure, Public Employment, The Environment, Emergency Disaster Relief, and so to Eliminate Budget Deficit in Taxation Shortfall by the Issuing Currency from the Treasury instead of borrowing from Banks and Foreign Governments. This will end the Lending Collaborations that are tied to the annual Congressional Approval of the National Debt Ceiling. The plan will also ensure that the Stock Market is not further subjected to Panic Manipulation by placing a Cap on how far a stock can fall, 3% of its value, in one Trading Day.  And in all (along with Enforcing a Fair Balance of Foreign Trade,) that will produce the Consumer Purchasing Power We Need To Secure our Nation’s Domestic Economic Vitality, Growth, and Stability.

Full Faith Currency Generation Capital Grant Funding (in the era of our Modern Enlightened Egalitarian Society,) is also to be made available with urgency for the Fine Arts, and for Medical and Scientific Research and Development Technology; and to provide for the development of alternate clean and efficient energy sources of; solar, wind, and hydro power, and development of clean energy synthetic fuels. The Ecology of The United States and of the entire Earth is to be ensured absolute protection within the jurisdiction of The United States and Its Dominions of Territory and Influence.  Wildlife and Flora Species of Life are to be furnished Sanctuary Ideal in their natural settings of the Nation’s National and State Parks Lands, and Oceanic Preserves.

10. What are reasonable steps for dealing with illegal immigration?

This Sovereign Nation of the American United States imperatively needs to Secure its Borders now at this critical time in our history from all Illegal Foreign Invasion Immigration (and otherwise from over-extended immigration sanctuary;) and to return those people to their own countries of origin who have previously already crossed our borders illegally and who have taken up with illegal residences now throughout the United States.  These people have broken our Immigration Laws in coming here and as such are invading criminals to be regarded as such and who are to be rounded up to be put into Detention Refugee Camps awaiting their Deportation.

To Clear The Air: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was never intended to foresee Invading Foreign Peoples en-massing themselves here, and in conspiracy with other domestic groups of Decidedly Foreign Persuasion Blocs; (and by methods being used of Inter-Racial Procreation Absorption Assimilation;) to usurp the Heritage and Government of the American People (Not To Be Confused with White Supremacy) but to the stated terms of the Sovereignty of the Founding Fathers of English European Descent who Created this Great Nation based on their Faith in God to the Principles of Liberty and Justice for All; and who Framed the Constitution for the United States of America,) that is not by any methods of means about to be Overthrown by Overrunning Overpopulating Foreigners in Occupation of our Sovereignty Territory of these United States.  That hereby rests with the Vested Interests of the Founders Descendants, their Immigrated Nationalized Alliances, and Displaced Minorities who have been given protected refuge here.

We need To Regulate for a Fair Price Index Agreement in Government Oversight to cover every Cost Essential Necessity To Survival of The Public Well-Being in the interest of the public need, To do with; food, shelter, clothing, fuel, transportation, household necessities, vital services, insurance, medical and dental treatment, and other Cost Essentials, and what does not specify for any luxury items to be included.  And that the Pricing to these Cost of Living Essentials are to be negotiated by Binding Mediation along with the Wage Index; in similar manner, as the Utilities, Telecommunications, the Postal Service, and Public Transportation Services Are Regulated.

A National Wage Agreement is to be carried out by strict and binding Federal Mediation Arbitration in the year to year, conditioned to regulate and stabilize The Nation‘s Wages, by uniform parity agreement based in fairness to The Federal Government’s (GS) General Schedule Wage Standards, and otherwise by special arrangement of union negotiated wage scales specifically conducted, to set the yearly wages for each category of employment to exist in America, in index of The Prevailing Wages to be set and monitored for to coincide with each of the Private Sector Employment Categories and to be regulated by the U.S. Department of Labor. 

1.  My first and primary priority, if elected, will be to forcefully initiate the immediate legislation for a Cost-Of-Living Wage to all major categories of the American Workforce in concern to the health and survival of the population.  People are what matter to us here.

2.  My second primary priority will be to initiate the legislation allowing the Federal Government to Issue Full Faith Currency on demand to meet Budgetary Shortfall and to Provide Full Employment Make Work for the Public to be named “The Bureau Of Jobs.”

3.  My third primary concern will be to conduct a full Martial Law Military Operation to end the Drug War (primarily Heroin Intervention) here in the United States of America.

I do not believe that Social Security, (and like Income Tax and the Internal Revenue Service, as American Institutions,) should be tampered with by new-revised ideas. Social Security was designed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935 to provide the population with Old Age Income Protection that is saved automatically for everyone by the Federal Government; and that which otherwise might be squandered well ahead of time by individuals’ early withdrawals of their retirement accounts; and for America to be left with a destitute dependent aging population.



 A New America    

     Having been involved in Civic Responsibilities as a Practicing Journalist since 1977, and Practicing in the meaning of Problem Solving, I have long worked for positive change in America when and where I have found the need.  I now feel that the time has come for me to seek the elected office of United States Representative in serving the 4th Congressional District in the State of Florida, to accomplish my objectives, rather than to continue on to act as a go-between, to effectively change the course of the many errors here, and as we each bear witness to, as they adversely affect the destiny of The United States and which are currently leading us into disaster.
     I want to bring a new fresh approach to overhaul the Social Contract of our Nation in a sense of organizing a modern Continental Congress of the People to convene To Resolve each of our Nation's Problems as One Act of Legislation, like the original Bill of Rights, with strong positive solutions in their immediacy to the resolutions of the many Major Conflicts that are facing us.
     And guided by a strong moral sense of duty and obligation of propriety and correctness to do what is right for the people, under the directed Guidance of The Hand of The Creator, for God and Country, to what Ethical and Moral Intent, that I intend to bring these desired attributes to the governing body of this country, of what America can be like at its potential best in the Ideal and as a Model Society upon the Earth, at long last, for all the Earth to emulate, in a hands-on approach to persuade and influence the mature processes of our legislation for positive change.
     I have been most pressing about the issue of our U.S. Economy in foremost concern, as each of us is all painfully aware of and to its life threatening effect in negative ways of life and death regarding the exploitation of Cheap Labor upon the Working Class People of this nation; that has left our Country's Economy starving for Working Capital, that I fully intend to put-a-stop-to.
     There are workable solutions available to us, with everybody's mutual cooperation, that will improve the business opportunities available to us and enhance the quality of life for every U.S. Citizen who is willing and able to work for a decent living, to be provided with suitable cost of living employment, and money to spend in the economy, as being Good For Business, and for all concerned in the long run, and for Full Employment to be Subsidized For by the special use of Full Faith Monetary Solution if not totally provided for by private employment.  I would like to see the results of this Economic Solution succeed, and I am sure that will provide the basis for an enduring harmony and prosperity to exist.  The overall economy needs the public to have money to spend to keep it alive and thriving and the people need to be able to survive economically.
     Another important issue that I am sure that you visualize as being mishandled is the subject of Drugs ever prevailing here that never does not ever get resolved and that is only getting worse by the day.   This condition is being caused by Addiction being fueled by and resulting from the lack of employment and impoverished circumstances overall that I intend to rectify by providing Positive Action Gainful Public Employment to the otherwise impoverished population, as discussed, and by the Use of Military Troop Involvement under the Articles of Martial Law to Detect and to Interdict the Drug Trafficking Element occurring under War Clause with Capital Punishment of the Major Traffickers involved, and otherwise to be De-Criminalized to be treated as a Medical Condition of Addiction.  Without the removal of the Drugs, primary the Heroin and other dangerous controlled substance that destroys our youth and undermines our vitality, this nation will only further become an Impoverished Narco-State, like Mexico and other drug ruined countries, that will never heal properly.  In this regard I will convince the legislative body To Take Action in our best interest on this grave crisis issue for immediate forceful resolution.
     In order to serve the people of the 4th Congressional District here involving; Duval, Baker, and Nassau Counties in the State of Florida, I must conduct an aggressive campaign.  The Republican Incumbent in all the years that he has been in office since 2001 has not addressed the essential resolutions of the key elements of our survival here to any extent despite our exhaustive efforts; to improve the individual working class economy, and to resolve the issue of the drugs.

     I know what is wrong, I know how to fix things, and I have the power in resources to do so.
I intend to Legislatively Carryout a Ten Point Plan to Overhaul The United States Government and our American Society into a more Humane and Economically and Socially Just Way of Life:

(1.) that Entails; the Economic Legislation for Full Faith Certificate to replace Borrowing Us into untenable National Debt, a Fair Price Regulation Monitoring of the Cost of Living To Prevent Consumer Gouging Inflation, the Reduction of Waste in The National Budget, and the stabilization of the Stock Market, by eliminating “Short Selling” and by placing a 15 Point Cap Margin on the amount that Stocks may fall in a day to prevent Panic Selling;

(2.) the Creation of a Bureau of Jobs to provide Government Sponsored Work for the Nation’s Unemployed with Prevailing Wage Legislation based to the Federal Government’s own General Schedule (GS) Wage Standards for the Nation’s Private Sector Workforce;

(3.) Health, Education, and Welfare Policy Directives involving; the legislation for an FICA Affordable Graduated National Health Care Payroll Plan, Full Faith Federal Subsidy to all American Public Schools requiring assistance with provisions for School Lunch Programs, an SSI (Social Security) Four Month Medicare Maternity Leave for Expectant Mothers, and with ample Grant Subsidy for; research, the arts, the philharmonic, and education;

(4.) A Fair Trade Agreement for Tariff Protection of American Industry and American Jobs with Sanctions against those Industries who Outsource and Headquarter Abroad;

(5.) Conclusive Military Intervention to The Drug War under the Articles of Marital Law Armed with Search Warrants for Search and Seizure based to Obviousness of Suspicion;

(6.) The timely Resolving of the Native American Indian Federal Tribal Matters, as to their Wishes in Fulfillment, To Restore their Dignity as the Indigenous Territorial Sovereign;

(7.) Full Faith Immediate Government Sponsored Subsidy for Conclusive Pollution Remedy to all Point Source Emissions regardless of their source and means to finance;

(8.) Full Faith Subsidy Protection of America’s Agriculture and Family Farms Providing Price Supports and Disaster Relief from Crop Failures due to Disease, Pestilence, and the Elements;

(9.) a firm National Declaration of our U. S. American Moral and Humane Standards, to include; Abortion, Euthanasia, Torture Interrogation, Animal Rights, and Pornography;

(10.) and for the Resolution of present Civil Rights Errors; involving clarifying Civil Law Psychiatric Due Process Rights, and to initiate a “Second Chance Law,” defining Statutory Age Limits in the Right To Personal Privacy for Criminal and Psychiatric Histories in applications filings, and rectifying of the 5th Amendment Right Against Self-Incrimination currently being violated along with Retrial for the Same Offense under different venues.

     For the resolutions of these issues, and many other matters too numerous here to bring out in detail, I feel I must step forward and offer the voters of the 4th CD FL a suitable and viable choice for Congressman in this critical election year.  I am not in the sense acting as a Politician, but as a Senior Advisor and Negotiator who knows What To Do and How To Get Things Done.
     For this campaign to be successful, it will require a strong and organized grassroots support system of many people offering up their ideas and developing strategies for success.  I have been in the Public Service in the Private Practice of my Journalism Profession as a dedicated professional for four decades now in effective resolutions of conflicts on the local, state, and national levels, and in strategy of dissemination of vital information to the public through the news media and to the various government legislatures and agencies responsible for enforcement policy to shape the course of the many social projects that I have been and am involved to.
     I cannot do the job all alone.  That is why I am turning to the people who believe in the American Ideals and who support the Guiding Principles that we stand for as a Nation, and inviting you to get involved in my campaign and help make a difference.  Your generous contributions made payable to the Gary Koniz for Congress Campaign, or to donate online at my website:  www.garykonizforcongress.com, will help me raise the critical funds needed to successfully wage this campaign.  Our common and collective goal is to get elected as a Body Politic and from there to have the power and influence collectively to re-create and to shape the destiny of this country regulated along sound and strategic lines, as it needs to be, and not left laissez-faire to founder with no directing leader to take charge over it.  I am such a leader.

“One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All”

2016 Women’s Agendas

This "Issue of Abortion" upsets me and I therefore defer to the judgment of the women involved without opinion. However, I feel that an Abortion should be justified for medical or mental health reasons.  Abortion is a very serious matter that needs to be handled with intelligent delicate care, both sides of which need to be thoroughly vetted before any irreversible decisions are to be made.  It is up to us to come to a decision about morality.

I do not feel that it is a Pharmacists Position to make and impose moral judgments for the use of their Pharmacy Products being sold. However, Private Ownership and Private Beliefs are a compelling factor here.  Refusing to sell the Plan B Abortion Pill for example was recently upheld. People, in groups, and as individuals, Do Have The Right To Freedom of Choice Decisions here in the United States; and as we are referring to Educational and Religious Institutions and their right to determine their specific orientations and teachings.

"The facts" about human sexuality need to begin taught to children in grade school at a very early age frankly discussed.  Sexual Gratification and Orgasm is not the be all and end all of life's existence.  Children should not be trained and raised to be sexually active, but rather to the seriousness of making babies and to the consequences of needless abortion.

Affirmative Action means that people, mature enlightened people, need to form a strong bond of "Consensus Together" in decisions to be made of what the correct and proper courses of action should be taken on the issues to be acted upon concertedly. Affirmative Action therefore requires "Leadership" to ramrod, or to persuade by reason, the enforcement of what needs to be adopted.  I do not feel that "Quota Systems" favoring People of Color over more qualified White Applicants at Universities should be honored.

I feel that "Marriage" should remain in the Tradition Sense as being between a man and woman; and that Same-Sex Couples, while having and forming a permanent relationship with one another, Do Not Constituted A Marriage, in the meaning of being married, and are more so a "Civil Union." I feel that the matter should resolve by common sense.  If same sex partners want to describe themselves as a marriage, what is the difference to anyone if they do?  It is a point of order in our sensibility that doesn't need to be banned.

Racism needs to be redressed on 3 levels of understanding; the 1st being by the acceptance (in our hearts and minds and as well as legally) of all Anti-Discrimination Laws.  The 2nd being the early education of our children as to how they are to perceive and respect people of different Races and Colors.  And the 3rd is to realize that "Inter-Racial Procreation" is the Root Cause of All Racism in Society’s attempts of Racial Self-Preservation to prevent.

The DREAM Act (acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) is a legislative proposal for a multi-phase process for undocumented immigrants in the United States that would first grant conditional residency and upon meeting further qualifications, permanent residency.  This Act would reward undocumented individuals and encourage more of it, inviting fraud and shielding the illegal criminal invaders from deportation.

The real trouble with Racial Profiling is that it is often a criminally abused concept and one in which People of Color can hide behind while committing crimes and then complain that they are being Racially Profiled when they are pulled over by the police for appearing to be suspicious.  The gravity of carrying guns needs to be redressed and with people not obeying the police officer's commands to "stop" and/or to "keep their hands visible," when told to.

Violence, Sexual Assault, Rape, and Abuse against Women need most definitely to be resolved by a more determined decisive affirmative action.  The Modern Slavery of Woman is something that an organized and aggressive healthy approach in public attitude would be able to stop and prevent.  Our Society's Media should also take a more role responsible role in restricting gross sexuality context, and women should begin to dress less alluringly.

Positions of public trust and authority should be routinely tested for Drugs All public Officials should be routinely screened for drug use.  The trouble with drugs beyond their addiction and suffering work performance, is that Drugs (and owing to their addictions,) are inherently "Criminal" and "Corrupt" and corrupt in the way of financial embezzling.

People, (and particularly people who are out-of-work and on Welfare,) need to be employed.  Work is good for people and leads to better things in life. Work involves people with other people and with duties and functions to stimulate them emotionally, and to challenge people intellectually, and to instill them with a sense and purpose and community responsibility, and to provide a sense of pride in accomplishment. Work is essential to life.

I personally have a Plan, called "Operation Jump Start," to eliminate all poverty in The United States by Issuing Currency from the Treasury to Make Work. This Plan will call for the Minimum Wage to be set at "The Cost-Of-Living" of $10.55 an hour varying Region to Region in accordance with the Government's General Schedule (GS) Wage Rates, and also for a "Bureau of Jobs" to be created with Public Works Available for the Unemployed.

Not all jobs are well suited to women, in terms of the strength and stamina involved with Heavy Construction for example (and with no offense intended for super strong women,) that is not traditionally their realm of physical ability to handle.  Secondly there is the problem of toilet facilities on these Construction jobs, in example, that men have trouble with females being around about, realistically speaking.  Acceptance it the rule here.

I support "a paid for" Social Security Insurance Disability for a three month family leave for mothers giving birth in order for them to bond properly with their offspring. I don't feel that it is reasonable to expect every employer to be able to provide an extended family leave to their workers however. Those employers who have such resources available should certainly be obliged to provide this Extended Leave Benefit to their workforce incentives.

I don't know that this would be within the defining realm of government to do anything about the arrangement of family life.  However, I solemnly feel that our government, in its beneficent capacity of caring regard for its population strategically positioned to be of service to the people, should adopt a Community Plan for State Sponsored "Day Care Centers" to make working and children's day care a realistic and healthy reality.

This has always been within the realm of Charities to provide food and shelter to the homeless.  My plan, with Creation of The Bureau of Jobs, to be provided for by Full Faith Currency, would be to Make Public Works Available for the homeless with barracks and three daily meals provided just like in the Military; however, and that we still have to take care of the problems of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse prevalent among the homelessness.

Single-payer healthcare is a system in which the State, rather than Private Insurers, pays for all healthcare costs.  My Plan is to legislate for an F.I.C.A Payroll Deducted National Health and Dental Care Plan in which everyone receives a Medicare Card; with Doctors, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Providers, to be put under a Negotiated Payment Plan.

I have always publicly championed Women's Rights Issue.  I am sorry, and apologize for the history of servitude and injustices that has occurred to women in the past and that is still going on in certain parts of the world today.  I believe that peer influence in our outspoken views on the subject of ill-treatment to women will carry a lot of weight in voluntarily bringing an end to such matters by power in pressure of public attitude.

If elected, I will Take Charge of The Congress to legislate for; Equal Pay for Equal Work, Paid Three Month Social Security Insurance Family Maternity Leave with Job Security to Return To, and Shelters and Treatment Facilities for Battered Women that will also be a main focus of concern in my agenda.  I will also work for a more Moral Social Climate!

There is a Clandestine Drug War that is surreptitiously being waged here by Alliances to the Italian Heroin, Cocaine, Pornography Mafia War Base, by Jewish Zionist Mafia Elements (known as Murder Incorporated,) by the Spanish Cartels; and by other Racial and Ethnic designs of Mafia Subterfuge; and perpetrated by the Black Heroin Voodoo Mafia against the White Race; (and engaging in an a warfaring tactic called "White Slavery;" of enslaving the hapless White Females into Heroin Addiction, Turning them into Prostitutes and Pornography, called, "Bitches" and by means of Heroin addiction coercion inducing them to maim and murder their white male counterparts by Drug-Chemical Warfare Perpetration.) And this same type of warfare against the White American Males is being conducted by the Spanish Drug Cartels from Mexico and South America; and by Asian Heroin Traffickers, (who import women as "Sex Slaves" and use them for other purposes of Drug Warfare Perpetration.)  And Enemies All of The American United States; and At War With Us, in the same sense as other modern Terrorist Organizations such as Al Qaeda are.  And which Drug Warfare is also Being Waged for Personal Persecution Motives of; Homosexuality, "Feminist Women's War Agendas," and for other Seditious Purposes of Drug Dealing, Monetary Corruptions, and Pornography Mafias.  Clearly these are very grave issues that Women need to be actively speaking out against and not to be siding with these Criminal Elements in "Discrimination Alliances."

U.S. Intelligence Report
Medicinal Therapeutic Effects of Coca Leaf Tea

It is most important to the population at large overall that they have a means "to override their metabolically induced sedation" in legal energy boost rather than resorting to the very self-destructive means of alcohol and hard drugs abuse (Cocaine, Crack, Crystal Meth,) to do so. 

Cocaine is a potent toxic chemical compound (Methyl Ester of Benzoylecgonine) that is made from the coca plant which grows in the Andes and is considered sacred. Coca Leaf on the other hand, as being different and distinct from Cocaine, has its own therapeutic value including use as an antibiotic and blood-glucose regulator, and to treat altitude sickness. It’s also “rich in trace minerals, flavonoids, B vitamins, and antioxidants” and has been used as folk medicine by indigenous peoples for thousands of years; and that as such would be of significant benefit to the needs of our elderly as a mild rejuvenating stimulant.

Coca Leaf was criminalized, along with Cocaine, after the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961. “This report has been criticized for its lack of scientific rigor, and arbitrariness.  No study has ever demonstrated that the use of Coca Leaf leads to addiction, drug abuse, or that its use has any deleterious consequences.”

Coca Leaf is also found in Schedule II of Title 21 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations listed as a Banned Controlled Substance and should be decriminalized. Substances in Schedule II have a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. 

The public needs relief from Heroin/Opium/Sedation Effects on The Environment, ADD, COPD, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Sedentary Obesity, Old Age, Urinary Urge Incontinence BPH, and a host of other ailments needing to be remedied by a "Mild Stimulant" to enhance endurance and stamina in their lives to survive with in good health.

Common Sense Needs To Prevail Here.

We would also appreciate knowing what steps that the Food and Drug Administration is taking, (or has been taking,) to ensure adequate preventive measures of Forensics Analysis to monitor of our entire Nation's Food and Beverage Supply against Subversive Drug Chemical Warfare Perpetration in the name of Homeland Security.

And for the direction of seeking clarification regarding the Safety and Efficacy in Medicinal Qualities in the use of Coca Leaf Tea from the DEA; that perhaps the Surgeon General may need to weigh in on, and well as the American Medical Association.

1.  The point being here to ask, as to: What is the Source Determination for Drugs in general being classified; as either harmful and banned as Control Substances, or Approved for general public use; if Not By The FDA?

2.  How did Coca Leaf Tea get put on the Schedule II List of Banned Illegal Substances to begin with?

3. On January 6, 2014 Canada Passed: "The Drug Policy Modernization Act" (DPMA) which allowed doctors to prescribe the Cocaine for various medical ailments, (that I won't get into here about what they are to explain.)

Stage by stage we get to the bottom of everything.  The bottom of this everything is the timely Resolution of the Drug War; that has the Soporific Opium/Heroin/Sedation Pharmacy on the one end, and the Enervating Antigens (Antidotes to the Sedation) Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Crystal Methamphetamine, and Coca Leaf Tea, on the other, with the average public, as innocent victims, in the middle being affected and influenced by it, this Drug War, either by direct perpetration sabotage of food or beverages with drugs and chemicals, or by their Atmospheric Influence of Contact Effect (like residual cigarette smoke, only known as Drug Air from snorters and handlers in use of the Drugs,) with no relief of "Counteracting Pharmacology" to the deadly consequences of their effects upon their innocent persons, (and you can throw-in LSD, and PCP Angel Dust, and methylenedioxy-methamphetamine MDMA Ecstacy, and date rape drugs -- also called "club drugs" --  flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), also called roofies; gamma hydroxybutyric acid GHB, also called liquid ecstasy;) with our Government not taking steps to rectify the situation.

On this regard of concern, if you would please answer the question previously posed to you as to elaborate on:

4. What Steps is the FDA, (or any other Government Agency that you know of,) taking at the moment to protect and ensure the adequate overall safety of our Food and Beverage Supplies from Drug Chemical Warfare Perpetration.

Surely, there must be adequate intelligence at work somewhere in our government to deal specifically with the Drug Crisis we are facing (and that is responsible for the Street Crime and Gun Violence that we are facing along with it.)

The Drug War is a serious national crisis in concern; to be regarded for as a War To Us; to what we need ongoing relentless decisive War News coverage on, and not as a Sheik Pastime (Hollywood Version) to be winked at by our News Media and that is to be put on the same par in War Footing as Isis and Terrorism is regarded.  People need to know on a day-to-day basis what their government is doing to protect them and to ensure their well-being in safety, that we, as a nation, need to be focusing on, and acting on together about.

And with regards to the Journal of American Medicine Association:

We would appreciate being able to schedule a Media Interview/Conference with Medical Counsel on the topic of formally addressing the Medically Efficacious Qualities of Coca Leaf Tea for the Treatments of Bronchial Asthma, COPD, and other Respiratory, or otherwise Metabolic Conditions, requiring a Mild Stimulant to Alleviate.

The Medicine Hunter, for Fox News Health
By Chris Kilham,


Coca leaf has certainly been an object of controversy for centuries, and has been alternately praised and condemned. Used in its whole form, coca leaf is a fundamentally benign herbal material which provides vitamin A, riboflavin, iron and calcium, and may also help to regulate blood glucose, thus enhancing metabolism and helping to reduce the tendency toward adult onset diabetes and obesity. Coca leaf is also rich in beneficial antioxidants, including ones that help to protect the integrity of blood vessels. But its concentrated, isolated alkaloid cocaine is a menacing superstar on the global illicit drug stage, and has taken the lives of thousands. This gives testimony to the fact that tinkering with nature can prove disastrous. Coca tea is good for you, but cocaine can kill you. Today annual South American cocaine production is estimated to exceed one million pounds, much of which goes right up the noses of US citizens.

Coca leaf and its stimulating alkaloid’s full maturation to everyday mainstream consumption by the American public began seemingly humbly, when unknown Atlanta pharmacist Asa Griggs Chandler purchased a patent in 1891 for a formula that would become known as Coca Cola. For twenty-five years, the Coca Cola Company of Atlanta’s best-selling soda provided a combined jolt of cocaine from coca leaf and a blast of caffeine from kola nut to the masses, and became popular as a stimulant par excellence. Coca Cola was enthusiastically embraced by physicians and as a health drink, and to this day people reach for the soda to quell an uneasy stomach and to relieve hangovers.

In 1906, the Coca Cola Company removed the cocaine from its soda, as government policy against the drug clearly spelled the coming end of its widespread legal use. This, as it turned out, was a prudent decision. In 1922 cocaine became classified in the US as a narcotic, a designation for which there is no scientific validity. Narcotics induce stupor, drowsiness and lethargy. Cocaine, a stimulant alkaloid, produces exactly the opposite effects. Despite the totally inaccurate classification, cocaine had gone from being a legal consumer product to an illicit drug overnight.  The elimination of cocaine was by no means the end of the Coca Cola Company’s long affair with coca leaf. Today the Coca Cola Company remains the sole user of coca leaf extract (sans the cocaine) in the United States. Coca Cola owes its unique flavor to nutritious coca leaf extract supplied to the beverage giant by the Stepan Company of Maywood, New Jersey, the nation’s sole legal processor of coca leaf. In Peru you can walk into a restaurant or approach a roadside stand and enjoy coca leaf, with its naturally occurring small amounts of invigorating cocaine, without problem. But for those in the US who want legal access to the health-imbuing properties of coca leaf, Coca Cola is the only game in town.

We see clearly in the history of coca leaf that a plant can be healthful in its whole form, and yet an isolated chemical compound (Methyl Ester of Benzoylecgonine) known as Cocaine from the same plant can be quite toxic. Cocaine, a profoundly potent drug, has ruined many lives. And yet hundreds of millions of people daily enjoy coca leaf extract in a popular beverage.

Coca tea is a mild stimulant; its consumption may be compared to consumption of coffee or tea. The consumption of one cup of coca tea can cause a positive result on a drug test for cocaine.
Coca tea, also known as mate de coca, is a type of herbal tea that is made using the dry, raw leaves of the coca plant soaked in hot water so that the phytonutrients are extracted from the leaf. The coca plant is native to South America, particularly the Andes mountain range. The potential benefits of coca tea may include weight loss and energy production, the alleviation of chronic fatigue and it has been used to boost immunity and to ease indigestion and altitude sickness.

Weight Loss

Coca tea contains alkaloids that may help promote weight loss. Certain alkaloids, such as the ones found in coca plants, may increase lipolysis, or the mobilization and breakdown of fatty acids for energy in your body, according to Louise Tenney, author of "Today's Herbal Health." Mobilizing fat stores from adipose tissue, or fat cells, to your muscles for energy boosts your metabolism and preserves muscle glycogen, increasing your body's natural fat-burning capability. When consumed on a regular basis, coca tea may promote the reduction of body fat with few side effects, and is used as a treatment for gastrointestinal ailments, motion sickness.

Immune System

Coca tea contains high concentrations of vitamins that may have antioxidant properties. Vitamins A, B-2, B-6, C and E are all present in coca leaves, which may all help to boost the function of your immune system, increasing your body's ability to destroy potentially toxic compounds in your bloodstream. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the antioxidant properties of vitamins C and E may help reduce the risk of developing several types of cardiovascular disease.

Digestion and Altitude Sickness

According to "The New Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, and Herbs," coca tea has been used in South America for centuries to reduce gastrointestinal distress associated with indigestion and altitude sickness. Drinking coca tea and chewing on coca leaves may alleviate symptoms of altitude sickness, including nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea and vomiting. This effect may be due to the presence of various alkaloids as well as several B vitamins, which may help improve blood flow and oxygen uptake at high altitudes.

Health Benefits of the Coca Leaf

The coca leaf’s documented ancient uses and those discovered by modern science span a large area of health conditions. They include using the coca leaf as an anesthetic and analgesic to alleviate the pain of headache, rheumatism, wounds and sores, etc. According to WebMD, people chew coca leaves to relieve hunger and fatigue and to enhance physical performance. Coca extracts are used for stimulating stomach function, causing sedation, and treating asthma, colds, and other ailments. Coca tea is commonly used for altitude sickness in the Peruvian Andes and other parts of the world. There have also been reports of using the leaves as a stimulant for concentration and enhancing cognitive function, and may be a fast-acting antidepressant.
This Country is devotedly beloved by each of us who Serve and who have Served at the Risk and Peril of Sacrifice of our own lives to its Defense to ever let any harm come to it; be it by Overt Enemy Actions, or by any other means of Corruption, Drugs, or Political Intrigues To Overthrow; Economically, Morally, or by Hostile Ideologies: To The Ends Of The Earth.


This is what the entrance to Bear Cat looked like R1-1(3) when we first arrived, that was all there was of a fortification to set up a hurried perimeter around in this forbidding place in Viet Cong held territory, filling and piling sandbags and setting up our machine gun posts just before nightfall, and then to have to pitch our half tents put together by flashlight in the dark and eat our C-Rations for supper.  Sheer unmitigated, fear, terror, and horror, to be brave about.

We worked 24 sleepless hours a day in two 12 hour shifts for two weeks bulldozing the surrounding jungle, building roads, and otherwise constructing the beginnings of the Infantry Base of Operations there at Bear Cat before we were called to work elsewhere.  One soldier worked while another with rifle at ready stood guard.  One slept, (or tried to) while the other stayed awake.  In the terms of what we sacrificed, surrendering our lives to our deaths to serve this Nation, that owing only to fate what any of us made it back from there alive, or un-maimed.


The storage yards at Ho Nai Long Binh Vietnam were where the Ammo Dump was located that the Vietcong blew up on us one dark November night in 1966.  That was the 1st time they blew it up.  They blew it up again in 1968.  It was a tremendous explosion with a giant black and red fire ball that seemed and felt in its concussion like a nuclear blast that hurled the shards and rounds of unfused 8mm Howitzer bombs over a 3000 meter area, 70 of which rounds landed in our 169th cantonment area.  It didn't matter where you were in the barage of whistling incoming falling bombs, one place was as good as another.

Church Involvement

There is only one Entity of God, The Creator of All Things, Charles. Who you call the Devil is of The Creator also, not separate from God. We are All God, as Everything Is to be conceived. Therefore, Who WE call the Devil if a metaphor of "The Bad Side" of God Himself Banished to The Hell of His Imagination. Thereof, Be Mindful in Compassion for The Entity of The Father, for We are all the Dreamlike Imagination of The Creator of Whom you conceive yourself to be, who has the same inclinations and proclivities of The Father, and who struggles with the same feelings and emotions as you. For you are HIM as a part of Him. And He is you, as a part of you. And Who thereof lives with you always in your Heart and Mind as a part of you. For you are Two Beings to be conceived of Inseparable in that regard, the One Being You, and The Other Being, The Father, Who Created You, United AS One Being In Faith. Therefore repent of your ways Commander Tolbert and start Leading The Way of Faith By Example here and By Doing here in our United State to instill the idea of Social and Economic Justice and Fair-Minded Intent in the Hearts and Minds of the Leaderless Public Congregation instead of Preaching the Written Words of the Bible for other to do, if they hear you at all. I understand your intent, but it is a Dead and Ancient Archived Faith that you are practicing, when you need to be out in the World doing by The Good Works of The Father in His Name as the Living Example of The Creator God, To Bring About The Kingdom of Heaven Here on this Earth at this time in our Bleak History, as God The Father of All Of Us has Ordained for you to do.

Subject: Your information
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 16:16:25 -0400
From: blandham@deermeadows.org
To: gary.koniz@hotmail.com

Hello Mr. Koniz,

Our Financial Secretary Darlene Papa shared with me she spoke with you earlier today.

We will not be able to distribute your business cards or photo at Deermeadows. Our staff is devoted to serving Christ and His mission for our church. As such, we do not endorse or provide a platform for political purposes.

If you would like to come back by for your business cards and other materials we will have them at the front desk through Friday noon.

Thank You,
Bob Landham
Executive Pastor
Deermeadows Baptist Church
9780 Baymeadows Rd,
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 642-2200

From: gary.koniz@hotmail.com
To: blandham@deermeadows.org; dpapa@deermeadows.org
Subject: RE: Your information
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 05:59:21 -0400

     Thank you for the courtesy of your reply, Pastor Landham.  I am so sorry to learn that you feel my campaign is not devoted, as your Church is, to serving the Lord and HIS mission for the Church upon the Earth in the ways of our United States Government to reform the many errors we are facing as a Nation.  
      I will then regretfully return today, 9/25/14 at 3:00 p.m. to pick up my materials that I left there to reuse somewhere else where they are needed.
     Let us all always remember that we live in the Mind Of God, The Heavenly Father, and that We are each a part of that Same Mind to experience as We look out upon the world of all living things, to include the Inanimate by that statement, and that "ALL THINGS" to exist are that Same SELF as the Father and connected to The Heavenly Father's Thought, to know that as We pray and direct our thoughts to God, that God is With Us.
     Let us therefore be kind to Everything there is, for Everything is All the Same Self as the Father in Heaven WHO found himself to Be, All Alone in the Timeless Darkness, and Created Everything from HIS thought, as a dream, To Be; for Everything There Is to be conceived of by us as a Cherishment, to be Reverenced with Respect in regard in the meaning that, Everything There Is, Is The Creator Self,  “The Same-Self,” In All Its Myriad and Diverse Parts and Many Aspects.
     Our Church Mission here is To Be Kind To Everything There Is.
     And with that key note on being kind to add, that I respectfully understand your concerns.  
     Your Deermeadows Church always looks so beautiful all lit up with its stained glass windows as seen from the outside going by in the early morning darkness, like an outpost of hope and preparedness in an otherwise fearful and troubled world, on the job, offering the promise of salvation.  

Most Sincerely
Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014

From: gary.koniz@hotmail.com
To: blandham@deermeadows.org; dpapa@deermeadows.org; diocese@dosafl.com; assumptionchurch@cxp.com; icjax2@bellsouth.net; tcusick@holyfamilyjax.com; graymoorcenter@atonementfriars.org
Subject: FW: www.garykonizforcongress.com
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 06:00:08 -0400

Dear Pastor Landham:

     I stopped by at three in the afternoon yesterday as promised and spoke with Judy at the service window there, but neither Darlene or Gerry were available and with whom I had spoken at length to on the day before, and as Judy was unfamiliar with the matter at hand, I left things there with you as they are.  
      Don't worry about the materials that I gave to you, Pastor.  It's not important what you do with them.  It is important, but I have enough of what I need.
     I gave them to you, in honor to my dear friend, Retired Pastor Michael Riley, who has been our Campaign Chaplain through the many years now in our struggles to achieve Social and Economic Justice here in America, so that you would be "apprised" of what the specific issues are that you have to contend with, as a Church, and as United States Citizens, and as Constituents to my Campaign for the 4th Congressional District here in Florida.
     To what your reaction of rote dismissal without even a personal review of the materials that I submitted to be respectfully looked over and perhaps commented about, reminded me of an amusing incident that happened while I was taking out the trash to the big dumpster one cold and rainy Saturday morning and heard an awful racket coming from the inside of it.  
     On peering in, I discovered that there were three young Raccoons inside trying to get out and jumping futilely on the sides of the dumpster only to lose their footing and fall back down.
     I pondered what to do to help them a moment and then saw a length of 2 X 6 board lying around in the back of the dumpster.  I went and got it and slid it down to them to make an angle for them to climb on a come out of their trapped predicament.  
     Two of them came out.  The first came out right away walking boldly up the board past me and jumped off.  The second I had to coax a bit by shaking the board a little at it; but finally it did come, knowing it had to, and growling at me at it came past.
     But the third, and bless its heart, burrowed his hindquarters in under a sopping wet bag of foul smelly garbage and lay there in the water with its head outstretched covering its eyes with its paws. 
     And that was its way "of dealing with the danger it perceived," in metaphor to the Church praying over everything wrong and hoping it will all go away, in denying itself its own part to play in saving the world; and in metaphor as well for everyone else who feels that they don’t need to be involved personally in their Civic Responsibility over their Affairs of State.
     We're in serious trouble here as a Christian Nation and We need to "take care of the business at hand," together, as a Christian Bloc of Citizens organized to take charge of the government and To Do the Christian Jobs that need to be done, politely worded, to redeem our society by putting hope in the future back into the lives of our population and to save us from disaster.   
     Take the plank I am offering you.

Most Sincerely
Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014

          Brief Survey to help Catholic voters /parishes
       in your area have your information on key issues

From: jherzog@flacathconf.org
To: gary.koniz@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Time Sensitive: brief survey to help Catholic voters/ parishes in your area have your information on key issues
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 12:27:48 +0000

Dear Gary,

Thank you for submitting your survey and the encouraging words below.  We received your survey replies yesterday and this is much appreciated.  We look forward to keeping in touch.
With regards,

James B. Herzog,
Associate Director for Education

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS: providing an annual savings of more than $434 million to the State of Florida’s Treasury.

From: Gary Koniz [mailto:gary.koniz@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 2:25 PM
To: James Herzog
Cc: Bishop Felipe J. Estevez; Father Bob Warren; Father Frederick Parke; Father Edward Murphy; Father Timothy Cusick; cns@catholicnews.com; Fahter Jose Maniyangat; Pastor Bob Landham; bav@vatlib.it; Darlene Papa
Subject: RE: Time Sensitive: brief survey to help Catholic voters/ parishes in your area have your information on key issues

Dear James,
My survey questionnaire has been submitted.  Thanks for all you do.  Remember my words to you when we spoke yesterday, that The Churches have great potential of dynamic energy and strength of presence to release for the Good of Humanity, (and release it They Must! to fulfill The Lord's Commandment, for the good of all the earth in The Father's Holy Intent, to go forth and to teach all nations, by example, and by demonstration,  as well as by the written and spoken word of, "preaching,") if only they were, The Churches, to be persuaded by someone to put their great combined energies and talents and wills to such an end, to make a better world.  Ours' is a "Working Order" of The Church to such an end.  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.    Gary

Most Sincerely
Gary L. Koniz
Journalist Correspondent
Independent Workers Party Candidate for
United States Representative, 4th CD, FL 2014


Yulee Baptist Church

"Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power:  That the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and ye in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ."                                    

                                                                                      …  2 Thessalonians 1:11-12      
“The Son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” 

                                                                                      …  Luke 19:10 

                   Senior Pastor Reverend Doug Sides

“If a man does not know how to rule over his own house, how will he take care of the Church of God?”                                          
                                                                                    …  1st Timothy 3:5

… And how then will he take care of his Nation that was given to him by God, The Holy Creator, Our Heavenly Father … to care for and look after in Faith.

I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought. 
                                                                                   …  1 Corinthians 1:10 

When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.

                                                                                    ...   Proverbs 29:2

Luke 12:35-53New International Version (NIV)


35 “Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, 36 like servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him. 37 It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them. 38 It will be good for those servants whose master finds them ready, even if he comes in the middle of the night or toward daybreak. 39 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. 40 You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”

41 Peter asked, “Lord, are you telling this parable to us, or to everyone?”

42 The Lord answered, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom the master puts in charge of his servants to give them their food allowance at the proper time? 43 It will be good for that servant whom the master finds doing so when he returns. 44 Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all his possessions. 45 But suppose the servant says to himself, ‘My master is taking a long time in coming,’ and he then begins to beat the other servants, both men and women, and to eat and drink and get drunk. 46 The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers.

47 “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. 48 But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

Not Peace but Division

49 “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! 50 But I have a baptism to undergo, and what constraint I am under until it is completed! 51 Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. 52 From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. 53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

"Change building a border around America" to "virtual reality visas."

I have written articles which present restrictions on coming across the United States borders; "if in a back ground check the requester cannot be traced back 10 years the requester will not receive a visa to enter into a State." The petitioner must submit their request through one of the sovereign states. (US constitution Amendment 10)

This would establish, as per the constitution, Departments of Immigration in each individual state enabling the States to establish their immigration program according to amendment 10, then the Federal Government will continue utilizing the naturalization rules of law of 1805, 1954, 1990 and 2000 articles of naturalization; which adheres to the 17 responsibilities of a Federalism, the United States Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

In addition; the current illegal immigrants are substantially higher than the 12 to 20,000,000 as presented by the federal government. These figures are in excess of 50 million at a cost to American taxpayer of approximately $4,000 per individual per month. Unless Congress declares these illegal immigrants invaders, the federal government has no responsibility. I request Congress to re-establish the Constitution and pass a bill that these illegal immigrants are "invaders" forcing them to utilize the state immigration program with a petition fee of $1500 per applicant.

I have presented how these illegal immigrants would be restricted from utilization of social welfare, education, sending money out of country and medical assistance for a two year period. These illegal immigrants will require a sponsor and also employment through their sponsor before they can submit a "virtual reality visa" through the sovereign state. 

After the two-year probation, they would then be required seven years residencies. Upon completion and good moral character, they would submit to the federal government paperwork of naturalization.

Any illegal immigrant who gave birth to a child is not protected under the naturalization act and as are anchor babies. These anchor babies would be required to fulfill and follow the same procedures as their parents. 

Currently there are millions of anchor babies who are in fear of being removed and deported without a due process procedure which can only be provided by following the above conditions

It should be noted the above is not an executive order condition. It would require congress to establish laws which are required for enforcement of the constitution after which time the executive branch would be required to provide protection and enforcement of the congressional laws.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Write-in Tolbert
Candidate For U. S. Senate Florida 2016
Immigration belongs to the States

             For God and Country              


The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.


A Scout is

TRUSTWORTHY. A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him.

LOYAL. A Scout is true to his family, Scout leaders, friends, school, and nation.

HELPFUL. A Scout is concerned about other people. He does things willingly for others without pay or reward.

FRIENDLY. A Scout is a friend to all. He is a brother to other Scouts. He seeks to understand others. He respects those with ideas and customs other than his own.

COURTEOUS. A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows good manners make it easier for people to get along together.

KIND. A Scout understands there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. He does not hurt or kill harmless things without reason.

OBEDIENT. A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobey them.

CHEERFUL. A Scout looks for the bright side of things. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy.

THRIFTY. A Scout works to pay his way and to help others. He saves for unforeseen needs. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property.

BRAVE. A Scout can face danger even if he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at or threaten him.

CLEAN. A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean. He goes around with those who believe in living by these same ideals. He helps keep his home and community clean.

REVERENT. A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.


On my honor I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

and to obey the Scout Law;

To help other people at all times;

To keep myself physically strong,

mentally awake, and morally straight.

        Be Prepared

        Do a Good Turn Daily


As an American I will do my best to:

Be clean in my outdoor manners,

I will treat the outdoors as a heritage. I will take care of it for myself and others. I will keep my trash and garbage out of lakes, streams, fields, woods, and roadways.

Be careful with fire,

I will prevent wildfire. I will build my fires only where they are appropriate. When I have finished using a fire, I will make sure it is cold-out. I will leave a clean fire ring, or remove all evidence of my fire.

Be considerate in the outdoors,

I will treat public and private property with respect. I will use low-impact methods of hiking and camping.

Be conservation-minded.

I will learn how to practice good conservation of soil, waters, forests, minerals, grasslands, wildlife, and energy. I will urge others to do the same.





Times Union Voters Guide

From: gary.koniz@hotmail.com
To: glenn.guzzo@jacksonville.com
CC: joe.fenton@jacksonville.com; frank.denton@jacksonville.com
Subject: RE: Times-Union Voters Guide
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 17:01:00 -0400
Subject: Times-Union Voters Guide
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 12:51:57 -0400

From: glenn.guzzo@jacksonville.com
To: gary.koniz@hotmail.com
CC: joe.fenton@jacksonville.com

Dear Candidate,

You may have received a survey request from the Times-Union Editorial Board. This short survey is for the newsroom’s Voters Guide, to prepare voters for the Nov. 4 election.
We request that you email to us your answers and a photo of yourself.
Please send both by Friday, Oct. 17, to joe.fenton@jacksonville.com and glenn.guzzo@jacksonville.com. You may do so with REPLY ALL.

Thank you and best wishes for a successful campaign.  

Glenn Guzzo
The Florida Times-Union/Jacksonville.com
NAME:  Gary L. Koniz

AGE:  68


BA in Liberal Arts, English, Creative Writing,Journalism,
Summa Cum Laude, SUNY at New Paltz, NY 1974 - Post Graduate Studies



I am Journalist Correspondent with forty five years of experience of involvement with the government on every level of management and concerning the major issue of the day as they occurred to be resolved and reported on and with the Unique Credentials of having been Press Aid to the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (DNY), and in connection to my Position with the Editor of The Buffalo News during that time, for eleven years from 1989 to 2000 when Senator Moynihan retired from office.  Together, I chronicled the entire Clinton Administration for the Senator in close personal relationship working out of his Buffalo NY Office.  In this regard I have been exposed to, and involved with, in an in depth analysis, of all the major Social and Political Events and Issues of our age on the local City, State, and Federal Levels, not just in the reporting sense, but in the working out sense of understanding the nature of the problems we face as a Nation and in “Think Tanking” solutions to their remedies, many of which are as yet to be carried out and are still awaiting the proper formats and determinations of the Legislation required (as there are hostile and conflicting viewpoints to be dealt with as well,) to bring these crisis issues to fruition; and you could say here to do with the resolutions of; The Drug War, The Environment, Pollution, the state of the overall U.S. Economy, and so on.  Such would be my objectives of agendas to accomplish.  As such, I know what needs to be done, I know how to go about doing things, and I have the power of influence and the resources available to do the jobs that need doing.


The most important issue at this hour to be faced, and as I feel must be resolved, is the state of our U.S. economy.  (And I say, "our" U.S. Economy in the sense that as it affects us all everyone and to our detriment of dire peril if it is not resolved, to understand that it is to our necessity to resolve it and crucially now at this time in the immediate meaning.)  To this imperative end I propose these economic solutions to be carried out once I am in office, and which are a part of my Ten Point Plan of Legislative Action:  

The Economic Highlights of what Plan are as follows;

The Legislation to adopt “Full Faith Certificate” to replace Borrowing into Untenable National Debt,
A “Fair Price Regulated Monitoring” of the “Cost of Living” To Prevent Consumer Gouging Inflation,
The Elimination of Waste and Mismanagement in our National Budget,
The Creation of a “Bureau of Jobs” to provide Government Subsidized Employment,
based to Full Faith Certificate Issue, for the Nation’s Unemployed,
And in all with a “Prevailing Wage Legislation,” for a “Fair Wage and Benefits Act,”
based to the Federal Government’s own General Schedule Wage Standards,
to be established for each category of work in the Nation’s Private Sector Workforce.


I intend to Legislatively Overhaul The United States Government to Help and to Heal The People; and operating under the premise: that our government should stand For The Benefit of People To Serve Their Interests, and not for Corporate and Private Profits and Dominating Ambitions “Over The People” To Be Abused and Exploited, (which is the state of our unholy version of Capitalism that is happening to the majority of population now in causing great mass suffering;) to establish a new Social Contract about, To Transform, our American Society into a more Humane and Economically Sound and Morally Just Way of Life.  This is not being taken care of at this time, nor either is it being proposed to be taken care of by anyone but myself.  Thank you so much for your support in this.  Together We Can Make The Difference.

American Standard

      Let’s have the reasoning right that according to the legal guidelines established by The Federal Communications Commission, FCC, regarding Enforcement of Prohibition Against Obscene and Indecent Broadcasts:   It is a violation of Federal Law to broadcast obscene or indecent programming.  The prohibition is set forth in Title 18 of The United States Code, Section 1464 (18 U.S.C. 1464).

     Congress has given The Federal Communications Commission the responsibility for administratively enforcing 18 U.S.C. 1464.  In doing so, The Commission may revoke a station license, issue a warning, or impose a monetary forfeiture, for the broadcast of obscene or indecent material.  Obscene broadcasts are prohibited at all times.
     Also, obscene speech is not protected by The First Amendment and cannot be broadcast at any time.  To be considered obscene, material must meet a three-prong test:
     (1.)  An average person, applying Contemporary Community Standards, must find that the material as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest, (or stated to mean that the material is meant to arouse or to cause sexual desire or imagination in excitement of lustful urges.)
     (2.)  The material must depict or describe, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by applicable law, (i.e. in meaning to prurient interest.)
     (3.)  And, the material, taken as a whole, must lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.
     And such are the applicable excerpts from Title 18, U.S.C. governing decency in broadcast television.  These same rules also legally apply to The U.S. Code of Conduct governing Film, (including DVD Video,) Media, The Internet, and Magazine depiction of obscene or pornographic material, both in the terms of its production and voyeurism.
     Pornography is not permitted to be portrayed here anywhere in The United States, (and which includes for the sales outlets of pornography materials which have already been established under the veil of Community Standards, to be shut down.) 
     The word “Political” apparently being written in to Title 18, U.S.C. for the legally defined purpose of contriving a double standard by the wording of Contemporary Community Standards in the certain meaning of degenerate underworld Political Gerrymandering.  And as to what exactly The Legal Grounds Are in determining Community Standards, and why the subject of pornography flourishes co-extensively in certain regions of The United States and does not in others, remains unclear?  However, there is clearly only “One Standard” to apply here, and that is The Standard of American Moral Decency, which shall ever prevail.  Indecent exposure is like-wise not permitted, termed Public Indecency, and that includes for the issues of Nude Public Bathing, Strip Club Joints, Nightclub Acts, and Theatrical Performances.  Prostitution is not permitted. 
     This is extremely important to The United States and Its People for our Government in its Standard to represent us as a Nation of proper moral character in foundation especially in these times of Terrorist Aggression against an Immoral Nation, or in any other times.
     We need the understanding here that Pornography Is Illegal and Not To Be Permitted to be shown on our Public Media Television in Offensive Moral Undermine upon our population, and especially in negative influence upon the nurturing minds of our Nation’s Youth; and that this Law is being Obscenely Violated presently without challenge.

United States Constitution
National Humane Standards Amendment

     ----- In keeping faith to the ideals for which this Nation stands, a National Standard of Humane Rights Resolution is hereby defined and enforced for The Protection of Every Species of Animals In Safekeeping under the domain of jurisdiction of The United States in character from Cruel and Inhumane Treatment.  To be such instated in working order of our National Ethos in respectful and mindful caring for the other forms of life to exist here and for The National Good in conscience as a Moral Nation in obligation and for the behalf of the emotional composure and general integrity in well-being of the population in mind.
     This Humane Standard Imperative in prevention of cruelty to animals, is particularly to note and to specify in this era in moral judgment against all torment to research animals of industrial toxicity research and inhumane medical research occurring, to be strongly denounced in the timely censure concerning the plight and suffering of these animals.
     And is as well to state for a condition of benevolent care to be provided to this Nation’s livestock and particularly in regard to those animals destined for slaughter, that they be treated respectfully, and is to contain an agreement with The Congress for the perpetual sheltering of a certain portion of our domestic farm livestock species from slaughter in The National Interest, that is to be carried out and conducted through the auspices of The U.S. Department of Agriculture in gesture of Benevolent Agrarian Subsidized Husbandry provided.
     What is also to specify for special and sustained priority funding to be made available for the care and sheltering of homeless animals to be generously provided throughout The Nation in standard.
     This Animal Rights Resolution is also strongly to denote the rendering of state for the humane and ethical standard in conscience of The Nation in statement of grave concern for The Rights of Lobsters and any other manner of Shell Fish and Crustacean Sea Life who are presently being insensitively sacrificed in excruciating circumstances of their being subjected to the excessively cruel and inhumane torture of their being boiled alive concerning their preparation as a food source.  Which is hereby decried in The Standard of Judgment of The Nation as Morally Inhumane.
     Rooster and Dog Fighting is as well so declared strictly forbidden to specify to The Rights of Animals in the National Moral Denunciation and Censure of this particularly cruel and despicable and insensitive activity in pastime.
     The Humane Rights Resolution is also to set aside lands to be made available for game and wildlife sanctuary arrangement throughout The United States and especially concerning the establishment of perpetual refuge wilderness sanctuary areas for endangered species to flourish under government management in mandate on into the enduring future of The United States of America.
     And from all other manner of cruelty in inhumane treatment are the animals of This Nation to be so permanently cared for and afforded our enduring protection, shelter, and safe-keeping, by Humane Decree.













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